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  1. another species change for Four today
  2. No gross food this time, hooray!
  3. Kinda surprised I actually remembered to collect every day this year, since I'm not very active on Neo at the moment.
  4. Nah, predates that by quite a while. Just an offshoot of the surreal meme "subgenre" that gained more widespread popularity.
  5. Taking advantage of the fact that the selection is saved now:
  6. Back to zapping Four again, and another colour change:
  7. This was a few days ago, but: Finally got an appropriate zap for Sugar!
  8. Here's my final results: Met my personal goal of reaching All-Star, did not meet the goal of enjoying any of the support games enough to play them more than a handful of times or being any good at them
  9. Just had to rub it in didn't ya All I know is we were 12th in the standings after the last round robin matches. Not sure if we were bumped down for some reason or the ranking was displayed inaccurately in the first place. Anyway, good to see we've been steamrolling the finals - assuming the last match against MI was a win as well, I think that should show that we weren't undeserving of a middle bracket spot! I haven't been contributing to it as much as I hoped - combination of less motivation to rank after reaching All-Star and preoccupation with other stuff led to only maxing YYB on one day and a few days where I barely played at all. But great job y'all!
  10. We made it to the middle bracket, good work everyone! Hope y'all ready to go hard in the finals.
  11. Can confirm the scores are showing on the correct side now. As for the scores themselves, well... this is the best I've had so far. Scoring has definitely become a lot more difficult in the new version! I'm not bothered by the extra challenge as such, but less goals = longer games. Not happy about having to spend even more time to max every day.
  12. I've had a few 14-goalers: Unfortunately the score display is bugged when playing on the right side, so it just looks like I've been losing really badly
  13. Not bad, Maractite Yurble actually looks quite cool! Might keep him like this for a while and zap someone else for a change.
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