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Found 14 results

  1. I'm really curious about this because I started doing it a certain way and so far, it has worked 13/15 days... coincidence probably but oh well :P ( ** TL;DR - you can skip this part if you want ) Ok to start, here's a random (possibly TMI) tidbit about myself... I've been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, so often times I do things in very specific & sometimes even strange ways lol. This even extends itself to Neopets. So, for example, whenever I'd open the Kiko Pop page, whichever balloon immediately caught my eye was the one I would try to pop. I swear, it NEVER EVER worked for me, not even once. So after like a month, I begrudgingly decided to try to pick a different way. SO, this leads to the purpose of me writing all this: the "strategy" I have been using that, whether coincidence or not, has won me a prize ~87% of the time is I look for balloons that seem to appear bigger than others. There are usually a few (like 3-5) each time.. they're easy for me to find because 2 of the balloons will touch each other. I know, it sounds super weird! But I am telling you, either it's working or I just have an ABSOLUTELY INSANE streak of both bad & good luck hahaha. I'm just curious if anyone else has a "strategy" or whatever for this daily activity, or any other one's really :) (also, I'm super sorry if this is posted in the wrong place; I looked but didn't find anything that seemed to fit better)
  2. Today I will analyze the possibility of 1 million NP being made within 25 days! Therefore an average of 40K needs to be made in a day. For Trudy's surprise, the average amount gained in a day is 17815 (provided you stick with playing for 25 consecutive days). But in reality, even getting that amount is impossible, due to the 'rotten luck bonus' interfering, so I'll just round up the average Trudy gain to 18K. Also note that starting the Trudy chain nets smaller prizes than the consecutive days, so do not worry if you don't actually hit 40K within a day. Just follow the analysis and take my word for it that the Trudy reward does average out to 18K within 25 days. Cumulative NP: 18K NP left to hit quota: 22K There's an additional guaranteed 1.5K that can be gained in the Battledome Cumulative NP: 19.5K NP left to hit quota: 20.5K But we also gain items in the Battledome, very often codestones! They are very easy to sell so the asset can be liquidated into NP very quickly So I shall estimate an average of 5K of items that can easily be sold. Even if you're skeptical about, let me just include items and NP won from free no-risk dailies like Coltzan, Forgotten Shore and Anchor Management Cumulative NP: 24.5K NP left to hit quota: 15.5K Dailies such as the quiz and crossword pretty much guarantee an extra 0.8K provided you pay attention to the answers given by TDN Cumulative NP: 25.3K NP left to hit quota: 14.7K Then we should be able to play games. Just about anyone can get 15K solely from games, can they? Everyone has their own skill at games, but generally it's easy for people to play the games they like. game viabilities are subject to change due to updating NP ratios. Here are my personal favourites (these games always have favourable NP ratios): 'Zero effort' games: Fashion Fever and Catch Petpet, earning a total of 2K My '3K' games personally are: Kass Basher, Hot Dog Hero, Nova Defender, Snowager (there's more but these are the quickest ones for me I won't groan at playing), earning a total of 12K 'Ultra quick' games to help push the NP a teensy bit higher, like Meerca Chase, Darigan Dodgeball and Tunnel Tumble, earning a total of 3K Cumulative NP: 42.3K NP left to hit quota: 2.3K exceeded Diligently following this routine for 25 days will earn you a total of 10575000 NP! So keep playing everyday and enjoy! :3
  3. Not sure if anybody will be interested but thought I would post any way - I just finished creating this spreadsheet today. ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was offline yesterday so here is a list of today's Dailies outcomes. ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are today's Dailies outcomes. ? -------------------------------------------------- Here are today's results - 20/08/18 ?
  4. I got quite the (pleasant) surprise this morning! I ran Trudy's Surprise and won 100k - first time that's ever happened to me! I'm sure I read somewhere that the prize amounts are setting based on your 'streak' of how many consecutive days you've played i.e. day one nets you x amount, day two is more etc. Did I imagine this, or was it previously true and has now changed? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'Neopets Dailies' to 'Neopets General Chat'.
  5. Has anyone else noticed a change in timing for the Underwater Fishing daily? Normally its every 12 hour, but it seems to have changed to once per day? I fished with my active pet at 4:15am NST just before I went to work. And I just tried again at 5:20pm NST (more than 12 hours later) at it gave me the "you should try being more patient" message. Has anyone else noticed this?
  6. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if this is a thing that happens to other people or a glitch. So, I was doing my dailies, and having a run of bad luck. I'd been to the Wheel of Mediocrity and lost HP on my active pet. Then I did the Wheel of Excitement and that pet got sick. I decided that before I did Apple Bobbing Bart, I would put all of my np in the bank so I couldn't have any 'slip out of my pocket' and into the barrel. I got the event where I located someone's dentures and tumbled over the fence, which apparently makes your pet lose HP. I didn't actually notice what my pet's HP were at this point, but they had already been down at 6/11 earlier. I did the Tombola and got a t-shirt, then I did the Snowager and all my pets got blasted. Again, I didn't bother looking at the HP of my active pet. I did King Hagan and got nothing. I did the Deserted Tomb and 'Fiddlesticks!' Then I did the Fruit Machine. Three Baggusses. 1000np! Yay, a change in luck. Except, when I glanced up at my np, it said I had 700np. ?????? How, if I had a balance of 0np and won 1000np, could I only have 700np on hand? What I was wondering was if the Snowager (or maybe Apple Bobbing Bart) takes any np from your balance if their event is supposed to remove HP but you have no HP to lose. I didn't look at my np immediately before the win, but I know I definitely only had 0np remaining after going to the bank because I checked to make sure, and none of those other events I listed above were np winning events for me. Can you get negative np? Has this ever happened to anyone else or is it a glitch that I should submit a ticket about? All advice greatly appreciated.
  7. So, recently I got a Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag from TDMBGPOP. Of course, I immediately searched it up on the Trading Post/Shop Wizard/Auction House and found that it's worth quite a bit, as goodie bags go. I also searched up the prizes you could get from it, and found that some of the prizes are also worth quite a bit. But, then again, I could get the less valuable prizes... :shiftyeyes_anim: So should I take the risk or...?
  8. Buried Treasure costs 0nps today...I'm assuming that's because its Neopets' 16th birthday. Either way, have fun playing! Hope you hit the jackpot :D
  9. Here is a helpful thread where you can post possible bug reports for dailies. For instance here's mine, for the last two weeks, every single day Kiko Pop on hard mode has yielded no reward, now this may be bad luck, but I've never had this much bad luck. Also for the last 5 days the Giant Omelette has been gone, however this could just be my bad timing, has anyone else experienced bugs with either of these?
  10. Is anyone having trouble collecting their daily prize from King Altador? When I click on him it actually takes me to the screen I got when I completed the Altador Plot with him thanking me and rewarding me with neopoints and items that have to do with the plot (which I already got LAST YEAR) Just wondering if a one else is having this problem? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is a list of current issues with Neopets here. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Ruto if you have any questions regarding this action.
  11. Hey everyone!! I have had some luck recently after Neopets has come back up - including winning the Avvie for Coconut Shy the other day! And today, while I was thinking about pricing out my coconut I won, I decided to play one more time for luck... and I won another Coconut (and the 10k np helps too!)!! Have y'all had any major luck with anything since the return? I have also gotten some really good REs, I think. Today, for example, my shop went up in size! Not a major gain, but I'll take it.
  12. Qasalan expellibox is up and working again. There are no changes that I noticed, unless there are new prizes. But nothing new that is obvious with the look. Just happy to have it back up.
  13. Did my usual dailies and was going down the list of things to do, and next on the list was the Anchor Management... Usually I end up with something like a dubloon or a treasure map piece but totally I got something I have been waiting almost forever for! I got the Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion!!!! :laughingsmiley: I am so excited and I just can't hide it! What is the most exciting item you have received from doing your dailies?
  14. So I've been brainstorming this post since we heard about the transition, and I've decided to start it now so that it's ready to go by tomorrow morning when the site goes down! Here's how it works: - You get to choose up to 3 dailies - lab ray excluded - once a day and post them here. - I will try to keep up as best I can, posing as Elvin the Kiko, Coltzan, the Snowager, etc., and I'll tell you what you "won" for your daily! - You can keep your sanity, pretending that everything is normal and the website isn't down ^-^ (If this is a totally loony idea then feel free to tell me, "Missuninvited, that's a totally loony idea and you're weird and need to go back to sitting in the corner". If it's not, then I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!) EDIT: Just realized that I probably should have posted this in the "Dailies" sub - sorry about that!
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