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  1. @Yuiina That looks really cute and yummy! I would gobble that Jubjub right up! I totally would have voted for it.
  2. Today`s category is Best Premium Collectible - a bit of an odd choice since these items are only given out to Premium members, though they`re NC and can be traded/gifted.. I`m Premium, so I have them all. I voted for the Castle In The Sky Background, but I also really like the scarf. It's like you just shared your opinion with all of Neopia! Oh, wait. You did. Nice. Depressed Potato ...Okay then.
  3. LOL! Yeah, I totally should have entered with this one, oh well. At least I get to show it off here! Looking forward to seeing/guessing what you`ve come up with this round. 馃槈
  4. Relic isn`t an exciting colour, in my opinion, only a couple of pets have gotten nice designs (Korbat and Peophin, for example) and I keep waiting for TNT to do something different with a Relic pet for once. The Relic Lenny is quite nice, I like the details of the moss and the cracks, and I like that the base it`s standing on isn`t as large, round and flat as some other Relics. The tail I honestly thought was a glitch at first, but looking at it again, I realize it`s meant to be flowers, not feathers. I kind of feel like it`s a nice touch, as it does fit into the Lennys natural design - but I mostly think it looks distracting. The outfit is fine, I`m not really a fan of sporty looks.
  5. My alternate entries for the Valentines round! Sweet and romantic, pretty straightforward: I soooo wanted to enter with this one, but I chose to go with something a bit more.. classical. lol Totally love this idea though. She is not Chocolate, but this is how I dressed my Peophin up for Valentines Day. I considered doing an identical entry (only with a Chocolate Neopet).
  6. Sent in my entry! 馃檪 I also made a humerous one that I`ll post in the Alternative Entries thread.. Looking forward to seeing the sweet and yummy entries! Good luck to all!
  7. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to those who voted for me! 馃檪 I know I took a chance with basing my entry on an episode of Moomin, lol, but I wasn`t feeling inspired so I ended up with something basic rather than something cool. But that`s okay! 馃槈
  8. Daily Dare gets my vote today, it`s my favourite annual event. 馃檪
  9. Marble is really cute, so bright and pink! The outfit is nice, the bow is really cute, though I don`t think the sandals go that well with the rest.
  10. The LOTR entry isn`t mine, but I can see the purpose of most of the items, such as the backpack, food and hairy feet - they all fit right in. The ring turns the wearer invisible. Check. (Except for the feet in this customizations case). I think it looks cool how you can see the ring, even if wouldn`t be visible in the book/movie. The animated effects, Swirl of Power and Curse of Strength look a bit odd in a still image -the animated version is better, if a bit flashy. Now, judging by the descriptions of the effects: "The power to transform into a hero," and "Power always comes at a price," it`s clear why they were chosen. If I were to make a Frodo/Bilbo customization myself, I would have gone with a visible pet, but that wasn`t the challenge in this round. 馃槈 It`s a fun idea, I just think it looks better/cleaner without the animated effects.
  11. Watermelon Jetsam (very rare) Worth about 80k! 馃檪 Congratulations on your lucky coffee there, jellysundae! Love the description on it
  12. I edited my post to avoid double posting. 馃檪
  13. You know what they say, great minds think alike! 馃槈 (In Norwegian we say "two souls, one thought.") New category today: Best Species Specific Outfit! Mermaid Flotsam Candy Ruki Gnorbu Snowbeast Witch Eyrie It was a hard choice for me between the Ruki and the Eyrie but I ended up voting for the Witch outfit, despite the broom looking a bit strange hovering beside it. I really appreciate the wings that came with the set and the dress is a fantastic stand-alone item.
  14. Thank you for the reminder! Today I voted for the Oil Paint Peophin, I think it looks beautiful. The Mosaic Grarrl looks really lovely as well though, so it was a hard choice. I`m not a fan of the Origami colour, and though I like Steampunk, the Blumaroo just didn`t get my vote.
  15. I am excited for the Valentine`s Day stuff! Looking forward to the Sweetheart Grams, I wonder which themes they`ll do this year. Hoping for some pretty things. 馃檪 I`m also interested in seeing what they release for Jhudora Day tomorrow. I`m an Illusen fan/supporter, but Jhudora has some neat stuff..
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