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  1. I honestly love glowing pets and I seem to be in the minority aha, but why is its mane missing??
  2. unfortunately both the lab map and the strange potion are very expensive; the only way I could think of that wouldn't cost you would be to ask someone who already has the lab scientist as a challenger if you could transfer your pet to them, have them use your pet in the Battledome to get the gender change, and then transfer your pet back to you. I think new accounts can't transfer pets right away though? I would offer that for ya but I don't have all of the lab map pieces yet aha
  3. oh man I've never seen that before either? I knew he could relieve your pet's hunger but that's neat!
  4. I always thought it was really cool that poogles actually have sharp teeth haha
  5. I like the candy one a lot actually! and tbh I love that kyrii are kinda angry-looking haha
  6. your hair definitely looks fluffy! if you're worried about damage, maybe you could try conditioner or a leave-in hair serum?
  7. it's a reference to the new mobile game they're making! they announced it at SDCC I believe
  8. oooh I do like the maractite one!
  9. don't do this to my boy skunk techo
  10. totally forgot to use these forums whoops

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