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  1. I think this will be a very interesting round. Looking forward to seeing all the skeletons, lol. I wonder if we will see a variety of Neopets, or if several people end up choosing the same one. Edit: Just sent in my entry, it was so fun to mess around on DTI and came up with something in the end I was very pleased with!
  2. Not sure what species still need the Maraquan colour, but which Neopet do you feel would make a nice squid in Maraquan form?
  3. The Maraquan Jetsam looks fantastic, so creative and unique! It`s based on a fan/user-made design, I love it! Royal Jetsams would have been amazing, but this is great too! I wonder if we will get to see Maraquan versions of the other seacreatures in the future, I want a Maraquan Peophin! The outfit is really cool too, I battle the Jetsam Ace in the Cosmic Dome every day.
  4. I was so busy with work plus an out-of-town trip this weekend to visit family, I didn`t enter this round. You guys did a great job on your entries, good luck everyone!
  5. Yes: Armin the Small was a Bori that Hannah befriended during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot and was one of the first of the Bori race to be freed of the curse. He was also the one to deliver the blow (with his slingshot) that took down the Bringer of Night. I absolutely adore this Toy Bori, it is so cute! I love that they`re finally doing something creative with the Toy colour, and I hope they continue with it!
  6. I`m not surprised that they went with Water, as it was suggested by several people on the October thread TNT posted... I was not one of those people, so this choice was a letdown for me, as I wanted Steampunk, Burlap or Chocolate. Even Marble, Oil Paint or Toy would have been nice. With my whining out of the way, I will say that this Water Eyrie is very well done. In fact, I would say it`s one of the best in the colour. There`s lovely detail, and the fact that you can see the back leg through the front one is a brilliant touch! It`s great for what it is - I just wanted a different colour. The Talinia outfit is lovely, I love the gold and blue colours, it looks so regal. I appreciate that the bow and the quiver are two separate items, and the outfit as a whole looks gorgeous! I will definitely be getting this for my Eyries.
  7. The ray is fired at Rosyerie... ... and he changes colour to Fire!!
  8. What @Angeló The Enabler said! The Marble Grarrl looks great, such a unique design! Love it! The outfit is really cool too, I love these cosplay outfits, and this is a good one. I especially appreciate how the mask is tailored to the Grarrl`s head and face, so it sits naturally around the pets features without looking awkwardly tacked on.
  9. October contains one of my favourite and most highly anticipated events in the Neo year. I am obviously talking about EYRIE DAY!!! I posted on TNT`s suggestion board for October, requesting Chocolate, Steampunk or Burlap for Eyries, but looking through the suggestions people made, Water, Oil Paint and Mosaic are also popular. (I don`t personally think Water is great, so not hoping for that one, lol). Of course I am also excited about Halloween in Neopia and all the goodies and wearables! Some of my pets getting into the spooky season:
  10. I like the Bank Manager outfit, but the angle of the suitcase is strange. The way it sticks out like that makes it look like he`s swinging it back and forth, lol. Pastel is cute, I like it for what it is. I think it looks nice.
  11. I didn`t enter this round, but super happy to see these fun and creative entries! Good luck to everyone!
  12. Yay, so happy we got a new Chocolate pet! The stripes/drizzles of cream/frosting work really well with the Poogle`s body shape, I do wish the cream on the head didn`t drip down one side of its face, though. The mint leaves are a nice touch, first we`ve seen, I think, and the strawberry is a nice touch - it does however look totally fake, it`s too shiny, like it`s plastic. It`s also bothers me that it`s not centered on the head... Not sure how it works with wigs and hats. The Poogle outfit is yet another cosplay outfit, based on a Neopian character. From JellyNeo`s Book Of Ages: Alstaf spends most of his time in the Neopia Central catacombs, judging the poetry contest. In 2012, the contest relocated to Roo Island - it is unclear if he moved with it. This explains the no pants thing, lol. And also the strange candle on a stick, presumably meant as a light to read and write by, and not be carried around. A candelabre would make more sense.
  13. Okay, I don`t like Techos at all, but this is the first time I`ve looked at one and thought "Wow, I really like this one!" I think it looks so cool, the colours, the shading, the leaves look great, the eyes - and there`s even something bird-like about the face, I feel, the pointed nose kind of looks like a beak. As a Woodland pet, it`s unique so far, and it`s great to see TNT do something new with this colour. Branching out, if you will... (I`ll show myself out). We have another cosplay outfit (I think? Neo went down right after I went on the NF page) It looks very Altadorian, I like it! All in all, a very solid Techo Day!
  14. Congratulations to the winners! All the entries were so cool and creative, well done! Thank you to those who voted for me, and good luck to all in the next round!
  15. Exactly. That is such an improvement - though I still don`t like the eyes, lol! Lovely edit, though, it looks much better this way.
  16. The outfit looks really cool, kind of like a robot, it`s very detailed and well done! This Burlap pet is the first one that kind of misses the mark for me. While I do really like the patches on the wings, overall the pet is too colourful. While the blue accents worked very well on the Burlap Blumaroo, on the Draik it looks too bright and there`s too much of it. Plus the whiskers/moustache looks odd and stands out too much in that colour. In my opinion, keeping the inside of the ears, the belly and the underside of the tail in the same light brown as the wings would have been a much better and cohesive look. Burlap is supposed to be muted, not bright. Also not really a fan of the large, green button eyes, especially with the contrasting red thread. They remind me of slices of pickle, I cant`t help it. I will say that the details on the Draik are very well done, I just don`t agree with the colour choices. I don`t mean to be a downer, I just feel like this Burlap pet looks more like a cute plushie toy rather than a creepy, home-made doll.
  17. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Rosyerie... ... and he changes colour to Chocolate!! Nice!
  18. Sent in my entry, looking forward to seeing a cool variety of Draiks!
  19. I checked JellyNeo`s Book Of Ages, and could only find 1 female Draik character, she appeared in NeoQuest II.
  20. Meanwhile, my Baby Zafara (with a candy shop customization) chooses a Diet Neocola, lol! In September, I look forward to Draik Day, The Annual Chocolate Ball (please give us a Chocolate Eyrie already!!!) and The Faerie Festival! Ragaruff Strawberries and Cream B
  21. The Jazan outfit is really cool, I`m happy they are continuing with these outfits based on Neopian characters. The Steampunk Kyrii looks amazing, I`m not really a Kyrii fan, but oh wow I do love this one! The base colour is really unique, and there is a lot of detail on the outfit. Steampunk is clearly a colour where effort is being put in, it shows. Amazing job, I look forward to seeing more Steampunk pets, really hoping for that colour on Eyrie Day!
  22. Thanks so much to those who voted for me, it was such a fun entry to make! Glad you saw the humour in it, lol! Congratulations also to the other winners!
  23. Just an example of what the Spider legs look like on a different colour, the tattoo/symbol/mark doesn`t show up when I put the legs on in DTI, though.
  24. Ooh, that makes sense! I just connected it to the Aliens because of the green colour and the fact that Grundos are from space, but so is Buzz (sort of, lol) I forgot they don`t wear helmets.
  25. I love that they are finally doing things with Toy that are more creative and make them stand out. I think the Toy Grundo is based on the Alien toy figurines from Toy Story, It`s really cute and I love the base colour on it as well. This is what the Spider Grundo looks like, so the cosplay is very accurate (I just thought it looked odd with the legs sticking out of its back, but that`s what the character look like). I really like the teeth, they make for a nice vampire customization!
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