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  1. I do like the color, it could go well with a lot of things... but it just lacks some pizzazz! It looks more like cookies and cream ice cream if I'm being honest. But that outfit though... marvelous!! The details are wonderful to look at and the coloring is very pretty. Great job Nimmos!
  2. The Transparent design is ok, I've never been very fond of them in the first place. But what is going on with those eyes?? The outfit is cool though! It's not overwhelming, and it's a fun idea for the Money Tree Ghosts. Pretty good day for the Quiggles, could be better though!
  3. This Zombie color looks really good! The detail is great, my only complaint is that the green on the eyebrows and feet look a tiny bit off next to the teal, but other than that it's perfect! And the Shop Wizard outfit!! Perfect! Good job Jubjubs!
  4. I agree with everyone else, the Stealthy design does look very different compared to the others! It seems less like a new color and clothes and more like a random made outfit, I'm a bit disappointed... The outfit however is really cool, the design is beautiful and it goes well together! Half of this wasn't as good as I wanted for the Yurble, but at least we got a good outfit.
  5. Joining my favorite again, Mystery Island! I'm sad to see Teylor Nix go, but I have high hopes for our new Left Forward, Tulay Ada!
  6. This sounds like a really cool theme! With the uniqueness of Mosaic pets, I'm sure all the entries for this will be very creative!
  7. The new color is really cool! I like the use of alternating blue and yellow. The outfit is ok, I just think the parts separately would look better, it's a bit much altogether! A pretty good day for the Koi
  8. Hey I also play Love Nikki! It's pretty fun! I also often use a cool game where you take care of moths, it's pretty chill.
  9. These were all very creative! Everyone turned their stamps into a masterpiece!
  10. This is a really interesting one! I can't wait to see all the different stamps everyone will use!
  11. I really like the chocolate one! I rarely see a chocolate pet that doesn't look good, and this one really looks delicious with all that frosting! I also think the outfit is good, the colors aren't overwhelming and the detail is simple yet pretty. A really good day for Moehogs!
  12. These were all really fun ones! Everyone was so creative with their ideas this round, I liked a lot of the silly ones too!
  13. Sent in mine! I'm excited to see what other people came up with!
  14. The Woodland Hissi is really good!! I'm glad it's not overdone, the vines and leaves look very good on it and that's all it needs. The outfit is also pretty cool! It's a fitting design, and the details are really good on the clothes. Good job this year, Hissi!
  15. Thank you for showing the outfit!! And I agree, the design is really good! The color on the other hand is just ok for me, I've never been a huge fan of Elderly Colors, but this isn't the worst of them. The outfits look cool, but the colors are a bit much for me... A pretty good round for the Lupe this year!
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