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  1. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes into a Blue Lupe!!
  2. The Water Poogle looks stunning, so different from the other Water pets. For a moment I thought it might be Marble. The outfit is nice, I don`t like the spike on the helmet but otherwise it looks quite pretty. Ornate indeed! Shenkuuvian-inspired, I am guessing.
  3. That outfit made me say "Well, hello Jafar" out loud, lol! It just made me think of the live-action version of Jafar from Aladdin, haha! I do agree that it could have been a Royal outfit! Not a fan of Skeiths or Stealthy, but it`s a solid colour that always seem to have effort put into it. I really, really love and appreciate that they`ve broken the outfit up into many different pieces - of the details of the outfit I like the protection on the tail spikes and the wings. The pattern on the trousers looks odd, like they have been sewn together. it looks like large seams to me.
  4. kitschy So tacky or lame that is has a certain ironic appeal. Hmm, now to come up with an entry... Edit: Sent in my entry now, I was kind of drawing a blank, so I just put together something that was very mis-match and ugly, lol!
  5. There are some good ideas in here, but overall it`s a disappointment. In regards of the colour scheme, I would have preferred it if they stuck to purple and green instead of putting pink in the mix too. (Although the green feathers around the neck look like leaves to me). I like the three eyes and the large beak, I also like the talons - I do wish the feathers covered the legs all the way. Why does it have braids - does it have hair?? The tentacles are what bother me the most, particularly the placement on the body, if you know what I mean. I get that they were trying to do something with the tail, but the tentactles should not have been part of it at all, it clashes with the rest of the body and just looks weird. For me, a couple of changes would have made this a better Mutant pet.
  6. Congratulations to the winners, well deserved! Thank you to those who voted for me, I appreciate it! Good luck to all in the next round.
  7. Total Prize Points Earned: 12,227 I am hoping for a gold trophy this year, I have two bronze and one silver, so a gold one would be super! I`m guessing lots of people donated less this year due to not liking the prizes or the Sticky Snowballs being worthless now. I have some more junk to throw away, so maybe I`ll end up breaking 13k points.
  8. Ooh, that Steampunk Techo is amazing, I love it! I really like the ones that have a mix of clothes and metal, they pulled it off beautifully here. The outfit is great - apart from the hat that completely clashes with everything else, mostly due to the colour. It would have been better suited for a Poet costume or something.. I do really like the outfit though, nice detail!
  9. The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes colour to Christmas!! Aww, cute! A little early.. but cute!
  10. It wasn`t easy deciding on which direction to go for this round, but I am very pleased with how my entry turned out. The others are so fun and creative, you guys always have such good ideas!
  11. I sent in my entry now, very pleased with it! I had some trouble coming up with an entry, wasn`t sure what to do with it, but very happy with the final outcome. Looking forward to seeing everyones entries!
  12. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and he changes colour to White!!
  13. I think the Marble Draik looks great, it`s so striking and unique! I hope we get more pets that are based on marble stone as well as the glass toy marbles. I do really hope they keep the Draik unique, though, it`s so fun when certain species stand out in a colour. The outfit is nice, I like the mix of purple and black/white, just not a fan of the shoes and the wig, but I love the jacket and trousers and the beard is nice too.
  14. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to the ones who voted for me!
  15. This month I am looking forward to Draik Day.. excited to see their new colour, even though I don`t own any Draiks, but I`m not a fan of Poogle, Techo or Skeith, so that`s the only pet day this month I really care about, haha! Otherwise I am hoping for a Chocolate Poogle.. or Chocolate Eyrie or Chocolate Moehog for the Chocolate Ball this year! Also looking forward to the Faerie Festival, hoping for any items related to Earth Faeries for my gallery.
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