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  1. Ooh, you guys. Maybe everyone here already knew this, but I just found out that the items you donated for this year's CC count toward your Rubbish Dumb avatar discard count. If you donated a ton of stuff, go to your inventory, manually discard one more item, and you'll get the avatar: Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Rubbish' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  2. Wait, what? No item prizes this year? That sucks... Oh well, at least they kept the NC reward. I also really like the trophy: Although I don't know what a quill has to do with the event... They usually run a script that gives out the prizes to users in alphabetical order, and sometimes they even subdivide users in batches. I see that your username starts with an "x", so you might have to wait a little bit, especially if you weren't in the first batches. Alternatively, try going to the NC Mall and see if your NC balance changes.
  3. I got this one: It's not that I don't like it, but it gives me AotA flashbacks. I do like the shiny golden shield though. I'd say this one's my favourite: Weewoos are adorable! And I love how with each month the shield gets even fancier
  4. I for one won't complain about the extra week. Gave me enough time to (somehow) make it to 21500 points.
  5. I feel like the lag takes away from the NQ experience. I remember having a blast when I played NQ2 for the first time years ago, but I can't imagine myself playing it again with this lag.
  6. For anyone who's still donating, check out these tips: This makes the process so much faster. I had actually tried using the TAB key to donate just like last year, but I was hitting ENTER instead of SPACEBAR (cause I'm an idiot) and I thought that trick didn't work. Turns out it does! Also, I never would've thought of going back on my browser. I'm now at 10k points. 1k more to get all the perks I want.
  7. Yup, I am. The problem is that I ran out of items to donate, so I'm buying those 1-point keychains from the Obelisk War prize shop: Just like I did last year. The thing is that having to buy the items first slows down the donation process considerably, and I'm already tired of it. That's why I'm surprised at my past self for being able to donate 20.000+ of those damn keychains Guess I ran out of patience (then again, patience has never been a virtue of mine)
  8. Good lord, how did I make 30k points last year? I have 5000 points and I'm already so tired of donating... I have to keep going though. I want 10k at least.
  9. I don't feel the tingles, but I'm obsessed with ASMR and all its different genres: whispering, tapping, scratching, mic brushing, ear cupping, mukbang, serial killer victim role play, you name it. I just find it so relaxing, and it helps me fall asleep at night. If you like ASMR with animals, may I suggest some good ol' cat purring?:
  10. Yeah, the NC component of the event is coming. But I was referring to the perk that gave you NC in exchange for points: Which does not appear in this year's perk shop
  11. The good: Some of the new perks are pretty cool We'll be able to spend our leftover points from 2018 on this year's perk shop The bad: The new method of donation is a major pain in the butt. Points are not being displayed properly "Atsumi" is just Mirsha Grelinek with different clothes No NC perk this time around?
  12. Yeah, that happens to me a lot too and it's annoying. What works for me is to not open/load any other pages on the site while the wheel is spinning. Basically just wait for it to stop, then close that tab and that should do the trick... maybe? At least that works for me. Hope it works for you too!
  13. Well, that final prize was lame But at the end of the day it's just a bonus. What we're here for is the daily quests, and in that regard the event did not disappoint (it never does, really). Here are my pet's stats before and after the event: Level: 255 Health: 462 / 462 Strength: ULTIMATE (510) Defence: ULTIMATE (200) ↓ Level: 286 Health: 507 / 507 Strength: ULTIMATE (573) Defence: ULTIMATE (238) I did some training inbetween (mostly level and strength), but I stopped midway 'cause I'm lazy. Still, I'm very happy with the results overall. I'm not the biggest fan of defence, so once I get to the next boost I might stop training defence altogether.
  14. This just in guys: the prize shop has a deadline They added this bit of information earlier today: This is a first. No other prize shop has ever had a deadline. They better make an announcement in the news so no one misses the memo.
  15. This was all planned out in advance by JS, I tell ya *puts on tin foil hat*
  16. So you know how at the end of the event you get a special prize if you visited every day? I was going through the list of prizes from previous years and: We still haven't gotten a prize themed after Light or Water faeries. I'm hoping that changes soon, so no elemental faerie is left out.
  17. Got really lucky today! Received a Battle Faerie quest, and then I used my fortune cookie and got a Faerie Queen quest! My BD pet is is getting closer and closer to his next strength boost
  18. Yeah, I'll do just that But first I'm gonna wait and see how the price fluctuates Most likely not. Plot trophies are given out as soon as the prize shop opens, but that wasn't the case this time, so there probably won't be trophies. But still, it's weird. I think this is the first plot without trophies. Maybe they just forgot and we'll get them later? This is Jumpstart we are talking about.
  19. Oh my, it turns out the new weapon can also heal your pet! Apparently people just found out today, and Jellyneo's IDB updated its stats: It's basically a cheaper version of Illusens' Staff. This changes things drastically... Now that it looks like the prices will skyrocket, I might consider spending my points on the weapon rather than the background
  20. That was my strategy back when CC ended, but I'm too lazy and I stopped buying them after a month. Guess now is a good time to keep stockpiling them
  21. Who knows. People have been saying that Neopets could shut down at any moment 2010, but it's almost 2020 and the site is still functional. Granted, it's a complete mess, but the fact that it still exists is quite an impressive feat. Anyway, with so much discussion about the death of Neopets over the years, I've honestly stopped caring about when it'll happen. Maybe it'll happen ten years from now, or maybe it'll happen tomorrow. Either way I'm prepared. How would that work though? I can understand archiving the site, but hosting and keeping it alive would be kinda hard, wouldn't it? There would be no way to retrieve user information, so players would have to start from zero, and even then, a fan-supported site would be kinda sketchy.
  22. Oooh, I hope we get to pick the site theme perk again. I've always wanted to have those old site themes from past plots.
  23. It seems like the max number of points you could get was 2110. As is usually the case with these prize shops, I'm not gonna spend my points for a while. I'm probably not even gonna spend them at all 'cause a) I'm too indecisive b ) the more time that passes the more expensive these items get By the way... no trophies this time around? Bummer.
  24. You have a lot in common with dark faeries. You probably enjoy playing tricks on others and are most happy at night. Heh, I was sure it was either gonna be this or the Water Faerie Huh, my guess is that the Light Faerie would like "something diet" 'cause of the double meaning of the world "light" The Dark Faerie would like black coffee because it's bitter, which leaves "Anything carbonated" to the Air Faerie by process of elimination.
  25. @Duma Thank you very much for the item! I received it but I forgot to look at your username before opening the gift box, so I couldn't send you a NM. Sorry about that!
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