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  1. Hello hello~ I still haven't had time to stop by here as often as I used to, but I figured I would poke my head in while the event is happening. I'm at 22k points and counting...will probably end up around 26k. That Perk Me Up thing better be worth it! The checklist has made a huge difference. I was feeling pretty burnt out (and my wrist was starting to hurt from the clicking lol) but I think I'll manage to get the last of my items in by the end of the week. Hope everyone is having fun and that the prizes are what we're all hoping for!
  2. YIPP (profile) 125 135 +10 1 10 135 +1,250.00% Almost double what I sold mine for ???
  3. It's at 89 now! I'm going for it. That's 14 points above my usual selling point, so I'm pretty satisfied with that. And as usual, I'll keep 1 measly share just so I can watch how it continues changing.
  4. I sold another 13k at 78 and then it immediately jumped up to 83 -.- 5k left...I might leave it overnight and see where it is in the morning.
  5. I sold 5k at 76 and held the rest, but now it's down to 71... I hope it pops back up at least a little bit!
  6. You know these stocks always drag me back to the forums... I sold half my PEOP at 77 and held the rest, hoping it would go higher, and then...it didn't. It was only 3k shares though. BUT NOW, YIPP is at 76 and I have 23k shares !!!!! What to do, what to do ???
  7. I've been so busy lately and haven't come on the forums in forever, but I just had to come see if anyone else saw this, and what you all think: http://www.neopets.com/~oxbridge786 What the heck! Has something been going on that I didn't hear about??
  8. I was just impressed that I haven't caught any typos or grammatical errors so far, lol. But the dialogue is...pretty bad.
  9. I bought a code off of ebay and it worked just fine. I think I paid $5 for it. I chose a seller that had good reviews, and I received an email with the code in less than 24 hours after making the payment. I wasn't aware that that's considered against the rules -- is it really? People were very blatantly selling comic con codes recently and I didn't hear about any repercussions about that.
  10. BOTT (profile) 91 102 +11 1 10 102 +920.00% I just said a few Neo-unfriendly words. I've never seen a stock (I own) go that high!
  11. I thought I was going to miss my opportunity again, since they tend to spike in the middle of the American night, but I was pleased to see it at 81 when I logged in this morning! I promptly sold my 18k shares for a nice 1.4m, so I am very happy now~
  12. I admire your self-restraint! All my stocks have been so low for so long that I don't think I could resist selling once they get to the 75-80 range. Plus my other means of np earning (looking at you, Food Club) haven't been coming through for me lately, so I could use the cash. 2.5m left to go to meet my 2018 savings goal!
  13. No SHH unfortunately, but I got the new Brain Tree avatar on the 1st this month~ Unfortunately my score wasn't high enough for a trophy, but at least I'll have the avatar ready for next Halloween!
  14. I saw BOTT at 75 just a bit ago, but got greedy and decided to wait. Now it's dropped back to 68 -.- I have 18k shares, so I'm hoping it pops back up and I can make a nice 1.5m.
  15. I'm pretty bad at almost all games except for two-- 1. Typing Terror. I got this avatar as a child, aged around 13 -- it was probably my first game av. A year or so ago I was playing just for fun and to earn neopoints, and got a silver trophy on accident. I didn't even realize until a few days later, and then the next month I sat down to actually focus and upgraded it to gold within just a few tries. 2. Jubble Bubble. Another case of accidental trophy. Couldn't figure out why I had nps on hand when I logged on in the morning, since I had deposited everything the day before. This happened for several days before I finally realized it was because I was on a game HST and was getting a np reward each night. The next month I went to upgrade the trophy and ended up holding the #1 gold spot for something close to three weeks.
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