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  1. Welcome back! I came back a couple years ago and I'm so happy that I did! I've made a lot of friends and joined a wonderful guild on Neo called "The Kindness Project" and met even more wonderful people there! There are so many more people playing again that played back in the old school Neopets, so reminiscing and nostalgia chats are so much fun. ^^ Hope you have a fun time being back and I'm always open to making new friends and chatting! My name's Rissa, by the way! ^^
  2. I think there should be a prize for getting 3 or more empty ticket spots. Maybe an invisible item? That'd be cool.
  3. I'm sure there's a pet adoption community on Neo. I have a bunch of pets (and a whole side account dedicated to re-homing pretty pets with people who will appreciate them.) that I'm trying to find homes for. I don't know where to lead you, but if you find anything related to pet adoption, please quote me! ^^ Also -- welcome back to Neo! ^^
  4. Oh my gosh! Is GC still up in the phone app store for download or if I uninstalled it am I doomed to be unable to play it?
  5. Welcome to TDN Forum! It's great to see a new friend here! I hope you have a wonderful time here with us! We're all friendly and love to help new members! If you have any questions or just want to talk/find a new friend, I'd be happy to help out. ^^
  6. Welcome to TDN's forums, Amanda! I hope you'll have a lovely time here with us! Everyone's really kind and helpful here, so I know you'll enjoy chatting and getting to know folks. ^^ & Good luck with your avatar and coding search! I'd help with coding if I could, but I'm a total noob with coding and can only do VERY simple stuff. It's ironic because back when I first joined Neopets as a youngster, I would code my pet's petpages and post screenies on them. Now I'm so out of practice, it's a miracle if I can remember how to use certain codes. ^^;;
  7. I feel like I should know these things, having been on Neopets for so many many years, but I wanted to ask you guys what the safest way to attach a Petpetpet is. I've heard they can run away before they actually attach to your pet's petpet... And I don't want the Pant Devil to steal it. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to getting a Petpetpet to attach to the petpet? I want to minimize the risk of losing it. I'd appreciate any advice or tips you guys can offer! Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks so much for the update! I never would have known about the issue with the previous Negg since all I did was throw it into my SDB. I claimed the new one and thanks to you, I'm 700k richer! ^^
  9. I met my fiance online! We met in a game and we have so much in common and this year he proposed to me after 2 years of dating long distance online and 3 or 4 years of being good friends online before we got together. He proposed in February and we're currently figuring out when I can visit him again in person. He came to stay with my family and me for Thanksgiving last year and I stayed with him for a month this February. We're planning to have another in person visit soon! I'm so glad I took a chance with him because I was blessed with the love of my life and best friend because I took that chance. ^^
  10. I have a few fun apps that I love to use! I am more than happy to share their titles with you guys! ^^ ~ Zedge - A free app for fun free ringtones, alarms, wallpapers, and such. I have quite a few Legend of Zelda ringtones and alarms. ~ Amino - A fun app where you can find communities of fandoms, hobby enthusiasts, gaming communities, etc! There's pretty much a community for everything! I love the self help/self care communities and contributing to the positivity they radiate. Of course I am part of quite a few gaming communities too! ^^ ~ Habitica - It's a great RPG-style app for improving motivation and daily life. There are contests and challenges, and it has a habits tracker, a To Do's section, and so much more to find and have fun with! I recommend it highly! Especially if you want to encourage or discourage a habit, or get tasks done, or complete a contest or quest! ~ Kahoot - this is a cool app for making and taking quizzes/trivia. I recommend it just for giggles and fun. ~kawaiiNihongo - It's a cute highschool themed app for learning how to write in Kanji/Katakana and learn Japanese, whether you're starting from no knowledge or a bit skilled, it's a fun app and it's really cute how they designed it! ~ Busuu - It's another language learning app and I find it easy to use and fun to learn with. (Again, I'm learning to speak/write in Japanese.) ~ Sleep Sounds - Is a helpful app for winding down to sleep, meditating, relaxing, etc. You can pick and choose different sounds/"white noise" and the volume of each sound you can choose. So if you wanted it to sound like camping, you can have a fireplace crackle, crickets, and light owl sounds. If you wanted a rainy day, there are lots of different kinds of rain. I find it very relaxing and calming and it helps me center my mind when I'm having anxiety problems. ~~~ I really highly recommend Amino and Habitica. They're fun apps and can help with self care and in an entertaining way. Let me know if ya'll try and/or like any of the apps I shared! ^^
  11. I think there's a lot of good points here on what you can do with the siblings and I hope you can figure out what you want to do with them for your story! And as everyone else has said, I would also encourage you to share your story here, too! You'll make a lot of fans and get some input and critique (If you want any critique, that is.) I'd love to read your story and I know a lot of others will say the same thing! It sounds like a very interesting premise, and I would really enjoy hearing more about it, if you're open to talking about it! ^^
  12. I agree with you on the old storyline events, since it was almost always super fun to participate in them and get to either solve some sort of problem/mystery, or there would be specific things you had to do but there were options on what you could choose to do. I remember the Dark Faerie storyline event. If I'm remembering the one I think I am, there were things you had to do and/or find and it was engaging and gave fun rewards to completing the storyline. I hope when the site is revamped (RIP flash player) that they give us something fun to participate in. ^^
  13. I do too! Although tbh I use the Negg Festival Guide that TDN makes every year. At least for the neggs I've missed or can't find. ^^;; And I knew about the Faerie quest event, but I usually end up missing the majority of it and then getting bummed out that I've missed most of it. ;-; Here's hoping we both get to experience both events from start to finish! ^^
  14. You're not alone! I'm also super excited for these events and I hope they go without any problems! Here's hoping it'll be fun as it usually is!
  15. WOW! Your Lutari looks so pretty as a Maraquan Lutari! Congrats on the FFQ and your new beautiful pet! ^^
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