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  1. Hi all, Pet lends/chains are being suspended until further notice. With all of the changes that have come about in the last little while with pet slots, transfer limits, and site access/security, we'll be doing some updating to our pet lending process and procedures. Anyone who has a current request in will need to resubmit once pet lending resumes. Item lends will be continuing as per usual.
  2. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. fortune 6. cup 7. tag 10. extreme 11. zenco 12. drenched 13. eye Down: 1. rock 3. nova 4. acres 5. bite 7. two 8. genie 9. benny 12. dua Before he died, the Spirit of Slumber's name was what? Answer: Jubart Igig Prize: 254 NP and Spirit of Slumber Stamp
  3. Recently, users have reported some issues obtaining avatars while on Beta pages. In the case of avatars that require you to have a certain item(s) in your inventory and refresh, a workaround that has worked for some people has been to view your inventory in Classic mode rather than Beta. This can be achieved by adding an /x at the end of the inventory URL (so you will be refreshing http://www.neopets.com/inventory.phtml/x). Users who have been successful in obtaining their avatars in classic view indicate that you will not receive the regular notification on the page of receiving the avatar, but it will be awarded and located in the list in your Neoboard Preferences. Current avatars that this fix may work for are: Chokato Codestones! Drackonack-Hungry I Taunt the Pant Devil I'm Smelly Lawyerbot < 3 Usuki Avatar Mad About Orange MSPP
  4. The time has come! Head over to the Prize Shop to claim your prizes for Altador Cup XV! Once you've eaten all the cake pops you can hold, stop by the Staff Tournament Prize Shop and grab a few more mementos. Congratulations Kiko Lake!!!
  5. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 4. fortune 5. armin 8. codestones 11. red 12. advent 14. benny 15. negg Down: 1. art 2. ten 3. gormos 6. one 7. acres 9. extreme 10. nova 13. tag Who came in 8th in AC VI? Answer: Terror Mountain Prize: 300 NP
  6. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. bbq 3. arnold 5. blue 6. bite 7. tag 8. ant 9. nova 11. ruki Down: 1. ball 2. fortune 4. dying 7. two 8. armin 9. nik 10. art What position did Snarkie play for Virtupets? Answer: Goalie Prize: 327 NP
  7. Sign ups for your favourite team are now open at the Colosseum! Head there now and don't miss out!
  8. In case you were curious what's coming for Neopets on mobile, you can see how it's shaping up! What do you think so far? CLICK TO VIEW
  9. It's time again for the annual Festival of Neggs! Kari has tasked us to help her find stashes of neggs from her negg cart. Find your neggs every day for special bonus prizes! VIEW OUR GUIDE!
  10. Due to some technical issues, item lends from the Avatar Lending Program are being suspended. If you've sent in a request before today, it will stay in the queue, so don't worry about losing your spot! The issue is now fixed!
  11. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. fyora 3. apple 5. tofu 6. nova 7. bite 9. tag 11. eye 12. one 13. slow 14. ant Down: 1. fortune 2. blue 4. pirate 8. island 10. gormos What colour Negg is the Negg Faerie holding in the Negg Faerie Stamp? Answer: Orange Prize: 300 NP and Negg Faerie Stamp
  12. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. tag 3. bbq 5. ruki 6. shed 7. ixi 9. wearable 10. dua 11. nova 13. ant Down: 2. arthur 4. bikiwan 5. red 8. alton 12. art 13. arms Which Faerie said: "Yes. I am powerless without wings. In order to get new wings, I must get a new name."? Answer: Baelia Prize: 229 NP
  13. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 4. acres 6. nova 7. art 9. fortune 10. ball 11. tag 12. green 13. airax Down: 1. one 2. acara 3. five 5. snowflake 8. glubgar 10. bite 13. ant How often are the Poogle Races in Faerie City run? Answer: Every 15 minutes Prize: 333 NP and Poogle Races
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