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  1. This is an interesting one for sure! The whole two customs is really cool! Can't wait to see how everyone interprets this theme!
  2. For reaching 2 million neopoints I guess? (Even though i blew threw them lol) And getting almost all of my pets color exactly how I wanted! Goal might be just to get a few more cool items, and Avatars, all I really want is for fun stuff! ^^
  3. Oh wow, everyone did so many different ideas for this one! It was hard to choose, but good job to all!
  4. I think the clothing is pretty cool, the design for the clothes looks great, but I think the color they chose for it doesn't fit... other than that, pretty good job! The color is ok, Wraith is normally cool for most of them, but... what's with those EYES??? Most Neopets in Wraith color have pink for eyes, except for the Usul, but that white just looks weird!
  5. I think the new color is cool, the flesh on the cheek is a good addition! Zombie hasn't always been my favorite though, but this one's pretty good. The outfit I immediately thought it was too much, too much going on. But I do like the idea and design. A fair round for the Bruce!
  6. I like the outfit as well, and I don't know why but it just really fits the Xweetok! The Oil Paint I think they could have done a bit better, but the colors are still really good.
  7. Ooh, I do like some of the Woodland Neopets, this round will look awesome!
  8. I might've forgotten to do mine for this round... O_O' But it's still wonderful seeing everyone else's, fantastic job to all!
  9. After my little break from Neopets im finally back and this will be my first Runway since then! Can't wait to see what spooky things everyone will come up with!
  10. I have a question, are we allowed to do characters from the Greatest Show movie?
  11. The clothes are kinda cute, but I don't really see what they were going for in the Tyrannian one? Like they just stuck spikes on a differently colored Kiko and called it a day!
  12. So many of these are super funny! This round was a good one!
  13. Took me a bit to find a good idea, but I sure think this is a funny round!
  14. I think Neopets is great at expressing real life problems or ideas. Sure, it's filled with magical creatures and things like that, but it really shows that there are responsibilities in life, like taking care of your pets like they were kids, or the dailies that show there's work to be done in the real world. Perhaps it's not fully intentional, but it really shows you what the world's like. For the Grey Color on pets, it shows what can happen if you forget your responsibilities, or maybe even showing you what it's like if you don't take care of YOURSELF. Either way, Neopets is kinda like
  15. I hear this a lot online and I'm not completely sure if it works, but here are a few that could at least be worth a try. 1. Go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday. It helps your brain stay in a calm schedule. 2. Reading books before bed can help your brain relax and your dreams be a lot nicer! 3. Avoid eating or doing physical activities. This gets your brain more fixated on going unconscious. I hope some of these help! I'm not an expert or anything but I wish you good dreams for now on!
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