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  1. The stocks always go up in the am hours nst ? and fizzle off by like 7am ! *grumble*
  2. @AngelóThank you ? I've never done fall customs before I usually obsess over spooky costumes. Later in the month we should do a post on showing off pets customs for halloween/ fall!!
  3. I'm impressed. I didnt realize how close some customs can truly be to NC.
  4. October is the best time of the year !
  5. impress is currently not working ? ?
  6. I could also see this as being a really fun petpage. Everyone loves a bit of Neopets lore. The recipes would certainly be a hit.
  7. That would be an awesome contest if people could create short stories or picture books for which ever book TNT picks off the list.
  8. The more that i think about it, it has to have been a combo of this armed kiko, and the other thing. RIP OFF. literally.
  9. ?No i guess i need to watch it ? Omg ew. they totally chopped his arms off! @jellysundae Guys I totally found it its from this disney show. I think it was the little mermaid? or some spin off show of the little mermaid? I feel complete.
  10. you might be right, but i vaguely remember some sort of brain type squishy thing on a leash? Def not that. I never knew about those toys. Hahah this is hilarious. No, I don't think so. What is this from?
  11. This new toy looks oddly familiar but I can't quite place it. Does anyone know where, if at all, they have seen something like this outside of Neo? It's bugging me that I can't place it.
  12. Oh my gosh this is amazing and also sad. I see theyve managed to stop people from abusing cupcakes and the pound. But also so sad cause I always gave all the cupcakes to my battle pet ?
  13. Congrats! Thats seriously an epic pet. I might save this for later use ?
  14. Very nice curls, I wish I had some volume like that. Maybe try using a boar bristle brush for some help with health and texture. Its really a great investment I have one myself.
  15. I am late. Better late than never though.
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