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  1. The new versions are so weird and I've been so busy lately so I don't have time to get adapt to them... Guess I'd just skip this year AC See if I can get to Rank 1
  2. I must say that I really hate this new template I am playing Neopets a lot less now due to the inconvenience ._.
  3. Finally my pets aren't getting gross food this month!
  4. I don't have the avie for the Order of the Red Erisim yet, so I hope they'd win!
  5. Welcome to August everyone!! My Kougra loves gross food huh? It's like at least three consecutive months already...
  6. Obelisk Team Last Win Win % Prediction Awakened 5 rounds ago 32% 30% Brute Squad 3 rounds ago 26% 20% The Sway 4 rounds ago 50% 49% Prediction is The Sway again But given it predicted wrongly last time, maybe I'd go with the Awakened instead XD
  7. Agreed. Didn't expect the ice colour to be so nicely done. I mean in the past they'd merely change the colour into light blue and that's it. But this time they've added finer details like the sharp edges, really make the whole thing stands out!
  8. The new colour is very underwhelming... Not a fan of the new costume either...
  9. Wow that's quite weird... Ok maybe I'd trust the guide and go with the Sway...
  10. I never knew that these cupcakes would increase my pet's stat. Have stocked up quite a few of these in my SDB throughout the years. Perhaps it's time for a cupcake party for my BD pet lol.
  11. The new colour is very underwhelming to me The new outfit is okay, but kinda weird that the trousers got 2 legs in the picture but when Flotsam wears it there's only one; and the same problem for the shoes
  12. I'd love to see a plot allowing Faerieland to return to the skies! It has fallen for over a decade now, and it doesn't really make sense if Fyora is THAT powerful... But I also love how earthy the current Faerieland is so I wish they'd keep a "ruins" like what they did in Maraqua (Too much imagination tonight lol) Ok back to the prizes, I love how most of them are animated this year!
  13. Btw wonder why they used the old colour pattern (purple+pink instead of pink+green) for the Team Faerieland Gym Bag A hint that Faerieland will soon rise back to the skies? Or just another mistake?
  14. omg that's insane! shocked to see such a high number of AS players :0 and wow DC is the biggest team!
  15. A bit shocked that Kiko Lake won! Thought it was a sure win for Meridell! Glad that DC came fourth! We were almost there! Well done guys! Feel like I will have a hard time picking the right prizes as I don't have much points to spare. The Staff Tournament prizes, on the other hand, are much easier to choose as I am not interested in any of those Stress Balls. Struggling if I should spend the remaining 1425 points on 1425 Comfort Rock Companions to prepare for CC, but I don't wanna press the same button for 1425 times.
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