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  1. I do think the fur highlights are a big odd considering they're supposed to be made of silver, but I still think it's a neat design! There's not a whole lot that they can do with the designs of Silver pets since it's a pretty basic color, so it's neat seeing a little change. I love this new outfit however! The little platter, the cute apron, it's perfect. Xweetoks are one of my favorite, and I can't say I'm unimpressed today!
  2. The Color is quite nice, Pastel is always beautiful, especially recently with newer ideas they've been using. It's like a softer Eventide, which is great! The outfit is cool too, definitely not my style, but the dress is nice. I actually had no idea it was supposed to be a bride outfit until I read about it lol, looks more like Cinderella to me. I do wish the veil was more transparent, though. Pretty cool day today, Usuls!
  3. Fall is already wrapping itself up soon, so this is a perfect way to capture it! Best of luck to all who enter, can't wait to see what everyone makes!
  4. That Plushie design sure is crowded haha, but I like it, in an odd chaotic way, it's cute! The fuzzy pompoms for the ears are adorable, and I also like the feathers that make it look like a peacock. The outfits are lovely! The books on the hat are marvelous, as well as the design on the skirt. It's perfect for a fancy, old timey librarian! The other clothes are nice too, not too bland with the feathers, but they keep a simple design. It's what the Vandagyres deserve on this wonderful day!
  5. I had a hard time choosing this one, I ended up voting for everyone's haha! You all did such a great job customizing these little Poogles!
  6. Wow, with this new Color, I wish they redesigned a lot of other Origami pet colors! So many fun patterns, and yet they all blend together nicely! And this outfit is really fun too! The hair is quite pretty, and the clothing is good too. A wonderful day for Korbats!
  7. Poogles can be pretty fun, good luck to all as always!
  8. Yeah I picked the Fairground too, not sure what's going on with the answers haha
  9. Everyone made such fun-looking parties, I love the creativity with all of them!
  10. Not a big fan of Jetsams, but this colors works really nice for them. The wavy tones are very pretty! The outfit is quite cool too, though it mostly looks like a new Maraquan design for the Jetsam haha. Not a bad day, Jetsams!
  11. Well uh... not much to say for the Color this time. I'm surprised not all pets had Invisible Colors already, it seems like it'd make sense. The outfit is nice however! The colors blend very nicely, and the clothes and hair look stunning! While technically we only got half of the contents for Bori Day, it was a good one nonetheless!
  12. Wow, a licorice Eyrie?! I'm not a big fan of the candy myself, but i do love this design! It's less colorful than other pets of this color, but it works really well, especially on the tail and mane!! And the outfit is gorgeous too, those wings are truly great. The clothes as well are very intricate, and considering my love for Eyries, I may just go looking for this! Fantastic day for the Eyries!
  13. There's so many types of parties, I'm sure there's going to be quite a variety this round!
  14. This new color I think is really cool! I like the stuffing being used for the teeth, however I do think it's a bit too messy, but almost in a charming way! Looks like someone could use a visit to the Toy Repair Shop haha. And the outfit... sure is scary! If you're going for a Halloween costume idea then this is perfect for a Grarrl, however personally it's not for me. The colors are nice, but that face... An even amount of goods and bads today, Grarrls!
  15. Oh wow, so many creative ideas! Some of these I didn't even think of! Very good, everyone
  16. Cute Biscuit color! Love the giant chocolate tail, and there's even a bite taken out of the pet! And from the looks of it... it bit itself?? It must've been very hungry to do that... The outfit is quite nice too, it works together well for dark colors! Very good day for the Skeiths!
  17. This is a cool Ice design, nothing too special, although the melting on the tail and ears really make it more than just a teal recoloring, so that's nice! And uh... wow. Not sure what to say about this guy here... At least he looks happy? An... interesting combination of choices for Poogle Day.
  18. Hooray for studying! The only time I'll be excited to do anything related to studying lol!
  19. I really enjoy this color! Mosaic is always a pretty design, and I personally love Techos so this is a great combination! I also really like the golden pieces lining the tail, as well as the hands fading to blue, it's those details that bring it all together! And the Thief outfit is really nice! The flowing cape and the rest of the outfit blend so well together, I'd love to use these. The Techos get a wonderful day!
  20. Oh wow, I love this Toy design a lot. A bit different than most other Toy Neopets, without many bright shiny colors, but it works perfectly for a mythical creature like a dragon! The segmented tail is a really nice touch, keeps it from looking too much like a recolored design. Very well done! And this outfit, oh my goodness, it looks like a whole new color!! The beautiful giant wings, the four arms, the spikes and claws, even the rich red and cream yellow color all work amazingly! If I had a Draik I would absolutely get this set, wow! One of the best days I've seen, it's what the Draiks deserve!
  21. I'm blown away with how good everyone did this round! That made it even harder to choose my favorites... but even then, good job to all once again!
  22. Oh wow, this Color really suits the Kyrii, the leaves for the fur along with the cute flowers sprinkled in, it works really well! And the Katya outfit is wonderful as well! Love the colorful, yet not too bright hair, the pretty violin, even the outfit is very well designed. A duo of fantastic new designs for Kyriis!
  23. I do think the Steampunk color looks kinda silly, but in a way, it's fitting for the Grundo! Looks like a cross between normal Steampunk and spacey-future designs haha! And hey, they kept up the space theme with the outfit too! The metal antennae is a cool idea, and overall not a bad design. An out of this world day for those Grundos!
  24. This Toy design's colors are... a choice. I like the bright orange and green, but the color for the fur seems pretty messy when put together! I do like the idea however, those ferret ball toy things are cute! And the outfit is... also certainly an outfit haha! It's silly, but it fits the Meerca in an odd way. A strange day, but nonetheless good for Meercas!
  25. Usually if I keep a few pages open for longer than usual, they start to make my whole computer laggy. However I've found it's only on certain pages, and not the same with others. I hope these things get fixed soon, it's not as much of a bother for me, but I can see it becoming one for others.
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