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  1. These themes just keep getting better and better! I loved the valentine one when it came out, and thought that was going to be my new main, but when the negg festival theme came out, I liked it even more, and now this one! I think this grey day one is even prettier and cooler than any of the classic themes from before.
  2. Good luck! I came back from a long haitus and only started playing coconut shy religiously starting around January of this year. I've gotten 3 coconuts so far, but there was around a 2 month interval between my first and second, so hopefully you get one soon too! Are you using the links to the coconuts or flash/a flash emulator? With the links it makes it a lot easier/faster, but I feel like I missed coconuts less when I finally got my aiming technique right.
  3. Got a hairy evil coconut 2 days ago, and a mini evil coconut today! I think this is the only daily I've kept up with after getting the avatar, haha
  4. Aw, wish I saw that reply a bit earlier. Just reached 1000 and nothing happened.
  5. Woohoo! Finally got the lady blurg negg as an option and I got... the Lady Blurg Stamp! Brillant!
  6. I wonder if there's a prize for a certain number of clicks. I'm at 250 right now and am planning on stopping at maybe 1000.
  7. You need to wait a bit for him to pop up, or go to a different place. He'll come in from the side.
  8. My second shot at the void negg today, and I got the Void Blade too! Also did everybody else get the same negg options as they did yesterday or was that just me?
  9. Probably a dumb question, but do we only get 3 options from the 5 possible neggs? I really wanted the lady blurg negg, but that wasn't an option for me. Ended up choosing the void negg, but got the voidberry cobbler
  10. Hype! This prank really gave me a chuckle! Watched all the videos they posted on the page too!
  11. gah! Thanks @jellysundae! Is there a prize for top 25? I can't even play this one out since I have work all week I'm working this weekend too. What timing! I also have a beauty contest entry in, but there wasn't enough space of my neoboard siggy for both links, so I had to choose one to sacrifice.
  12. Food club is definitely worth it! I just started this year and follow other people's bets. If you follow the food club bets on Reddit, they make it super easy to place bets/copy other people's bets within minutes! Made almost 3 million since the start of January (my account is 11 years old) for 2 minutes of reading stat summaries and placing bets a day. Way easier to make np than grinding games like I did to get up to my first 9 mill. At the rate I'm going, I'm hoping I'll reach 20 mill by the end of the year?
  13. That's kind of insane. I'm guessing that's mostly from restocking? I heard that's super profitable, but I don't really have the internet speed for that Although after a certain point, the money in the bank starts making itself
  14. Imagine having 200 million I never tried food club before this year, but I think I've netted a couple million so far since I started. I think it's because of how I'd been actively avoiding all social aspects of the site prior to this year that I'm lagging so far behind on everything. A couple more interest levels would be great! Maybe that should be written on their suggestions board on neo
  15. Yes! Came back here to see if everybody else got their streak back and it seems so! Glad that we didn't lose our progress!
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