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  1. Congrats! Thats seriously an epic pet. I might save this for later use 😅
  2. Very nice curls, I wish I had some volume like that. Maybe try using a boar bristle brush for some help with health and texture. Its really a great investment I have one myself.
  3. I am late. Better late than never though.
  4. Yes. Thank you ! I have been thinking about this for a while, now that it is here I am so pleased!
  5. Oh wow, these customs give me a new love for oil paint color. ?
  6. Aweee what a beautiful kitty ! My favorite thing about kitties is how their little tummies always smell so good when theyre all curled up sleeping. I want to pet him ! =^___^=
  7. Where is everyones picks ? Last year I did terrible. This time I hope it goes a bit better.
  8. Awe ? Thats very sad to hear. My cat also went through something similar. He had renal failure and we did our best to treat him. He was 21 years old when he passed. I had him for most of my life at that point. After getting sick I spent every second with him and also took lots of pictures towards the end. Please take lots of pictures to remember your furry friend by! I still look at them from time to time and its been 4 years.
  9. Good luck Shenkuu ! I hope yall get lots of support this year !
  10. Omg thats so funny. I totally wasnt even thinking when i wrote that! ? Thank you @Robin Hood for saving this.
  11. you can start training her at the krawk island school. thats for low level pets through level 40 and costs a lot less. Codestones can be expensive compared to dubloons. And to answer your question you can train at mystery island at lvl 3 but you cant train strength until the level of the pet is twice any stat. so if your strength is at 12 your pet needs to be over level 24 (12 * 2 =24) . So keep training your level until you can train in strength. I would recommend doing level training at krawk island though...
  12. Congratulations ! That is so lovely to hear! I hope you two are able to find a great venue!
  13. I hope you mean 8:30 AM ? . you really cant get anything done with racket from the roof haha.
  14. This year I pick Altador. Good luck to everyone! ? . We're ready to go!
  15. Oh thats neat. I feel like that spongebob episode where he deletes everytihng in his mind... like my brain no longer knows how to technology the way it used to when i was younger . but no i dont use pins.
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