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  1. My husband and I lost a very dear friend and neighbor this week. He died of Stage IV Pancreatic cancer at the age of 58 after a very short four month battle. The thing is only four people in this world knew that he had this horrible disease. He was very sick and in a lot of pain but he hid it. He didn't want people to be worried about him. He didn't want people to be sad. Whenever we asked, he had a little medical "thing" but it wasn't a big deal. That was how he was - generous and always making sure other people were taken care of. We didn't know he was as sick as he was. He d
  2. I really like the outfit! My Lutari Tikka would look great in that.
  3. I am so glad to finally have this avatar. Putting in the joke is so tedious!
  4. So I did a little more research and went to NeoJelly. Using filters, I checked all the jellies that you get from the Giant Jelly. Both my husband and I have gotten all the types listed. I've been playing for 16 years (he's been playing for 10) but for a while, I used a side account instead of my main. My side is only about 4 years old or so. So I would say this myth is busted! Edit to add: Both my hubby and I got a stone jelly today. I used my main pet (which is the age of my main account) and he used one of his pets that he made about a month ago.
  5. So I just poked around the Neoboards and others are reporting the same thing - stuck in a loop getting the same jelly for days. On another note, one player was saying that depending on your active pet/age of pet/account, you only get certain jellys? It's the first I've heard of that.
  6. The Lever of Doom make my eye twitch. Every day, I spent exactly 1000 Neopoints in the hopes of the avatar. Still nothing... *eye twitches*
  7. I get this one today and it went straight into my album:
  8. Look at what I managed to get today!
  9. We have some of the console versions but I've got two teenage boys so I rarely am able to get on them. I'll have to check out Steam to see if they have them on there.
  10. I got Littlewood after watching Lady Shelab play it on Youtube. She plays a lot of the games I like. If there are going to be lots of spoilers, I may watch one or two episodes just to get a feel for the game to see if I like the mechanics. I wish we could get an open sandbox game of Tamriel! My husband would never see me again. LOL What would be even cooler is having both single player and multiplayer options. I would love to run around Tamriel with my husband but I get annoyed with MMOs. I keep eyeballing the LotR MMO because running around Middle Earth is just fantastic but then
  11. Welcome to the board! I'm a huge Elder Scrolls player. I still have Skyrim on my pc as we speak, modded of course. I really haven't checked out the ES MMO. I'm kinda meh/burnt out on MMOs. My favorite in the series is still Morrowind. I play a lot of Sims 2 (when I'm not redoing my downloads folder like now), Minecraft, and a lot of farming/survival games like Stardew Valley or My Time at Portia.
  12. Sammy's hair looks fabulous as usual. The Doctor Roo poster is brilliant.
  13. I don't have any of the avatars yet so I was quite pleased.
  14. It really does give off a Winnie the Pooh vibe. I agree the dress isn't working but the background is so perfect.
  15. Black Bery is a pound pet that I've been zapping with the lab ray. He just turned into a Stealthy Eyrie today. I'm not sure if someone would really like him so I thought I'd ask before he goes back to being zapped daily. I'd really like to trade for an Avie pet but I will trade for a lab ray pet with a decent enough name (so that I can adopt/trade them later). The petpet in the stats is not included but the clothes will be. I will keep the trade open until April 7th. You can PM here if you are interested. For Avies I need: (I'd prefer painted for the avie but I'm cool wi
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