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  1. wait im dumb but why do I have to change my password
  2. hiya, i'm looking for a simple premade petpage like this one but without the ugly background... it's for a mini adoption agency so ideally it would look just like a list with photo next to text, the pet photos would link to the lookups, blah blah. does anyone know of a good premade petpage like this? I keep trying to modify existing premades with my very limited html skills and it never turns out just how I want it...
  3. Adopted! Update: Ruouji the Zombie Ruki is in the pound! Her name reminded me of a ouija board so I thought this was an appropriate zap. Neomail me @ildacoo if you end up adopting her and want her pb clothes!
  4. omg secre zapping stuck pets is my new favorite neopets hobby! i've always been really stingy with my neopoints, but lately I just went for it and got lab maps for both my side accounts so I can zap away!
  5. idk the jubjub mug is pretty cute too
  6. Zapped a pet which I ONLY want to change the gender of and first zap was... gender change! yay!
  7. I bought a bouquet of flowers This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  8. i'd be happy with any pick since I need all 3 avatars, but I really love the request quest refresh boon and only awakened could possibly have it...
  9. omg... thats my worst nightmare. but if you could get there once you can get there again! after you mourn of course.
  10. omgggg he is so cute I already have a halloween shoyru as my permie but good luck finding him a good home!
  11. oh my god... I think you win. i’ve never seen that pen before
  12. welcome back! im a returner as of march or april. I loove halloween pets and I used to be obsessed with all things mystery island, so i'm sure i'd love your coconut gallery!
  13. I'm not great with graphics but is there a way I can use my own image to go along with my account age instead of the neopets ones?
  14. ok I know this is a year old but I feel sooooo bad for the person who didnt know about quick stock hopefully their life is 10x better now
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