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  1. I`ve seen the Underwater Easter Statue on people`s wishlists a lot lately, probably due to Easter being so close.. I like the colours they chose, except for the Blue.. it`s meant to be used in underwater settings, so... The Neggs wings are okay, not an item I use, but I like the colours they chose, the yellow and black looks like a wasp, lol. The Healing Springs is very hit and miss. The yellow and blue versions look really nice, but the red is AWFUL. What`s with the evil, black water? It could have looked cool if they changed the statue and rainbow too, like make the rainbow in dark shades and change the statue to this twisted, Darigan-looking character. They should have gone with pink or orange instead. The other items they chose all look beautiful, in my opinion. I had most of the original items, so I splurged on Dyeworks potions and went crazy with the colouring, haha. πŸ™‚ They did a good job with selecting the items, my Peophin is wearing the new green dress now, perfect for spring.
  2. It`s very difficult to make out, the only thing I can think of is that it could be Neggs? It makes sense with the setting (they`re food) and it`s almost The Festival of Neggs, so.. Not sure what the blue thing holding up the table cloth is, though. It doesn`t look like a petpet or anything, it`s really unclear.
  3. Yes, it was! πŸ˜‰ I felt so clever, lol!
  4. Eww, Swamp Gas. 😞 That stinks! I really wish we could get two colours. The outfit is cute, but I agree with Yuiina that there are too many colours. I like the hat, but not the hair.
  5. I chose not to enter this round as I didn`t feel inspired and wasn`t able to come up with an entry. But I love what you guys did with this theme, the entries are all great! Good luck everyone!
  6. Ooh the Oil Paint Chomby looks lovely, I like that it`s the similar style of the Peophin, only in darker tones and the stripes/brushstrokes follow the lines and curves of the Chombys body. Very nice. A landscape painting like @Angeló suggested would have been amazing, though. ❀️ The outfit is very nice as well, I like that it`s gender neutral. It has nice detail and texture, though it does bother me that the trouser/shoe item clashes with the rest of the outfit, and I`m not sure what that thing on the tail is. I could see a Chomby in Tyrannia using this (if it ever gets freezing cold there).
  7. I can`t be in quarantine because I work at a grocery store and have to work every day as long as I am healthy. I`m not happy at my job, but I am honestly glad that I have a safe job that won`t shut down due to losing business, and I`m glad for the fact that I can keep earning money as normal. I can`t afford to lose weeks of pay as I manage loans on a car and a house by myself. Anyway, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy - I make sure to wash my hands often and avoid physical contact, which seems to have helped so far. πŸ™‚
  8. These are great suggestions, I look forward to working on an entry, not to mention seeing what people come up with! (Also, my town is celebrating its 950th anniversary this year, pretty cool!)
  9. Thanks very much to those who voted for me, I`m so pleased my Earth Faerie entry won! Yay! Congratulations to the other winners, and good luck to all in the next round!
  10. A very solid pet day indeed! It`s always exciting to see new Steampunk pets, and I love the Scorchio one. I especially appreciate that we can see their eyes. I partciularly like the wings and the hat - I prefer it when a Steampunk pet looks "dressed up" compared to looking like it`s all machine. (Which is why I find Robot pets a bit off-putting). Edit: I so, so wished that the Steampunk outfit would be broken up into different pieces, allowing the owner to pick and choose and truly customize to their liking. 😞 The aviator outfit is very nice as well, I really love those wings, they look awesome and can easily be applied to other themes and settings. I find it a bit strange and amusing that the aviator theme is so common despite airplanes not existing in Neopia. We do have hot air balloons and space ships though, so.. lol.
  11. I love the final prize, the cape is so pretty and looks good on all pets. I especially appreciate that it restricts/removes the mane/ruff on species like Peophin, Eyrie, Cybunny, Xweetok, Wocky, Tonu and Ogrin. Many items don`t and end up looking really weird as a result, but TNT did a great job with this item. Thank you!!
  12. I was not surprised that only one item was released, I was of course hoping for two, but.. I like the item, it has a nice design, but I much prefer items that are directly related to Illusen or Earth Faeries rather than clover/shamrock and green shop stuff that is more related to St. Patrick`s Day. They`re different things. I couldn`t see Illusen wearing this item, for example. I wish they would make more of her actual clothing and items wearable, such as her dress and belt, or her weapons, maybe a background that looks like the inside of the Illusen Snowglobe, that would be cool. (Like the Charming Snowglobe background). I kind of wish TNT had chosen a different date to honour Illusen, though it would make sense to have it in March due to it being spring, and Illusen is obviously an Earth Faerie and therefore related to nature. I love the artwork and poems dedicated to her and am very happy TNT makes sure to have sections dedicated to Illusen, which included the Userlookup Spotlight, very nice entry. I was soooooo hoping that my gallery would get chosen for the spotlight, though. It makes me mad that they chose a different theme when there are so many great Illusen and Earth Faerie galleries to feature. 😞 So a little mixed feelings about this year, but overall I`m happy. It was about what I expected it to be.
  13. I made an alternate Water Faerie entry for the Elemental Faeries round:
  14. The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes into a Blue Meerca!! Eww lol
  15. Aaaah I love these, all the beautiful faeries! I was honestly not expecting Fire to be so popular, but it`s fun to see what people do with the different elements. The Ember one is really original, and I like the yellow jars for nr 10. The Golden Underwater Wig works well with an Air Faerie custom, and that background gives it a softer glow. I like the idea of using a Maraquan pet for the Water faerie, clever! Also putting in books, which they always ask for for their quests. "Not much speed increase here." LOL Great work, everyone! Looks like you all had fun this round!
  16. I hope you manage to think of an entry, I know inspiration can be hard to come by sometimes... πŸ™‚ There`s still time left, good luck!
  17. @Nielo - I tried submittting my entry now, but it says you cannot receive messages. 😞 Maybe your inbox is full?
  18. The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes colour to Halloween!!
  19. Looking forward to seeing the entries, I wonder if one faerie/element will be more popular.. πŸ™‚ As for suggestions to round nr 100, I haven`t thought of anything myself, but a poll with the suggestions is a great idea, so we can all decide together which theme to go for.
  20. Thanks to those who voted for me, fourth place isn`t too bad, especially when you`re up against such creative and well done entries! Congratulations to the winners!
  21. I`m not a fan of the Dimensional colour, especially not the yellow ones. 😞 The outfit is cool, I do wish it was split into more parts, so you could pick and choose which pieces to use, though.
  22. Yay, extra Faerie Quests! I ended up with two quests from both Fyora and Delina today. I got the wig and a quest for the foreground, which I declined. I adore the dress and really hope I won`t need to trade for it. Congratulations to those who got Fountain Faerie Quests! I already have one waiting to be used, I have no idea what to do with it.
  23. Oh wow Mosaic looks really good, I love it! My first thought was that is seemed aquatic in inspiration, but thinking it over they probably thought of sky and wind, since Unis can fly. That makes more sense. I really love the blue tones, I do however wish that the eye looked "normal," and that they`d do something with the horn. It looks a bit strange for everything to be covered in mosaic tiles, but the horn is left alone. All in all I think it looks beautiful! I`m hoping they do something similar for the Mosaic Peophin in time. ❀️ I also love the outfit, super cute! The wig should restrict the mane completely (this is also a big problem with Peophins) but I like that it hides the horn, actually. The shirt and skirt are so cute, and I like that the whole outfit is simple and basic enough to work with different styles, you could go for a childish schoolgirl look or something more grown up depending on the overall customization. A really solid pet day for Unis, thank you TNT! #faithrestored
  24. The ray is fired at Solarpath... ... and she changes colour to Christmas!! Turned from Custard to Brown, so from Brown to Christmas there isn`t much difference, she just sprouted antlers and a red nose, lol.
  25. OMG these are all sooo good! I`m so pleased to see lots of entries, and it seems like people had fun with this theme! Edit: So for years I thought his name was The Paint Devil rather than Pant Devil. Anyone else? Just me? lol
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