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  1. Yeah I ended up going with the cheaper stocks in the end, I can't be bothered with restocking most of the time anyway.
  2. Yay! Not sure what boon to pick now, hm... stocks would be a nice easy way to save 5k per day, but Black Market Goods also seems interesting...
  3. Seems to be fixed now, I finally got a different jelly: Also, Trudy's surprise is fixed! No more 4 different objects every day for me, hooray! That's an even bigger deal since I was losing out on up to 1.5k per day and the old-layout page wasn't randomising either.
  4. Decided to swap to a different pet for a while, since this guy has been sitting around as a boring base colour for a while; started out as a Uni and got zapped to a Bruce. Kinda hoping for an Ice zap now...
  5. Seems like the Neopet Balthazar is currently a invisible Uni with the Looming Balthazar Shadow wearable... pretty clever! Unfortunately the owner's account has been frozen
  6. Ooh, the elderly base colour looks really good! Though I gotta agree I'm not a fan of the female paintbrush clothes - especially considering the shirt, jacket, and scarf are one item, so you can't even separate them to match with something a bit less clashing. The Balthazar-inspired outfit is pretty cool though.
  7. Thank you all for the votes, and congrats to the other winners Some creative entries here!
  8. Apparently she did: Also I really need to take a look at what other easy-to-get avatars I'm missing
  9. Remembered to play some games at the start of the month
  10. 2 pets picking the same food? That's nuts!
  11. Or perhaps he has become self-aware of his own status as a digital construct... the AI uprising is nearly at hand.
  12. Picked up these two today: ETA:
  13. More NeoQuestin' today! ...She will allow you to take a dip in the Rainbow Fountain! Now I just need to think of a paint-job I actually want... hmm... Also this happened:
  14. Decided to play some NeoQuest II
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