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  1. Congrats on living independently! I’m preparing for my first apartment. It’s going to be nice for me to have my own place where I can just be myself and not have to please other people.
  2. I’ve been on this forum for 12 years and thinking back, I’ve grown a lot. I used to have a very Mallgoth clothing style and was into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. These days I dress a more girly but wear band tees and Blackcraft merch every now and then. I’m not as obsessive about Neopets and I don’t care what other people think about me. How has time changed you from a decade ago?
  3. This is the best Neopets April Fool’s joke yet. I’m getting emotional over how funny and believable it is.
  4. Happy Gnorbu day! They are a personal favorite species of mine. The candy one is adorable!
  5. I ended up getting pets that have always had wearables that I think are cute but aren't for the pets I already have. I just created a Lenny and Grundo as well as adopted a JubJub.
  6. What pets have you guys gotten with your extra pet slots? I now have a purple Yurble, red Lupe, yellow Chia, blue Bruce, strawberry Wocky, Checkered Gelert, green Nimmo, red Zafara, green Gnorbu (as if I don't already have so many Gnorbus that absolutely it's ridiculous) and a green Tuskaninny added to my Neopet family. I've already bought two morphing potions and one paint brush. Dreamies for the win!!!!
  7. I love her outfit! Thanks to the new pet slots, I got a dreamie! I adopted a blue Gelert on one of my side accounts and bought him a checkered paint brush. Now I have another checkered friend (one of my Boris is checkered). I also created a Chia on one of my sides named FriendlySushi but just call him Sushi.
  8. So far, I've added some pets to two of my side accounts (I had some NC that Neopets gave out through an even way back when). Now I wait for my Christmas money so I can get ten on more on my main account.
  9. This is awesome! Can I buy additional pet slots on my side accounts too?
  10. This year I know what I want, a Desert Aisha aka my ultimate dream pet.
  11. South Park the Stick of Truth. I’ve played it before but recently got back to playing it.
  12. I accidently double clicked the spin button while doing the fruit machine daily. Will I get in trouble?
  13. I have four Faerie Quest Fortune cookies. I used my first cookie today. Is it okay to open another one today?
  14. Thank you! I bought five Faerie Quest cookies in hopes I’ll get a few other dream pets!
  15. I’ve always wanted a Faerie Skeith because they remind me of the Faerie Dragons in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. After years of waiting, I finally saved up enough NP to transform my yellow Xweetok into a Faerie Skeith!!!! I haven’t been this excited since I got a Pastel Gnorbu and Mutant Ruki! All I gotta do now is use all of my Faerie Quest cookies so I can get a Desert Aisha and Faerie Grundo. Oh....I also have a Striped Kacheek, another dream pet. I’m so glad I’m playing Neopets again.
  16. I’m also boycotting. The future of Neopets looks very bleak in my opinion. I miss the 2008-2010 Neopets because that’s when I really started to enjoy it.
  17. Candy Crush, Talking Tom and various makeup games seem to be my most used.
  18. 1. I found out I’m on the waiting list for my first apartment 2. I get to eat sushi for the first time in nearly a year
  19. My hair was straight in school but once puberty was over it got curly. I don’t have the boots because they got super worn out. I wouldn’t consider myself “goth” anymore. I’m more average than anything.
  20. Wow....your wedding dress is beautiful. I hope you had a beautiful wedding as well.
  21. Have you gone through a glow up? Here is 6th Grade Naamah in her Hot Topic, "I'm so edgy" phase: This is me now! I still wear black, love Metal but I hardly wear band tees and prefer a pearl necklace and black flats and Converse to platform boots and spiked chokers that would've gotten me sent to the principals office lol.
  22. Thank you! I love goats, too. I go to a farm sometimes where they let you feed and pet goats. They are so underrated. I also have goat plushies. One of my 6th pets is an Ixi which is a goat Neopet.
  23. Naamah D.


    Are you supposed to sell your shares at the end of each day?
  24. That’s a great idea! I thought Ghoul Catchers wasn’t a thing anymore?
  25. Do you have a favorite outfit? I want to show my fave outfits.
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