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  1. OMG, so many! *squeal* This is going to be such an exciting round! There`s such a great variety here, so many good ideas! Nr 12, congratulations on making that Ona facepaint look good! I think my favourites are 4, (I love The Lion King!!) 8 (The Corpse Bride is great too) 12 and 13.. but everyone`s entries look great, honestly. You guys amaze me with your creativity and talent for customizing.
  2. I beat AAA in Kiko Match II today, my third AAA victory, yay!
  3. Jellyneo's game guide for Gwyl's Great Escape includes a password for a secret level where you can collect gems, practice the controls and earn extra points. After completing this secret level, I just needed to get through level one in order to beat Abigail's score. Open the game, and click on Continue Game. In the white bar, type in gwylsgreatestescapeever and you'll enter the secret level. JN also has an image guide for this level so you know the best route to collect all the gems. This is of course useful for those trying to beat AAA too, as completing the secret level gives you a nice score boost to start out with. Once you complete the secret level, you'll be taken to level one and can continue earning more points.
  4. I was able to beat Abigail in Caves and Corridors. The controls are really clunky, and it`s so lame that Jake can`t jump over the rocks.
  5. Beat Abigail today, got both her prize and the release day prize. Thankfully the glitch is fixed, I was worried I wouldn`t make it before it got too late.
  6. I went with Abigail again today, I`ve already beaten AAA in two games, so I`ve secured my silver trophy. 🙂 I think the Elderly Hassee looks kinda gross, it`s all shriveled.. I get that that is the intention, but I feel the other Elderly petpets we have look more charming.
  7. Thanks for clarifying! I want to keep my entry the way it is, I`m happy with it, hehe. 🙂
  8. lol who knows, we might! I wonder what @Nielo does with similar/identical entries? Great minds think alike, you know! 😉
  9. I have submitted my entry, I got an idea immediately and just went with it, lol. I`m curious to see if anyone else used those same items.
  10. Yay, petpets! It`ll be fun to see what cute entries we`ll have in this round. EDIT: Just wanted to remind everyone that you can find more petpet related items by searching for specific petpet species. Meepit, Faellie, Polarchuck, Beekadoodle, Doglefox, Noil, Warf and Kadoatie all have at least one item featuring them.
  11. Congratulations to the winners, it was a fun round with all the great entries! 🙂 I was pleased with my Coconut Jubjub costum - thanks to those who voted for me!
  12. I hate Sophies Stew, so I went with Abigail on that one, which only took me two tries. Barf Boat is pretty awful, I have somehow managed to score over 400 in that game int the past - don`t ask me how, lol. I considered going for AAA today based on my old high score, but ended up with Abigail. I`m too impatient to spend lots of time trying for a good score over and over again. I get that it`s meant to be a challenge, but there should also be an element of fun and enjoyment.
  13. I like the shiny plastic look of Toy, and the mix of blue and green colours. I did see someone post somewhere about a Toy Blumaroo should have a spring for a tail, that would have been more fitting. I bet Toy would have been amazing in the old art style, now that they`re limited by static poses, it also limits the artwork. Steampunk is really cool overall, though it reminds me a bit of Robot, and I don`t get why there are tubes going into its nose. I wish more Steampunk pets looked like the Hissi and Gelert, where we could see the eyes properly and a bit of the face, makes them look less like a machine.
  14. Hoping for a Mutant Vandagyre for Mutant Day!
  15. I beat Abigail in Bumble Beams today, I thought AAA`s score was too high, so I didn`t bother.
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