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  1. The Mosaic Elephante is beautiful! I like that there is a consistent theme/pattern, though I do too agree that it can be a bit much. With that said, I feel like Mosaic is a colour meant to stand out rather than to be covered up with clothing. The blacksmith outfit is really good, I like these outfits based on characters and look forward to which one they will do next.
  2. Yay, Kaus are so cute! Looking forward to seeing everyone`s entries!
  3. Congratulations to the winners, and good luck to all in the next round! Thank you to those who voted for me, I appreciate it!
  4. This Buzz definitely looks like a school bully, I think it`s the chin, lol. My immediate thought was of Mutant also, but I know we already have one. I wonder if it`s based on a type of prehistoric insect, or dragonfly or something? I gotta say it looks cool, they really made an effort with this one. Edit: I found on JellyNeo that it`s actually based on an old unreleased design: The Lampwick outfit is really cute!
  5. YES! This is the type pf Candy pet we want! Thank you, TNT! I love the mane, it looks so fluffy and delicious, and the swirly colours, oh my goodness! The little pink poof on the tail, so cute! I also wish the eye was more "normal," but other than that, I think it looks great and is a very nice addition to the colour. The Wise Gnorbu is based on the Gnorbu in the Lunar Temple, a very decent outfit.
  6. It`s fun to see an outfit based on Corbin (which is in turn based on Sam Winchester from the TV series Supernatural) I wish the wig restricted the Ogrin`s big, spiky mane, though. The Royal Ogrins both look gorgeous, I also like the base colours, especially on the male, it`s such a unique look. I saw someone comment on JellyNeo that the colours reminded them of an Okapi, and I agree! I also agree with @Secre that the outfit for both (the girl in particular) is a bit cluttered, they have a lot going on. With that said, I`m super happy with both of them and think they look fantastic overall. I also just noticed that the girl has the same pattern on her trousers that the boy has on his shawl. A nice touch.
  7. I remember the pattern from marbles I had as a kid, the ones with leopard-like spots on them, and the choice of pattern makes sense on a feline species like the Aisha. While I think the colouring and pattern look nice on the ears and face, the pattern on the body look strange and made me think of Transparent, to me at first glance it made me think of a skeleton/bones... I think if they had gone with the spots on the legs.. that is, put those over the rest of the body (though not so much on the head and face) it would have looked nicer. This is not a nice Marble pet in my eyes. The Queen/Princess Amira outfit is gorgeous, but I do really wish, time and time again, that outfits would be broken into more separate pieces, such as here with the jewelry. The back legs and tail get separate pieces, the front legs and neck do not... Sigh.
  8. Happy New Year to all! January is my birthday month, so I`m naturally excited for that!
  9. Sent in my entries now, good luck everyone! Looking forward to seeing that people have come up with.
  10. Love the Kell/Dean outfit, I was so excited about the Supernatural-themed event a few years ago! The Pastel Wocky is cute, but quite bland. It just looks like a paler version of an ordinary Wocky.
  11. Congratulations to the other winners, and thanks very much to those who voted for my Mr. Tumnus, yay for fellow Narnia fans! Good luck to all in the next round!
  12. I read in the comment section on JellyNeo that this is based on an extinct type of penguin. which is a cool idea... I think the artist should have taken a second look at this and considered doing some tweaks or changes. I get that they`re basing it off a real-life animal, and want to be true to that, but... Yeah, I`m not really a fan of this Tyrannian Bruce. It`s mostly the ridiculous, over-the-top eyebrows. and the eyes that are so different from the regular Bruce. Though I don`t know how good it would have looked with the small, black eyes on this Bruce. Overall, I think Tyrannian as a colour is a very mixed bag, and this is one of them that falls flat for me I can`t tell what the bow is made of... Leather? Bark? Rope? Someone on JN also suggested that the bow should have been a bone, I love that idea! The outfit looks fantastic, though I don`t think we need more wizard/magician type outfits, this is another cosplay one, and the items can easily be used in other types of customizations, I especially love the cape/robe, it looks so regal!
  13. The Xandra outfit is really cool, I am enjoying these "cosplay" outfits! I feel like the Stealthy Xweetok is referencing a character or something, I`m not familiar with it if that is the case. The mask honestly looks like a cat, and with all the layers of clothing you can barely tell it`s supposed to be a Xweetok. I think the clothes look fine, it`s just a little much for my taste, I would have preferred something a bit more simple.
  14. Ooh, another Steampunk pet! I like that they gave this one a feminine look, as Usuls are percieved as "girly" pets. There`s lots of great detail here, I adore the that, though I think the spikes on one of the goggles is a bit much, I don`t understand the purpose of them, it must hurt the poor Usuls paws when they take the goggles off, lol. I like that you can see part of the pet through the outfit (like the face, paws and ears) as I prefer to be reminded that Steampunk pets aren`t machines or robots. Like others have mentioned, I too find the tail cover to be a strange choice, not sure if covering the tail completely would have been better, and leaving the tail with nothing would have looked too bland, so... middle ground, I guess? The Hannah outfit is really cute, I believe we already have a Hannahs Collectors Coat (or something) but cool to have an outfit for Usuls specifially.
  15. Lucielin Peppermint Pizza So cute, and so in-season, lol! This month I am of course very excited about the Advent Calendar, and Stocking Stufftacular!
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