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  1. Mrs Nesbitt was wonderfully inspired! Very good use of the color and the character!
  2. For Runway 101 Toy Story, I made an Usul entry, as they are my favorite Pet. But it didn't speak to me, so I looked up the other Toy options. I tied for 3rd place, and I don't think this guy would have gotten as many votes, but here he is:
  3. What is the alternate site (again). I had an alternate entry, but I liked mine more.
  4. Congratulations wonderful winner! Creatively inspired for this topic.
  5. Me too! I thought about my entry a lot before sending it.
  6. These are some extremely good entries! What a creative group.
  7. Howdy guys! I've been out of town & missed all of the excitement over my Frodo entry. Thank you all for your suggestions/defenses of my entry. I don't take offense at anything negative. Part of the fun for me is learning from what others do. I can’t tell you how many things have gone on my Wish List after seeing them on here. Thank you Nielo for trying to keep the discussion to after final voting has been made so it doesn’t affect a possible vote. I believe we all discovered that for some invisible pets all clothing becomes invisible too, while others it does not. So after deciding my character, the next decision was “do I want everything invisible & defined by trinkets, backgrounds, garlands or do I want to add some clothing & accessories?” Clearly I went with “add some” but I didn’t completely dress Frodo because he’s caught in a magic spell. Angeló you got it perfect in your comments: Frodo’s back pack, next meal, & hilarious hairy feet! Glad I got my ideas across. I love decorating Usuls & I like to have an Usul bow unless it conflicts with a cape or something. It makes me feel like the customization is complete. There isn’t an invisible Usul bow; so the Woodland Usul Backpack was just for me so Frodo wasn’t unclothed. I like Bruces to wear a bow, Elephantes to wear a hat & Ixis and Aishas to wear a collar. I didn’t look up the scenes when someone was wearing the ring prior to my entry. If I had done so, I may have made different selections. Having now viewed the scene from the Sign of the Prancing Pony, my swirling power/curse are very light, while the movies were very dark. I added the Markings because I thought Frodo still showed up in the scenes he’s wearing the ring. (He does.) The things around him are vague. So the markings define where he is. I used the 2 effects because they could both be worn together & represented the magic/curse of the ring. We all know a screenshot doesn’t represent our entries very well, but I tried to get the magic power/curse both represented. Thanks for the discussion, critique, & votes everyone. I agree with queen_hatshepset “Holy moly there are so many good entries for this Runway!” & jellysundae “do I vote for ALL the ones I like, or keep it to just the ones I really like.” At the end of the day I hope we all had fun. I know I did! Thank you also for those who voted for me.
  8. Fabulous entries everyone! I ran out of time and didn't enter but I know I wouldn't have had anything as good as these.
  9. Alternate entries for Masked Ball:
  10. Thank you for the response, Yuiina Now I'll show my other choices!
  11. What is the page for alternate Runway entries? I made 3 for this and my daughter picked. I really like the other 2 as well.
  12. REALLY good job everyone! A lot of thought was put into these, especially since DTI has been malfunctioning.
  13. This was the hardest selection I've ever voted on not to vote for everyone but myself, except for the Rainbow LGBT.
  14. Some folks have put in their wish-lists a tab of "offering" listing the paintbrush items they have for "trade". It takes faith, because you must transfer your actual painted pet to them, they customize with the painted items, then transfer the pet back the next day. I used that to get things from pets I'd adopted that came from the Pound missing their custom items like bows and housings. It was wonderful to have the complete pet!
  15. Does your pet color dictate your costume? Can a gold pet wear bronze and silver?
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