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  1. What a fun round with great entries! I love how people have clearly had fun with the theme. The Classy Minimal Dresser and Cosplay Dresses look like they`re the same item (that the dresses are part of the background and not its own item) they blend together perfectly. The penguin ones are so cute as well, all the entries look great honestly, it`s always exciting to see the variety that comes from a round with an open theme like this.
  2. Here is my alternative entry for the Bruce round. I was going for a Jurassic Park look, but ended up submitting a different entry that I liked better.
  3. Going to send in my entry now, looking forward to seeing all the cute, fun Bruce-themed entries!
  4. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and he changes colour to Woodland!!
  5. The Gorgon/Medusa outfit is cool. I really like the Woodland Hissi, the vines (or the type of plant that wraps around trees) are a nice touch, and very fitting for the species of Neopet. The shading on it is nice and the eyes look beautiful. Solid Woodland pet.
  6. The Elderly Lupes are sooo cute! I especially love the Boy, his outfit is so well put together, and there`s lovely details like the scruffy muzzle and eyebrows, he just looks so sweet. I really wish they had chosen a different base colour for the Girl, otherwise she ends up looking very male. Her outfit is okay, I don`t see why there has to be several clashing colours and patterns. I do love her little flowery glasses, though. The faerie poacher outfit is really cool, they should do more outfits like these inspired by certain Neopian characters!
  7. Thanks very much to those who voted for me, and congratulations to the winners! Good luck to all in the next round!
  8. Lupe Day is the only species day I`m looking forward to this month, but also hoping for Chocolate for Moehog Day. In Norway, a very special celebration takes place on May 17th, which is our National Day (our Independence Day). I`ve already dressed my pets up for the occasion, and will keep their looks until the day has passed.
  9. I love that we got a deranged Topsi outfit! lol I don`t remember him having a sword, though. The Mosaic Cybunny - I love the hearts on the mane, a very cute touch. I like the colours they`ve used, especially the blue shade looks beautiful, the only thing that bothers me are the circles around the eyes. The eye itself looks fine, I don`t mind it being tiled (it looks better on the Cybunny than it did on the Uni, in my opinion) there`s just something about the circles around the eyes that kind of change the features of the Cybunnies face... I don`t know. Overall I do like it though.
  10. There are definitely some bookworms in here! lol I do love taking walks late in the evening, it`s so peaceful and quiet, so that entry speaks to me as well. Very fun and creative replies to this theme!
  11. Entry sent in now, thanks for waiting for me!
  12. I am trying to submit my entry now, but getting an error message saying @Nielo cannot receive messages. Hope you see this in time, Nielo.
  13. I agree with that, at least where the Kougra (and pets with similar poses) are concerned, with the Ruki, for example you can put shoes on all their feet and it looks nice, but they also have arms.. of sorts.. Anyway, when I put shoes on my Eyries I`m often tempted to also put gloves on them, just so all four feet are wearing something.
  14. It will be nice to stock up on some cheap GBC for trading. Thanks for the reminder!
  15. The Stealthy Kougra looks really cool, I like the colours they used, and there`s nice details, you can tell some thought and planning went into this colour. I also like the metal.. things on the Kougras head and at it`s side, they kind of look like a superhero logo, haha. The outfit... I do like generic male clothing, it`s nice to have regular clothes, and not all outfits that are costumes, like wizard, poet, sailor or whatever. I`m not really a fan of any of the items, at least not when they`re put together like this. I do love that the shirt and jacket are separate items, THANK YOU for
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