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  1. Love the Water Poogle. Yeah, it looks kinda like marble, but that's not a bad thing. I like when they take little liberties like this.
  2. Well, the final prize is a great weapon, so if you want to use it in the BD, go for it. But if you only want to make some profit, then you should probably do Jhudora's quests instead, since her final prize is worth around 40m. Just make sure you go to the Trading/Auctions board to ask for help in case any of the items she asks for are not in the shop wizard, or in case no one in the trading post answers you on time. I did two successful runs of Jhudora's quests and made a list of all the r99 items she asked for and all the money I had to spend, in case you're interested (back then Jhudoras Wand was worth around 50m, so I'd say it was worth it): http://www.neopets.com/~Bletzen I tried doing Illusen's quests once but I failed, so I have a bone to pick with her
  3. I saw this on reddit and just had to share it: Also:
  4. Ikr? 4000 points for a box that has a 1% chance of giving you a rare item? Jumpstart, who hurt you?
  5. Yup, figured they would lower the point value of sticking snowballs at some point. I'm more disappointed about the lack of perks. I really wanted to get the Puzzle Adventure site theme!
  6. I still maintain this is the most horrifying item on Neopets: I can hear them screaming in agony. "Kill us. Put us out of our suffering."
  7. Welp, I see a bronze trophy in your user lookup. Congrats!
  8. Cost me 30m. I'm never recovering from that But I'm glad to finally have this item in my Ixi gallery. I'd been looking for it for many years.
  9. Not at all. We haven't had a creepy antagonist in a while, so it was about time they made a new one I hope we see him again soon. He has too cool a design to not make a reappearance in the near future.
  10. The Neggnapper's neopedia article was updated: I expected him to be more buff like his brother, so the skinny look took me by surprise. I like it, he's kinda creepy. And his description makes him even more scary: Take his time for, what, sneak into my house undetected and kill me in my sleep? I wish we could've gotten him as a challenger in the battledome or something, 'cause in the end this reveal didn't actually have an impact on the festival at all. Oh well, all in all, it was a decent event. We saw the return of Kari, cool prizes, and new character art, so I'm pleased.
  11. Final prizes are here! And you can see the Neggnapper creepily lurking behind Kari and co. He apparently has a Neopedia article, but it hasn't been updated yet.
  12. The final prizes will probably be given out once the event is officially over Anyway, apparently the one stealing the neggs was a new character called "the Neggnapper", aka the big brother of the Neggbreaker. Colour me intrigued. Will we get to see this Neggnapper at some point? Will we be able to fight him in the battledome?
  13. Ooh, interesting! So they are hiring new artists. I actually lost hope a few days ago when I realised that the artwork for the Negg Faerie this year wasn't actually new. It was actually reused, taken from very old concept artwork for Key Quest: (you can see Kari right there at the bottom) I was a little disappointed at first, but hey, I'm totally fine with Jumpstart using previously unreleased artwork. Also, It's nice to know the Blumaroo is indeed new! Looks like the artist has been posting a lot of Neopets content on his Instagram, so that's cool.
  14. One of the best Maraquan designs to date. Props to the fan who created the original artwork and props to Jumpstart for giving her credit! It's based on this little creature known as Axolotl: People find them either really cute or absolutely terrifying. I personally think they are adorable
  15. What worries me the most is that now the government is recommending people to use homemade face masks, even though up until two weeks ago they were advising against them because they simply don't work. Newspapers that were giving detailed explanations as to why using them is pointless are now giving detailed tutorials on how to make them. All because the government wants to slowly transition out of the quarantine and let people out little by little. But they're going about it the wrong way. People are gonna go out thinking they are safe, get infected, and infect others in turn. It really is a mess.
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