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  1. Hey, welcome back! What avatars are you thinking of going for?
  2. Whoa, I had no idea there were a few rare things in pick your own. It's just one of things that people kind of forget about it too if you dont do it often. Congratulations on the find though, pretty lucky!
  3. Will definitely NOT be doing anymore feeding it's already stressful as it is trying to get this avatar without getting nerfed while trying to feed a kad or press the wrong things cause I'm trying to be super speedy. I really dont know how some people have fed thousands of kads, I would not have the patience. Lol
  4. Just got the Kad Avatar and I could not be happier! I have been working towards this for SO long. I was working on this before I took a hiatus while I was in school and recently started feeding Kads again because I was only 20 away! All that patience to feed those Kads has finally paid off ?
  5. Still debating whether or not I should open my trick-or-treat bags. I know the crumpetmonger bag is going for about 400k right now but that price has a dropped a bit in the last few hours. Plus there the chance of getting that stamp and the price of that has gone up about 1 mil in the last few hours if its 2 mil now. Decisions decisions.
  6. Hi Julia, welcome to the forums! I'm Miche! Neopets always seems to find a way to come back into your life, doesn't it? haha.
  7. Henlo there friend, and welcome to the forums! It must be exciting to start a fresh new account and build it up! Neopets can be very addicting there is always so much to do.
  8. Welcome to the forums Rachel! It's great to have you here! I also love the TDN avatar checklist feature, it's one if my favorites. Makes my life way easier as I know which avatars I still need to work towards at a click of the mouse! I use the ALP as well, I havent in a long time but will start doing so again soon. I've gotten a bunch of differnet avatars through their lends!
  9. Welcome to the forums! Your trophy collection is definitely very very impressive! One day I hope to have that many trophies, I am, however, horrible at games and can only play a few well or enjoy playing lol. If you are on more often than before than definitely get premium, it's worth it! I just got premium back after a couple years of not having it because I wasnt as active as I am now. Its great!
  10. Hi Tiara, I'm Miche and welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here and chatting with us! 17 years is definitely a very long time!! Do you still have your original account? I lost mine unfortunately because I wasn't on Neopets for a very long time until I came back to in 2012!
  11. This is super exciting! It's perfect timing too cause my guild is holding a contest this month as well so now we can actually have NP prizes for the winner!
  12. Glad to have you back Zafie! Hope you're doing well time to focus on you is definitely important, so I'm glad you took that time for yourself.
  13. @babayaga67 whatever you decide please show us! I cant wait to see what Halloween cake you come up with!
  14. @babayaga67 gosh, yeah its not just the cost of materials but all the time and effort you have to put into making these cakes. It already looks tedious watching tv shows about baking I couldn't imagine doing it on your own and in your own kitchen. Will you still continue making regular cakes for now and maybe when the kids get bigger go back into making more elaborate ones? Cause you have talent!
  15. WHOA! Amazing work on both the cakes! The ninjas are super cute, well done! I cant believe you had to put it through a window, that must have been stressful!! Do you have any other big cake orders in the near future?
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