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  1. Sent my entry in! Good luck, everyone! Looking forward to seeing them all.
  2. This is awesome! I love that there are so many entries, and it`s interesting that we all chose different Mutant pets, how cool! Good luck, everyone!
  3. Good luck! The entries will be posted in a new thread, titled "The Runway Votes #143." It will be in this forum, just above this thread. Have fun creating your entry!
  4. Looking forward to seeing entries filled with Neggs and flowers, good luck everyone! Edit: Sent in my entry!
  5. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to those who voted for me! Good luck to all in the next round.
  6. This sounds like a fun theme, I look forward to seeing what people come up with! Hopefully we`ll have lots of entries.
  7. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to those who voted for me, I appreciate it! Good luck to all in the next round!
  8. I like the variety in entries, and the fact that we all managed to use different settings and camping gear and tents. Nice job, everyone!
  9. The Candy Uni is so fun and colourful, I love the rainbow colours and I really like the soft, swirly pattern on the body, it`s not too overpowering. The clothing store Uni outfit (I didn`t know this character had a name, and I forgot it, lol) is... certainly something, haha. I would never put these pieces together, my favourites by far are the sunglasses and wig, they both look fantastic! The shoes look malformed and misplaced on the Unis hoofs, and I don`t like the beads and tassles on the trouser legs, they would have looked fine without it. The sweater is really cute, but if I were to dress up a Uni, I would never have chosen to wear the complete outfit.
  10. Finally we are in the month of Illusen Day!! I am so excited for that, and have dressed up my pets in the green theme.
  11. Sent in my entry! Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
  12. The Candy Tonu is sooo cute, it looks alot like the Candy Gnorbu, but that`s okay. The rainbow mane and tail are so fluffy-looking, and I love the soft pastel colours. The rainbow horn is a great touch as well, and I wish they added the same pattern to the toes to really complete the look. The Hugo Fairweather outfit is lovely, it would work great for professor/librarian/scholar type customizations and I absolutely adore the wig and beard, they look fantastic and I bet they look great with other colours as well - shame they forgot that one curly lock on the forehead, though! lol
  13. I love that they based this Toy Mynci off an actual toy - with that said, I wish the base colour was different so it would look more natural. But then again, Toy is meant to be a plastic action figure type look, so... Anyway, really cute and fun idea and I love that they are branching out more with this colour and being more creative with it. The outfit is very nice, I really appreciate that the eyebrows and moustache/beard are two separate items!
  14. I think it`s cute, even if it is a bit plain. Coconuts aren`t that exciting-looking anyway, lol. The Coconut Jubjub is definitely cuter, but this one looks more realistic if that makes sense. The outfit is really cool!
  15. The Elderly Lennies are both really cute (though it appears as if the female`s beak is glitched) the design is nice and I like their clothes! For several Elderly pets I think their clothes look odd and mismatched, but the Lennies look quite stylish. The walking sticks are a fun touch, I appreciate that they are holding something, lol. The Duchess outfit is cool, my favourite pieces are the rings. Good Lenny Day!
  16. It`s so cool that they are releasing this! I`m not a Chia fan, but I do appreciate the uniqueness of the Fruit and Veg Chias, very nice to see old unreleased artwork be brought into the light.
  17. Thanks very much to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate it! Everyone did so well, congratulations to the other winners!
  18. I love the colours on the Stealthy clothing, the ombre effect (if that`s what it`s called, lol) looks lovely. Not a fan of the hat, it looks really tacked on, but other than that the outfit itself is nice. The Kayla outfit is really cute, I haven`t really noticed her clothing other than the hat and cape, so those are the only items that stand out here as the rest is really plain. I soooo wish the cape was a separate item and not combined with the shirt...!!! But good Zafara day overall.
  19. I haven`t made an entry for this round (sorry!) but I will be sure to come up with something now so that we have enough. It`s always more fun to have more entries to choose from. Edit: Sent in my entry now, looking forward to seeing how everyone handles this theme. Good luck to all!
  20. This month I am looking forward to the Sweetheart grams in the NC Mall, hoping for some cute new items! (And that the LEs aren`t impossible to get, lol).
  21. I think the outfit is nice, I`m not a big fan of the Altadorian style, so... The stick he`s holding looks odd and sort of out of place. Burlap Kacheek. Hmm. They`ve kind of made the same mistake with this one like they did with Burlap Draik, only not quite as bad. The splashes of colour suits the Kacheeks cute vibe, but clashes with the aesthetic of the Burlap paint brush. I think it would have been better if they had put a purple patch on the belly, but left the belly fur the yellow-y golden colour of the button eyes. (Which are uncomfortably close together, I might add). I do love the uneven stuffing in the tail, that is a very nice detail. And the creepy stitching on the head. I certainly don`t hate it, but I don`t love it either. Not the best Burlap pet, but also not the worst.
  22. Thanks to those who voted for me, I really appreciate it, what a nice comeback after last round, lol. Congratulations to the others as well!
  23. The Mosaic Elephante is beautiful! I like that there is a consistent theme/pattern, though I do too agree that it can be a bit much. With that said, I feel like Mosaic is a colour meant to stand out rather than to be covered up with clothing. The blacksmith outfit is really good, I like these outfits based on characters and look forward to which one they will do next.
  24. Yay, Kaus are so cute! Looking forward to seeing everyone`s entries!
  25. Congratulations to the winners, and good luck to all in the next round! Thank you to those who voted for me, I appreciate it!
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