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  1. I`m very happy about Illusen being featured in two of the prizes from the Staff Tournament prize shop, haha! I just play a few games to get a participation medal for my userlookup, I`ve never been into the AC event.
  2. I am especially looking forward to Peophin Day this month, really hoping for something great, like Steampunk or Burlap!
  3. I`m not a fan of Origami, and the gross shade of green does not help... The outfit is really nice, I like the big, poofy chef hat and I really appreciate that they`ve separated the clothes in different items, such as the necktie being on its own.
  4. My issue with the Steampunk Koi are the bright, garish colours. Why the orange?? Ew. The bits of green is fine, but together it doesn`t look nice at all. Not sure if the artist had inspiration from old fashioned diver suits - a missed opportunity if not. The outfit is lovely, I love the skirt, the wig is beautiful and the makeup really, really compliments the Kois face. Very well done!
  5. Wow, Mosaic looks great, almost like it`s covered in gems/jewels rather than painted tiles. It`s just something about the texture of the pet, it looks sharp, bumpy and pointy. Nothing bad, just very detailed and frankly impressive! The clothes are nice, it feels great to see some modern, male clothing, something general. The size of the hat is a bit too much, though.
  6. Oil Paint looks beautiful, I love how the paint follows the lines and shapes of the body. I also love the eyes. The mermaid outfit is really cute, I just wish they had chosen a different colour for the wig. Yeah, I get the ocean reference like seaweed, but green hair is so offputting for me.
  7. The Woodland Kau is really cute, it`s a pretty standard look for the colour, I really like the dark shade of the flowers, they look very natural and "earthy." The green horns and vines/stalks are a nice touch. The surfer look is a bit mixed for me, I love the surfboard and the wig. I also like the shorts, but don`t feel they match the overall look, and I don`t like the glasses or the pattern on the shirt.
  8. Jubjubs are hard to dress in my opinion due to their small. round bodies. I feel clothing looks oddly shaped or squashed on them. Here the artist has clearly focused on the head, with the helmet and the hat, they`re nice pieces that grab your attention. I really like the shoes as well.
  9. Yaaas finally a new Chocolate pet! I think it looks really nice and yummy, I really like that the cream isn`t spilling or dripping, it follows the headshape nicely. The piped icing adds nice detail. The artist outfit is something we`ve seen several times before, but it looks nice and I especially like the beret (if that`s what it`s called in English) the hat. It can be used with different outfits as well.
  10. Swamp Gas isn`t exactly an exciting colour, but it`s nicely drawn for what it is. Now, the outfit is great, it`s so pompous, frilly, and over the top, how can you not love it? The only weird thing is that there are no shoes or gloves. With a different pair of trousers you can create a more serious, regal look if you wish, so you have the option of going silly or proper depending on your mood.
  11. I`m finally back in action and ready to enter the Runway once again! I have been taking a little break, but now I`ve made an entry and am ready to submit!
  12. I love these!! I would have loved to enter, but unfortunately I was out of town for the past few days and was unable to put together an entry in time. Arrgh! But I love what you guys have done with the theme, you clearly had fun with it!
  13. I made sure to get one of each ID, looking forward to seeing the next stages, and the bonus of course.
  14. I like the base colours chosen for Toy, but echo the opinion of the majority on the eyes - hate them. I also think Toy is such a wasted idea in the new art style, just think of how adorable they would have looked back when the artwork was varied and had character... The Lenny could have looked like a rubber ducky, the Uni a rocking horse, etc.. Sigh. In this style, with the set poses, the pets look shiny and plastic-y with some holes here and there, but that`s it. The outfit is nice, in my opinion. The snowflake pattern is very common in Norway, lol. The tights/pants are a bit busy for my taste, and the whole outfit together is a bit much all at once - I think it would look better if you break it up and combine it with other pieces. The mittens and scarf are my favourites, the earmuffs are just.. why? lol
  15. Marble looks a lot like Striped, but it does look quite good. I think it would look nice customized. The eye is more orange-y and warm in tone compared to the standard yellow they normally have. Not bad, just different. That outfit is awesome, I love it! I also appreciate that the sword and leg brace things are separate items, allowing for more variation in customization. It got lots of detail, it`s shiny, I love it. I do agree with Yuiina that the helmet could have been a bit bigger, but other than that I give this outfit a big thumbs up!
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