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  1. Yep! That's what I've been doing! I wonder if having my inventory full of imposter apples would help. Right now, I only take one with me to bob for apples. And for the lottery, I think they draw at 4am NST, so I bought 20 tickets during the day, played dice-a-roo a bunch, bought another 20 tickets after midnight NST, and played dice-a-roo again. Totaling to 44 tickets entered into the draw.
  2. congrats on that avatar! I've been trying for that avatar everyday since the start of this year!
  3. Really? Hmm, maybe it's just my luck then. And yeah, I only have regular shop wizard right now, and I tend to get frozen shops showing up quite often with the cheapest items (not as often with kads, but for some junk that used to cost 1-2 np and now costs 1000np and up). Maybe it's just a coincidence for the shop sections that the shop wizard chooses for me. Thanks for your reassurance about SSW though! Probably best I wait a bit until I get premium before trying kadding again!
  4. Aww, that sucks. I guess it's better to use regular shop wizard if I'm trying for the kad avatar then. Or maybe just always select the shop a couple usernames down after getting premium. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. So, I've been thinking about getting premium for a couple of weeks. I'll probably wait until the premium sale happens, but I was wondering, when using the Super Shop Wizard, does it show frozen account shops too? I've been getting this problem a lot where the cheapest item I'm looking for using the regular shop wizard always turns out to be one from a frozen shop, which has been really annoying. Why do the shops of frozen accounts still show up? Would getting premium solve this problem? Or would these frozen shops still show up? Thanks!
  6. I think I have the same fear, that the main event is going to be a hot mess, but everything else seems like it would be okay.
  7. Just got a viscous evil coconut from using the link for coconut 3! Wow 3 coconuts within a month's time. Crazy.
  8. After what seems like 4 weeks of Nuts and Bolts Jelly on Beta, I got a Stone Jelly today! I wonder if they fixed it or if I'll just be getting stone jelly indefinitely now. Did it seem fixed for anybody else today?
  9. OMG, that knife one doesn't seem too far off now XD
  10. These themes just keep getting better and better! I loved the valentine one when it came out, and thought that was going to be my new main, but when the negg festival theme came out, I liked it even more, and now this one! I think this grey day one is even prettier and cooler than any of the classic themes from before.
  11. Good luck! I came back from a long haitus and only started playing coconut shy religiously starting around January of this year. I've gotten 3 coconuts so far, but there was around a 2 month interval between my first and second, so hopefully you get one soon too! Are you using the links to the coconuts or flash/a flash emulator? With the links it makes it a lot easier/faster, but I feel like I missed coconuts less when I finally got my aiming technique right.
  12. Got a hairy evil coconut 2 days ago, and a mini evil coconut today! I think this is the only daily I've kept up with after getting the avatar, haha
  13. Aw, wish I saw that reply a bit earlier. Just reached 1000 and nothing happened.
  14. Woohoo! Finally got the lady blurg negg as an option and I got... the Lady Blurg Stamp! Brillant!
  15. I wonder if there's a prize for a certain number of clicks. I'm at 250 right now and am planning on stopping at maybe 1000.
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