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  1. Seriously? They adopted a child and after two years rehomed him like when people get a puppy only to find out it will use the bathroom on the floor. They brought the kid from another country for crying out loud. There are plenty of parents in this world who would’ve loved to adopt and help a child with special needs. Take women who can’t have children biologically for example. Or people who have enough common sense to know what they are getting into.
  2. After my grandma died (she had severe dementia) things in my old house got really odd. Like on the anniversary of her death our security system went off out of the blue. We looked outside and no one was out there. After my grandpa died from a brain injury (he was robbed in his own home) I saw a tall white figure with bent knees. Keep in mind, I have insomnia. I asked my mom if the people who robbed him hurt his legs and she said yes. I’ve always been skeptical but that did it for me. We ended up moving out.
  3. I love it! Now I’ll be able to feed my pets on the go! Now I’m hoping all of the games are mobile too.
  4. I’m currently unemployed but want to work in the reptile or aquarium department in a pet store or Build a Bear. As far as dream jobs go I’d love to teach English in Italy since I’m nearly full blooded Italian.
  5. I’ve been playing video games and taking walks. About a year ago I moved out of my mom’s and we FaceTime a lot. We all gotta be an adult one day.
  6. With Flash being discontinued I don’t see the point in playing Neopets. I know not everyone feels this way but Neopets is dying out.
  7. I use Instagram and Facebook. Other than that I’m too busy working on my new comic series for that.
  8. 1. Writing paranormal fiction 2. Coloring 3. Reading 4. Video games 5. Makeup 6. Clothes 7. Cosmetology 8. Anime 9. Animation in general 10. Crunkcore, alternative and metal music 11. Fitness 12. Healthy eating (I’m pescatarian) 13. Plushie and stuffed animals
  9. Hi all, I got bangs recently. I like my hair fluffy and soft. I have OCD and have been obsessively brushing my naturally curly hair to make it softer and fluffed but it’s damaging it. Question does my hair already have that light and fluffy poofy-ness? I hate having flat hair
  10. Whoopsie! I put my main account Neopets in the Neolodge but then I realized I had plenty of food to feed them. Will I get in trouble or frozen for checking them out of the Neolodge so soon?
  11. Thank you all for your kindness here he is being cute. I took this picture recently. He was very well behaved at the vet. He was born with a hernia in his abdomen too.
  12. My mom and brother took my cat I've had for 11 years to the vet and they did some blood work....he has liver cancer. I'm very scared.
  13. Hey all! It turns out that I didn’t need to change medication at all. My abilify dosage was lowered and I am okay! Not to mention...I’ve lost over 40 pounds. Instead of a 22/24 at 267 I am a happy and healthy 16/18.
  14. This thread is right up my alley! I’ve recently lost over 40 pounds and am almost to my goal so I’m starting to fall back in love with clothes again. I love Torrid, Forever 21, Rue21, American Eagle, Target, Maurices, Black Craft and Hot Topic the best but also like local boutiques and clothing stores in my area.
  15. For me it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m hardly on Neopets because: 1. In my free time I prefer doing other things I’m more invested in 2. I don’t own a laptop or computer I don’t lose sleep over and panic too much about Neopets shutting down. For me the worry isn’t worth it. I have other hobbies and interests that I would still have.
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