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  1. Now, most Chocolate pets are wonderful looking to me, and this one does not disappoint! The cream with the strawberry on top looks so tasty!! And the outfit is ok, nothing too special about it, but it's not bad at all. Overall, good day for the Poogle!
  2. Doing two huh? Well I'll try my best for this one! Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Right after seeing this new color I immediately wished I could get it! The design is so pretty and I love the attention to detail! If it is based off of the Leaf Tailed Gecko then it's a wonderful choice! And the outfit is nice too! Very Altadorian! Great job Techos!
  4. The new color is good! Burlap can look really good on most of the pets, and it looks very cute on the Draik! I do agree however it is a bit too colorful, but @berriganify made a much more balanced version! And for the outfit, I really like it! I love futuristic and cyber kind of designs, it looks really well done! Not perfect, but still great day Draiks!
  5. This was a tough one! Everyone did so well!
  6. The new color is really creative! I love the colors, brings a much more fun side to the Steampunk design! The clothes are also really cool! The design is very well made, and the overall look really works well! Woo! Good job today Kyriis!
  7. Draiks are pretty cool pets, good luck with everyone's designs!
  8. Alright cool! Hope you enjoy the game!
  9. The Toy color looks wonderful! The coloring is really well done, and the design of the whole thing looks really pleasant. The outfit, which can barely be called that, is cool! It's very simple, but it looks very well like the Spider Grundo itself! Good job today Grundos!
  10. Just a warning for the literature club one, it's a horror game with some pretty scary stuff so be warned if you don't want to see that stuff! I'm pretty sure the game gives a list of the warnings but I just wanted to be sure you knew what you were getting into.
  11. Number 3 was pretty funny haha! RIP Flash All of these were really creative! Everyone did really well for all their different games!
  12. I have to admit, I absolute ADORE the Candy design! The rainbow isn't overwhelming and it looks like a very tasty treat indeed! The striped tail is so cool to look at! The new outfit is good, it looks cute and more character based outfits can be really fun! The only thing I don't like is that it looks kinda simple, not really my style. Epic job Meercas!
  13. This was so hard to choose!! Everyone did such fantastic work in their own watery ways!
  14. I really like the Burlap design! The blue actually really goes well with it, and the little hair curls look adorable! The knight outfit looks really good, nothing really outstanding, but the detail is just enough to look pretty. Awesome day for the Blumaroos!
  15. These were all wonderful! The creativity in each different one was really good, I also liked learning about holidays I've never heard of before!
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