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  1. That Mosaic design is lovely. I do think much is going on though, so I don't think much customization is needed, aside from background stuff. But a beautiful look nonetheless! And that Blacksmith outfit is really good! The headpiece and shirt look perfect, and of course the hammer does too! A pleasant day for the Elephantes!
  2. Kaus are pretty interesting pets, I'll be looking forward to seeing how everyone uses them!
  3. I love how it's based off of an old design, it sure looks intimidating! I wouldn't want to go back in time if that was waiting for me And a nice Lampwyck design! It's very cute, that backpack especially! Very good day, Buzzes!
  4. These all tell such interesting stories! Especially 2, I enjoyed reading about such a good development for someone's life ^^
  5. It's a COTTON CANDY themed Gnorbu. What's not to love? Maybe the eyes, a bit odd, but I can avoid that from looking at that floofy mane, truly a lovely design. And it's the Wise Gnorbu is here too! A very well made outfit, that beard is very cool. All in all, a grand day for the Gnorbus!
  6. Totally forgot this was happening, glad the date was pushed back haha. Just sent mine in
  7. The Pastel design is cool, but I agree, it's a bit too bright. I'm sure with some clothing or a dark background it could look cooler! ^^ And the outfit is cool too! I'm not familiar with what it's referencing, but it looks very good! Pretty good day for the Wockies!
  8. Very interesting topic for the new year! I'm sure with all that time I can come up with something
  9. Some books I recognized and some I didn't! Might have to check out the few I don't know... But wonderful to everyone nonetheless!
  10. The Tyrannian design is very cool! The beak is cute, and the fur around the head is too! Only thing i see odd is the bowtie, it looks kinda weird for some reason... But nonetheless, cool design! And the Ramtor outfit! It looks so elegant! Love the beard too haha Magnificent day, Bruces!
  11. A Stealthy Xweetok sounds like a great idea, I'm excited for it! And this outfit is AMAZING! I love Xandra's design already, now its in clothing form! Might get this for my Xweetok honestly. Excitement awaits for the other half, Xweetoks!
  12. I do agree, that tail guard thing is very odd looking. But other than that, the Steampunk is designed wonderfully! The dress and the hat are so pretty! And Hannah! The outfit is perfect! No complaints here. Amazingly done, Usuls!
  13. As a pretty avid reader, it's gonna take me some time to decide on a character lol! But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's entries, and possibly getting new book suggestions!
  14. Everyone made theirs' really well!! The creativity in all of them made this a hard choice!
  15. Two lovely colors! The brown spots remind me of chocolate lol. And the toy looks like a Furby!! While the fluffy-ness is different from other Toy colors, it fits perfectly with the Furby-like theme! The outfit is also good! Simple, but cute! Great job Vandagyre!
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