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  1. My hair was straight in school but once puberty was over it got curly. I don’t have the boots because they got super worn out. I wouldn’t consider myself “goth” anymore. I’m more average than anything.
  2. Wow....your wedding dress is beautiful. I hope you had a beautiful wedding as well.
  3. Have you gone through a glow up? Here is 6th Grade Naamah in her Hot Topic, "I'm so edgy" phase: This is me now! I still wear black, love Metal but I hardly wear band tees and prefer a pearl necklace and black flats and Converse to platform boots and spiked chokers that would've gotten me sent to the principals office lol.
  4. Thank you! I love goats, too. I go to a farm sometimes where they let you feed and pet goats. They are so underrated. I also have goat plushies. One of my 6th pets is an Ixi which is a goat Neopet.
  5. Naamah D.


    Are you supposed to sell your shares at the end of each day?
  6. That’s a great idea! I thought Ghoul Catchers wasn’t a thing anymore?
  7. Do you have a favorite outfit? I want to show my fave outfits.
  8. How do I earn NP without flash games? Any ideas?
  9. That does make sense. I plan on working in a daycare which means comfortable clothes that I can get craft paint and bleach from cleaning on. Outside of work, I could always show off my personality with other clothes without logos.
  10. Yes!!!! Kass Basher is laggy no matter what.
  11. I'm referring to when I was in elementary school. That account is long gone.
  12. Tried that too. Maybe I'll just use my iPad for games.
  13. I just saw that you can have six pets per account now!!!!! I immediately when on my side accounts and main to adopt some unfortunate pets to morph into desirable colors. What pets did you get. The only one I won't morph is my blue Acara because my first Neopets was a blue Acara lol
  14. On episode two in Bendy and the Ink Machine. Now I want a Bendy plushie and an Alice Angel poster. Who’s with me? EDIT: There’s a gift set of Bendy, Alice and Boris plushies!
  15. It’s still buggy on my laptop. No matter what.
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