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  1. The colors go very well together in the new color, it's striking yet soft at the same time! And a Fauna outfit is here! Pretty simple, but I really like that hair. A pretty nice day Acaras!
  2. I'm sure this theme will turn out very well in many forms! Now to see if I'm creative enough for an entry....
  3. This Burlap design is so cute! Kaus are already pretty cute, but the fluff really makes it look adorable! The colors are really nice as well. And this outfit is nice, I think the robe could be more easily used than the hair strips or hood, but that Skarl doll is so delightful! A very cool day, Kaus!
  4. Wow! So many beautiful ones this time!! This made picking my votes hard, all of them deserve a win!
  5. That Wraith design sure is... terrifying! I'm not a big fan of it, but I do think it could be very good for a scary design for your pet. The mouth on the stomach though... how creative!? The clothes are also pretty scary! Aside from the skull/rock on the head, the remaining parts could be useful for certain designs. Not my thing, but I definitely dig those claws! A slightly disappointing, yet still very interesting day, Nimmos!
  6. I like this Stealthy design! The bandages on the feet and the hands are very nice, and they go well with the design of the Quiggle. And, unlike many other Stealthy pets, ironically, it is not overly detailed and flashy. Very good! And the new outfit... sure is something lol! The mouth looks so silly, but it certainly is a funny design! Pretty well done day Quiggles!
  7. @Nielo I tried sending in my entry, but the forum is telling me you can't receive messages.
  8. Peophins are cool pets, excited to see how everyone expresses that
  9. I love this Burlap Color, the mane is perfect! I especially like how the Yurble gets blue toes! And Yurble Raider is here! The bow and feathers are very pretty, they would go well on a Woodland pet I'd think! Really cool day, Yurbles!
  10. Wow! So many creative pets this round! It seems there's many ways to get excited for the upcoming Cup!
  11. While I think a fish Neopets doesn't really need a Maraquan design, this one is very pretty! The expression is adorable, and the colors are very nice. And a very pretty outfit as well! The necklace and coat are detailed wonderfully. A fantastically fishy day for the Kois!
  12. I like how wild this water design looks! I especially love how the tusks are shaped to look almost kind of like auger shells! Judge Hog is here! Pretty neat design here Overall a good day for the Moehogs!
  13. I almost forgot that the Cup is starting again! Have fun with this theme all you fans!
  14. That's a pretty cute Vandagyre! I love the way the feathers look on the tail and the head, very pretty!
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