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  1. Sent in my entry! I was inspired by the natural look of a certain Woodland Neopet and ended up with a simple but pretty entry, in my opinion.
  2. Thank you to those who voted for me, and congratulations to the winners!
  3. The entries are varied, and the voting so far is really close! Fun! Good luck to all!
  4. The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes colour to Maraquan!! Nice!
  5. Ooh, I`d love to get the Rubber Ducky & Bubbles Mobile, I`ll send over a Bath Toy Foreground to you now. You can send the mobile to aleu1986 please. Thanks a lot! Congratulations! Your gift has been delivered to selfbetrayal. You will receive a Neomail updating you on the status of your gift within 48 hours. Thank you.
  6. The Desert Vandagyre is beautiful, I love the eye makeup and the base colour in general, and the clothes are so well done! A gorgeous Desert pet. Love it. The outfit is nice, I like the colours, I just don`t like how the hat is concealing half it`s eyes. But overall a solid pet day for Vandagyres this year! Since we got Mutant earlier, I thought we might get a basic/bland colour for their pet day, since there are so many colours they still need, so Desert (a clothed colour) was a very nice surprise, and beautifully done!
  7. The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes colour to Desert!! Nice!
  8. Bath Toy Foreground. I didn`t even want that one.
  9. I have a Baby Zafara, and I love the new items, it`s so fun that they`re themed around bath time. I opened a few caps with my last NC, and of course I got 3 of the same item, plus 3 others, including the bottle. I might buy some more NC, or just trade for the rest..
  10. Oh, I forgot that we already had one! It looks pretty good, definitely better than the outfit version, ha!
  11. As a colour, Sponge is pretty boring and pointless to me, they looked cool and unique before the conversion, but the yellow ones always look like cheese to me. The outfit... uhm.. *stifles giggles* I literally asked "What the hell is that?" out loud to myself when I opened the News today, it took me a second to figure out if it was clothes or a new paint brush colour, haha! In my opinion, they should have done a Tyrannian Pteri (they did make a Tyrannian Grarrl after all) rather than making a clothing set that`s supposed to be in a Tyrannian style, yet matches nothing of what we`ve alread
  12. This is my alternative entry for the Magnificent Meercas round:
  13. Sent in my entry! Will post an alternative entry as well. I wasn`t sure what to do, and didn`t feel very creative, lol.
  14. Cool! Meerca is a species I`ve never owned, but they look much better post-conversion, the new artwork suits them better, though I do find them a bit hard to dress. Looking forward to seeing everyones entries!
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