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  1. I'm excited for this one - Just sent in my idea now! Good luck to everyone participating!
  2. Well... I always say, at least they got one of the worse Colors out of the way early on... I was so excited for Mynci Day, too, because I'm a huge fan of em! I wanted to see which Colors were still available that they could make for this year, and I prayed it wouldn't be Snot lol! The Outfit is really nice though! I'm not familiar with the show very much, but I'm guessing this is related to One Piece? It's really cool! Looks great on the Mynci! Kinda disappointing that we only got this one set of wearables, I don't wanna sound ungrateful, but it's just weird they've been doing a couple things on top of a new Color for each Pet Day, but not for the Mynci. At least we got a morphing potion to make up for it! An alright day, Myncis!
  3. The 8-Bit Color is really cute! I'm guessing they went with a My Little Pony theme? I'm not too familiar with it, that's just my guess But I love the colors, it's a fantastic 8-Bit Pet for sure! I really like the rhino Outfit, but yeah, no mane does make it weird... For the sake of being realistic, it makes sense, but now the poor guy looks like he has a tiny head! I do love the Beekadoodles on the back, though, it adds some neat flair to the entire thing! The fossil Outfit really takes the cake. (get it?) I adore how aged the bones look, and there's so much detail that makes it stand out from most other Outfits. Definitely loving this idea if it becomes a trend, we got one already from the Grarrl. Hope to see more in the future! Definitely a lovely day, Tonus!
  4. The Clay Chia is cute, just a simple Color to get out of the way for me. At least now we have more chances for cooler ones in the future, they had to get this out of the way sometime! The Banana... yeah that's pretty silly! The way it also looks so much taller than the normal Chias is a bit unnerving, but also pretty hilarious! XP And hey, a new mechanical Outfit for those who don't like the Robot Chia! I actually like this one, looks pretty menacing! Definitely a unique day just for the Chias!
  5. I do think it's weird they included retired items at all, but it's fun to get them from the daily quests! They may not have really thought to change it despite it not really being "retired", but I doubt that they would change it now. Maybe they want to keep it feeling special, making them stand out from other items.
  6. I love this new Color for pets, and they're doing really well with the designs so far! The Lupe is really cute, I love the heart nose and big bowie! The eyes do feel a little weird, compared to the heart eyes of the Zafara, but it's great besides that! Speaking of the Zafara, it's adorable! The huge heart on the tail is lovely, and with the heart spikes on the back, it almost reminds me of a lovey-dovey Ankylosaur.... Just me? The heart pattern on it works really well, especially on the ears, but I adore the big heart on the chest! The Zafara looks like a Care Bear haha. The Outfit is perfect for Valentine's Day, I love the colors, and each piece feels very detailed. The candy part of it is kind of silly lol, but it still works! Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day, or, if you don't celebrate, you had a good day too.
  7. I adore this Origami Color! The colors are light, yet still pop! Plus, the flowers on the pink paper is a cute detail! The Freshwater Lenny is lovely, the pose is so elegant, and the colors are gorgeous! A wonderful more-realistic take on the Lenny! The Sorcerer Outfit! So cool! The flowing garments are absolutely wonderful, and it looks perfectly magical altogether Great work! As a big Lenny fan, this is definitely a great day!
  8. The Mosaic Color is fun! I like the way they made the chest fur look like a swirl with the different colors, and the striking red tail looks like a leaf in autumn! Very cool Awww, I am in love with this little kangaroo Zafara!! It even has a little baby So adorable!! The plant one is definitely interesting. While the art is lovely, it does seem a bit odd as wearables... Still a cool idea, though! A neat day, Zafaras!
  9. The 8-Bit design is so cute! Love the Zelda vibes from the clothes! Awwww, it's a fennec fox!! I love the super fluffy ears and tail, though I think the face is a little too cutesy looking... I think it's the rosy cheeks, aside from that' it's real adorable! The storm one is actually fantastic! I wish we had a Color like this! Excellently designed! Some wonderful new items for the Kacheeks!
  10. Somehow I completely missed this! Shame on me Thank you for the extension!
  11. I love this Relic Elephante, the gold decor is perfect, along with the shiny emeralds, it all looks like a real statue you'd find hidden in some overgrown ruins... I would prefer if there was less of the vines around it, just so the gold and finer details can be seen better, but still a wonderful Color overall! The Imaginary Friend Outfit is so delightful, I also think it's based on Bing Bong from Inside Out, and it's perfect for a lively, memorable friend. The eyes standing out almost fits, like the entire body was imagined in great detail, but the eyes are just like a cartoon! The mammoth tusks are great, nice and simple! The icy ones are personally my favorite, really good color and looks refreshingly chilly! The magma ones are really cool, great detail, I just wished they fit a little more with the Magma Elephante... And the banana ones are just so silly, who doesn't love some cute fruity tusks? A really wonderful day, Elephantes!
  12. It's like the school nurse giving you an ice pack for every injury!
  13. The Pastel is so pretty! I'm glad they added a good amount of each color, rather than just one with a few accents of the other. The Invisible is also. Well, at least it's out of the way, haha. Glad they did pair it with another new Color so we don't just have this one, very understanding of them. The spooky design is incredible! The little skull on the chest, the delightfully scary colors, even the way it looks like a monarch butterfly turned dark... it's all perfect! I really love these Iridescent wearables, it just works so well with the Buzz design! The purple and green mix well too! And finally, the Striped one! I think it's... alright? Definitely won't work on certain Colors, but I can see them being good on others. Hope I can see some good customizers use it to its full potential! What an excellent day for the Buzzes!
  14. The jellyfish idea for the Maraquan Gnorbu is unexpected, but I really like it! It's a little weird with the face still being mostly the same, but I love how the ruff blends into the lower body! Really nice colors, too! The sheared down Gnorbu is so cute, I love how it still has some fuzz on it, and it still looks so happy! The fluffy one is hilarious, the little guy can't see! It really does look like a llama or an alpaca, which is so adorable. Definitely a great day for the Gnorbus!
  15. Oh wow, I had no idea there was any way to still get the expellibox to work! Thank you so much for sharing the link!
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