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  1. I met my fiance online! We met in a game and we have so much in common and this year he proposed to me after 2 years of dating long distance online and 3 or 4 years of being good friends online before we got together. He proposed in February and we're currently figuring out when I can visit him again in person. He came to stay with my family and me for Thanksgiving last year and I stayed with him for a month this February. We're planning to have another in person visit soon! I'm so glad I took a chance with him because I was blessed with the love of my life and best friend because I took that
  2. I have a few fun apps that I love to use! I am more than happy to share their titles with you guys! ^^ ~ Zedge - A free app for fun free ringtones, alarms, wallpapers, and such. I have quite a few Legend of Zelda ringtones and alarms. ~ Amino - A fun app where you can find communities of fandoms, hobby enthusiasts, gaming communities, etc! There's pretty much a community for everything! I love the self help/self care communities and contributing to the positivity they radiate. Of course I am part of quite a few gaming communities too! ^^ ~ Habitica - It's a great RPG-st
  3. I think there's a lot of good points here on what you can do with the siblings and I hope you can figure out what you want to do with them for your story! And as everyone else has said, I would also encourage you to share your story here, too! You'll make a lot of fans and get some input and critique (If you want any critique, that is.) I'd love to read your story and I know a lot of others will say the same thing! It sounds like a very interesting premise, and I would really enjoy hearing more about it, if you're open to talking about it! ^^
  4. I agree with you on the old storyline events, since it was almost always super fun to participate in them and get to either solve some sort of problem/mystery, or there would be specific things you had to do but there were options on what you could choose to do. I remember the Dark Faerie storyline event. If I'm remembering the one I think I am, there were things you had to do and/or find and it was engaging and gave fun rewards to completing the storyline. I hope when the site is revamped (RIP flash player) that they give us something fun to participate in. ^^
  5. I do too! Although tbh I use the Negg Festival Guide that TDN makes every year. At least for the neggs I've missed or can't find. ^^;; And I knew about the Faerie quest event, but I usually end up missing the majority of it and then getting bummed out that I've missed most of it. ;-; Here's hoping we both get to experience both events from start to finish! ^^
  6. You're not alone! I'm also super excited for these events and I hope they go without any problems! Here's hoping it'll be fun as it usually is!
  7. WOW! Your Lutari looks so pretty as a Maraquan Lutari! Congrats on the FFQ and your new beautiful pet! ^^
  8. I don't know much about whether stretching them out will help or not, but if it were me and I couldn't get more until next month I'd stretch them out. Good luck with getting your Chocolate Gnorbu! ^^
  9. I've been having this problem too. I have an adblocker and it doesn't help. Also, sometimes the game screen glitches and will turn grey and I'll have to leave the game mid-progress and restart it. (Which is a huge annoyance when I've got a good score going...) I play Neopets on Firefox because it runs better since for some reason Chrome is a pain with the site... What do you guys use as your browser? I'm curious and want to try to get Neo to run properly and see if the browser is the problem. ^^
  10. @CoconutDragon I absolutely love his customization already! I adore spotted Gelerts, and I would never have thought of customizing one like you have! I used to have a Spotted Gelert named OreoCrumb, but I lost her to an unsuccessful pound transfer and the person who grabbed her got frozen not long after painting her checkered. The saddest part about losing her is that back when I made her, I did a drawing of her. It wasn't very good quality, but I was super proud of it. Although this story does have a happy ending, because now I have my beautiful Tahoumaru on one of my side accounts. He's a go
  11. Happy Leif Erikson Day to you, too! Hinga Dinga Durgan! Don't judge me, but "Hinga Dinga Durgan" was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the title of this topic. Heh... ^^;;
  12. Welcome to TDN Forums, Kat! And welcome back to Neo! I'm Rissa! I'm a long time player as well! And oddly enough I played and still own my original copy of The Darkest Faerie for the PS2! I never beat the game, but it was fun! ^^
  13. I wrote this a year or so ago for a group I'm in, but I thought it would be nice to post it here for anyone who also needs to hear this... YOU MATTER! You may not see your self worth, but you are worth more than diamonds. Like a diamond being discovered, you don't necessarily shine happily right away. But that's what makes you even more special and unique! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! I know it's hard to see one's worth, but you never know how much you mean to some people and you never know the positivity you bring to another's life. You may feel useless sometimes, but don't let that hur
  14. I live in Kansas and so far there's a few confirmed cases, but there's no complete quarantine yet where people are forced to stay home since people are stocking up on food and toilet paper. Gosh, don't get me started on how people are hoarding TP. It's not mass hysteria yet but a lot of people are panicking and freaking out by the closings of libraries, schools, and some other places. I'm trying to remain calm but alert and informed. Panicking doesn't help anything in my opinion, and hysteria is a bad thing. It's good to be alert and informed about the virus, but panicking isn't a good place t
  15. If this is in the wrong place I apologize, I'm just freaking out and since I have a question I figured it should go in the questions section. I recently used TDN's avatar item lending service and got the avatar. Right away I put the item back up in trades and neomailed the lender to let them know so they could get the item back and I could get my collateral back. I have not heard back from them and I'm worried. Is there anyone I should contact to get my collateral back (and return the item)? Please help!
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