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  1. I wrote this a year or so ago for a group I'm in, but I thought it would be nice to post it here for anyone who also needs to hear this... YOU MATTER! You may not see your self worth, but you are worth more than diamonds. Like a diamond being discovered, you don't necessarily shine happily right away. But that's what makes you even more special and unique! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! I know it's hard to see one's worth, but you never know how much you mean to some people and you never know the positivity you bring to another's life. You may feel useless sometimes, but don't let that hurtful lie rule your life or your happiness. We don't always see how much just being ourselves can help someone else. Don't let self doubt rule your feelings. YOU ARE LOVED! I'm sure this isn't always easy to see or tell, but you are loved so much more than you know. YOU & YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID! Everything you feel is completely valid. You have every right to feel sad, overwhelmed, stuck, etc... Your thoughts and opinions all matter and are completely valid. You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to feel joy. And wherever you are, whatever you're feeling.... YOU MATTER! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE LOVED! AND AGAIN, YOU MATTER! ------ I hope that this post encourages or helps even one person. I wanted to share a little positivity and encouragement. Stay safe and stay strong, guys!
  2. I live in Kansas and so far there's a few confirmed cases, but there's no complete quarantine yet where people are forced to stay home since people are stocking up on food and toilet paper. Gosh, don't get me started on how people are hoarding TP. It's not mass hysteria yet but a lot of people are panicking and freaking out by the closings of libraries, schools, and some other places. I'm trying to remain calm but alert and informed. Panicking doesn't help anything in my opinion, and hysteria is a bad thing. It's good to be alert and informed about the virus, but panicking isn't a good place to be. I'm especially trying to remain calm because of the temporary closing of my county's mental health center. I've been an emotional wreck/ball of stress, so I was hoping I'd be able to go to the crisis recovery center to be able to get resources for my problems and see my case manager and ask her for help. But I have yet to be able to do anything about my emotional/mental state. But as for how I'm dealing with my self quarantine is a brighter, more cheerful series of answers. ^^ I've been playing video games and writing in my stories, mainly. Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is out and I started playing that last night when it was released at 11pm. (The Digital Version.) I named my island 'Unity' and was questioning whether it was a good name or not, but thinking on it more, staying united in situations like this can often help ease people's fear about things that cause panic. (e.g. the virus) I've also been playing Rune Factory 4 Special for the Switch. I LOVE Rune Factory and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games. I've played Harvest Moon since I was young and the same can be said for Animal Crossing. I got a Gamecube as a kid one Christmas when it came out, and my dad bought me Animal Crossing for the Gamecube to go with it, and I have played so many hours of it, as well as made many happy memories. I still have my original copy of the game that my dad got me years back, too. It's a ball of nostalgic memories and I feel so happy and peaceful whenever I play it. I've played (and loved) every Animal Crossing game except the Wii-U board game type one. I heard it was a disappointing game in the series... I've played all of the Rune Factory games, too! And most of the Harvest Moon series of games. I'm super excited because Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town remake) is coming out confirmed this July! And my b-day's in July, so I'll have a game to look forward to! ^^ I'm so blessed to have the things I do have to keep my mind calm, and I'm so grateful for the things I'm able to do because of those things. I will never take for granted the ability to use the internet so I'm able to talk to my friends. I've have had a migraine for 3 days straight, but it finally started easing up yesterday night. I have been dealing with chronic migraines since I was about 13. I'm turning 29 this year... I get them pretty much every day, sometimes multiple times, but the days I don't have migraines are always little blessings. And I could have a lot worse than what I do, so I'm glad I only have the list of health issues I deal with and not anything worse. My mom beat cancer and has been cancer free for I believe 4-5 years now. She had the treatable kind of Leukemia and conquered the illness like a boss! ^^ One of the best things for me to stay calm is writing. I write my own stories, poems, and sometimes I write Haiku poetry. I started learning how to write Haiku poems when I was in a crisis recovery center, since there was not much to do there when no groups were going on. I wrote a couple while I was there that related to emotional or mental health with the imagery of the words. I also drew a frog and left a message on the picture I thought would help encourage people going through the same kinds of things I was, and the staff put it up by the phone everyone would use to call their family. My friend actually went to the same place about half a year later and told me that the drawing & message I'd done was still up by the phone. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to know that my little artwork and message was helping people enough to stay up on the wall of the commons area for so long. I sometimes wonder if it's still there. ^^ If anybody's interested in reading any of my Haiku poems, let me know! I'd be happy to share! I also wrote a poem for my dad to show him how much he means to me, since he gets discouraged when he can't do things for me. I tell him that my love for him isn't based on what he spends on me or when he treats me to something, and that my love for him is because he's a caring, loving, and wonderful dad, but he doesn't seem to know the extent of how proud I am to have him as my dad and how grateful I am to him for being my dad. I got inspired one night when he seemed a bit down in the dumps and wrote a poem expressing how much he means to me, decorating it and giving it to him either that night or the next day. My mom told me that he couldn't stop talking about the poem and how much he loved it and it meant so much to him. I wasn't sure how much it'd affect him positively, but I know it meant a lot to him because he taped it up to our bathroom's mirror. And I'm so glad I was able to cheer him up and reassure him. Sometimes I still need to reassure him that he doesn't need to do anything extra than being my dad for me to love him, but I think the poem really touched his heart. <3 & Apologies for the wall of text.. I got on a roll writing and kinda rambled a bit, there. ^^;; I hope ya'll are doing well and staying safe & informed! ^^
  3. If this is in the wrong place I apologize, I'm just freaking out and since I have a question I figured it should go in the questions section. I recently used TDN's avatar item lending service and got the avatar. Right away I put the item back up in trades and neomailed the lender to let them know so they could get the item back and I could get my collateral back. I have not heard back from them and I'm worried. Is there anyone I should contact to get my collateral back (and return the item)? Please help!
  4. I hope you get to be part of the Welcoming Committee, Jen! I think you'd be really good at it! I would love to be on the Committee, too, but I have so much going on right now that I don't have time to be in the guild as often as I was. I'm hoping to create a schedule I can work with so I can have spare time to be with our growing TKP family.
  5. I write stories too! Although, like you, I've only completed one of mine... And it was a short story from when I was a kid, so it was terribly written with no realism or logic what-so-ever. ^^;; I do plan to rewrite it in a different way, though. My mom says to look at it as if it's not a terrible story, it's just my first draft. (And I was like, 10 when I wrote it. So thinking with realism and logic wasn't really easy to do. My imagination was more in charge.) I love to read as well, and video games are my favourite. Ironically, most Harvest Moon games are in my top favourites. Except the new ones. We don't speak of those. xD I say Harvest Moon ironically since they're awesome games that all include farming, and you mentioned wanting to start a small farm. It sounds like hard work but that it could also be fun and rewarding!
  6. Welcome back to TDN & Neopets! & the biggest of congrats on the high-score! ^^
  7. No problem! It's nice to meet you too! My neoname is trickkey, but I think I sent you a Neofriend's request already. (Lemme know if I'm mistaken or remembering incorrectly.) And yes! Friends are fun to find and make~! ^^ Nice! I'll be turning 27 on July 2nd. Congrats on the big 20 for you, though! I may be almost 27, but I'm still super psyched for my b-day, hehe! ^^ Yaaay for Neopets Nostalgia! Neo-stalgia...? Hmm... Sounded better in my head. xD And Happy Sunday to you, too! Good day to be on Neo. ^^ Although, what day isn't?
  8. Hey there! Welcome to TDN forums! My name's Rissa! It's super great to meetcha. I haven't posted much yet, but I love making new friends. I'd love to add you on Neo! ^-^ I'd be really glad to be friends and maybe be able to help out. You know you can have up to 5 Pets now? (6 if you have Premium.) It's great! Especially since I enjoy Neopets enough to have Premium. I'd be happy to help out if I can. I found a wonderful bunch of friends after returning, and I'm in an amazing guild called The Kindness Project. ^-^ Hiya! I got the same nostalgia wave when I got the message from Neopets about the pet limit raised to 5... or 6 with premium. I was instantly back into my memories and it's great! I'm looking for friends, too! Would love to be your Neofriend, too! ^-^ I've had the same experience! I'm 26 & shameless with my love for Neopets. There shouldn't be a "right" or "wrong" age to play Neo. We're all enjoying the same site, and we're all having fun. ^-^
  9. My friend showed me this video and it's just... so sweet and cute and pure and I love it! (And it's clean, adorable fun to listen to. ^^) Enjoy, my friends ^-^ The Egg Song It makes me smile everytime I hear it. ^-^ EDIT: I almost forgot about this video. It's fun and pretty much sums up Popplio & Litten if they were to get into a contest on who would be best. Heh. I can picture Rowlet in the background being like: "Uhh.. Guys..? I still exist." Anything You Can Do (Pokemon Animatic)
  10. For anyone who hasn't created theirs yet, Lutari are available to create now! I just made mine. ^-^ I'm painting her either White, Striped or Rainbow. I love their look as Rainbow Lutari. But I can't decide...
  11. I can't wait either! I'm super excited! I keep refreshing to see if they're able to be made. Lol! Is there a specific time they'll be able to be create-able? Do you know?
  12. This is .... AWESOME! I wish it had happened sooner, but better late than never, am I right? ^-^ Glad to see some good change!
  13. Hiya! Glad you've joined us on TDN and returned to Neo! It's lovely to make your acquaintance! You're definitely among your people. My name's Larissa but I go by Rissa. I'm 26 yrs old and I returned to Neopets when I got an e-mail from Neopets and found out you can have 5 pets now. (Or 6 with Premium! Which I have again.) I have known of TDN's main site for years, but just recently noticed that there was a "TDN Forums" option. I feel silly. I mean, I am a goofball, but ... it took me so long to notice that button link to the forums here! That's a different kind of silly, ha! I remember when The Altador plot first started and I STUNK at the game that came with it. I'm terrible at most of the games on Neo. :c I remember when the SDB avi was SO POPULAR! And when 450k for a FULL Secret Laboratory Map set was expensive. Now they're 1.8million at the lowest. xD You're a Marine? Marines are so tough and strong! I've heard the training to be one is REALLY rough. But... Thank you for going through that training and serving to protect. You're very brave and selfless to put your life on the line to protect the country. I made it my goal a long time ago to thank those in the military, firefighters, police, and especially Veterans. People who are constantly putting their country first don't hear enough thanks for doing what they're doing. So, from me to you: Thank you! You're an inspiration to me. I've always wanted to serve, but with my health issues, I wouldn't be accepted/able to handle it. It takes a strong and brave person to go into the military, or any of the careers that put their safety second. Back to Neopets, though: I'm in an awesome guild called The Kindness Project, and I dunno if you've found a guild yet, but TKP is such a great guild. I joined and was instantly welcomed as if I'd been there the whole time. It was the warmest welcome I've ever received. And everyone there is so sweet, friendly, generous and kind. If you'd like an active and friendly guild to join, The Kindness Project is always an option for ya. Also, I'd love to add you as a Neofriend and talk more! Would you mind? You could even add me, if you'd prefer. Either way, I'd love to talk more. I remember I was collecting anything and everything rainbow when I was collecting gallery items back in the day. I changed my gallery to a Nostalgia themed one. ^^ As for socks... Argyle socks would be a poor choice. They're awesome but they can cost more than wine. ;P
  14. Yep! I found out because my account is signed up for Neopet's News. And so I got the e-mail announcing it, which drew me back into the site and nostalgia took over from there. :) & Yeah! I have 6 pets because I got Premium again. If you can afford it, and you're on neo a lot... it's truly worth it. In my opinion at least. ^-^ You get a Space Faerie Scratchcard every Friday, the Super Shop Wizard, and a whole bunch of bonuses! It's worth it if you're on Neo quite a bit and has lots of surprises. And oh, woo! Glad you're using Trudy's Gift thing. Make sure to try to get it done once a day. Twice now, after spinning the wheel for a week or two every day, I've had it give out 100k as a prize! It's so great when that happens. ^-^ & I saw you joined TKP! I'm super happy you did. I think you'll really love it in the guild! ^-^ & No prob, Bob! I love making new friends and helping people out. Especially helping my new friends out. <3
  15. Hiya! Welcome back to the world of Neopets! I came back a few months ago after the announcement for ability to have a 5th Neopet! (or 6th, if you have Premium.) Luckily, I had been kind-of, sort-of on every now and then before the announcement. Now I'm on EVERY DAY! I'm in a super awesome guild called TKP: The Kindness Project. I've never had a warmer welcome from a guild or group of people than when I joined here and was invited to take a look at the guild after I had posted my introduction thread on here. I had the warmest, friendliest welcome when I posted my introduction on here, and I love the friendly community vibe I feel when I'm on here or in the guild. I'd love to add you as a friend on Neopets! I'll send you a request! And I'd really recommend joining The Kindness Project guild on Neo! Such a loving, friendly, open, welcoming guild. I've made many friends already, there. Here's a little link to the Neopets guild itself, in case you'd like to join. The Kindness Project Neopets Guild <-- This is a link to the guild's front page. It's no pressure if you find a different guild you want to join, but I think you'd really have a wonderful time in TKP (The Kindness Project.) Everyone is so kind and generous. We have a Dream Pet program, and a "Guild Lab Zappers" area as well. I'm one of the official zappers for TKP. But if you have a Dream Pet, even if you don't join the guild, lemme know! I can put you on the Dream Pet Seekers list. ^-^ Also, I'm sending you a full map for being able to access "Forgotten Shores". You can get NP or items randomly (it's a daily, but sometimes you don't find anything) when you go to the Forgotten Shore on Krawk Island. You can get up to 5k NP and some cool items. I found a Pirate Techo Morphing Potion there today!) So, I'm just sending you a lil' help to get started with earning NP. Admittedly, I stink at most of the games and try to sell stuff instead. Trudy's Box has been SUCH an AWESOME help each day to get NP! I'll send you a friend request on Neo, now! It's the same username as on here. Trickkey. If you make a junk trade on the site and let me know, I'll give you the Forgotten Shore pieces. I have more than one of each piece. And I love to share cheer. ^-^ EDIT: I put up three trades for ya! I hope they find you well! Here's the link to your prezzies! My Neopets Trades for MilkyMamaBear
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