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  1. My Abigail entry that I considered entering with. ? An Abigail entry I made just for fun. My alternate Lulu entry.
  2. These entries are so fun and creative! Great job, everyone! It`s funny now no one wanted to make an entry with AAA, haha!
  3. Toy is really cute, I love that it`s pink. I also love the new outfit, it looks awesome!
  4. Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake Leek Raspberry Scorchio Cookie Mushrolivepepper Pizza Good choices, except for the milkshake I am really looking forward to Peophin Day this month, I have two FFQs ready (one completed, and one pending) so DON`T LET ME DOWN, TNT!! Make those new Peophins look amazing! I don`t even know what I`m hoping for, but Eyrie Day is sooo far away, so hoping I can use at least one FFQ soon. I miss using the SSW.
  5. I like the Maractite, the pattern isn`t too busy and overwhelming, like on some pets. Nice. The Candy is cute, it looks really yummy and squishy lol The outfit is based on the petpet Abominable Snowball. A really cute idea, though I do think the combination of red and green makes it look Christmas-y. I love the tutu thing, and think it could make a really cute winter outfit. I do wish the wig and cap could be treated as separate items. A cute outfit that can be used in winter and autumn customizations.
  6. Kaus are so cute! ? Clay is not an exciting colour, but for what it is, they`ve done a great job! There`s real detail and texture to it, very nice. Wraith is... well, I like the mouth and the angry eyes, but what`s with the circles all over the Kau? I hate the wig, it looks like a mop. Other than that, I think the new outfit looks good, it`s really cute.
  7. Smart School Girl Wig Summery Ponytail Wig Warm Headband Ponytail Wig Wispy Blonde Ponytail Wig Side Swept Blond Wig Some wigs that can suit Abigail - thought I`d save someone the trouble of browsing over 60 pages of wigs. EDIT: After much debating with myself, I finally sent in my entry! I ended up making four - I`ll post the other customizations in the Alternative Entries thread after the voting.
  8. Thank you! ? I just wanted to do something that wasn`t painting/artist related, and somehow came up with this, haha. Oil Paint was definitely interesting to work with.
  9. Congratulations to the winners! ? And thanks to those who voted for me, it was great to see everyones creativity run wild this round. ?
  10. I got them both, thanks to a kind lender. This brings my avatar count to 321!
  11. I love the Mosaic, the green colour scheme makes sense for a frog. ? I look forward to seeing more Mosaic pets. The Transparent is nice and detailed, the mouth looks a bit creepy, but I`m not sure how they could have drawn it differently. The outfit is great, I love the dress! I like how they chose a grey base colour for the model, it contrasts the bright colours.
  12. I`m impressed at the sheer number of entries this round! I wasn`t expecting that. I had some trouble coming up with an idea, but it`s clear to me that everyone else had fun this round. Love the story for nr 10, so cute! Nr 9 did a great job with blending the colours, it looks gorgeous. Nr 3 is perfect. Great job, everyone. Oil Paint is a challenging colour to work with, but you all crushed it!
  13. If they`re Lab exclusive, you can`t use a FFQ to get them - the other lab-only colours, like Robot, work the same way. : (
  14. I love the Burlap Quiggle, it looks amazing!! The texture looks great, and the detail is wonderful! It`s a little ripped, and the button eyes are different colours - ahh it`s so creepy looking and I love it! This is high standard work and I really hope they keep it up for the Burlap pets to come. The Oil Paint looks really nice too, I like that the colours are softly blended together. I also love the outfit, a navy/sailor theme makes sense, since frogs/Quiggles live in water. It looks really cute, and the wig and hat lies nicely on their head, instead of on their eyes, like it`s been pointed out already. Can someone remind me if Mosaic and Burlap are Lab Ray exclusive, or if we can use a FFQ to get them?
  15. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Still_The_King... ... and she changes colour to Halloween!!
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