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  1. One shiny obsidian is fairly clutter. 20 shiny obsidian is Charity Corner fodder, and a trade I've made. I don't know how the investment work out long term, but I'm content to have a couple extra dozen in my SDB.
  2. Here in semi-rural Nebraska my personal life hasn't changed much. I didn't go out a lot before, so staying home is nothing new. I work a manufacturing job, which has put some new policies in place, but was pretty big on remaining sanitary before all this started. My only real changes are that the local Wal-Mart has changed hours so it's not open when i get off work, need to do my shopping before or on my days off, and the local D&D group has stopped meeting for the foreseeable future. Local stores got wiped out of TP and sanitizer, but keep getting supplies in of most stuff, though just get wiped out again. Have been a few crazy hoarders, but most local folks seem to be more reasonable, so can find options with only a little effort. Have a lot of friends in bigger towns who are having problems. Many of them work service jobs, waiters and the like, and are basically unemployed now. Jobs either can't or won't offer any sort of pay while shut down. Are promises of easily accessed unemployment, but last I heard that was just talk and hadn't lead to cash in the bank as yet.
  3. Personally I'd favor some bright orange armor for Saint Patrick's Day, but that's getting political... or maybe religious? Either way...
  4. I hadn't really noticed. I make use of them on occasion, typically just in time for NP to stop making new ones for a while.
  5. I grab a basic colored pet from the pound, fed it, paint it something interesting, and put it back in hopes someone wants it long term. I have my one pet I'm content with.
  6. I've had it happen, assumed was completed properly.
  7. Wow, five month lull before knocking down number 15, a Sinister Evil Coconut.
  8. I want to vote for the book, because books are awesome. But do I vote for the picture of the book, or the text of the book? ...maybe i wait until later and hope it's fixed.
  9. Rayd1978

    Social media

    I us my Facebook account a lot, and have a lot of people muted. I do have a Discord account, but really only use it to tell when one of the MUSH games I play is having server issues.
  10. I'm leaning towards 'lucky'. I have had 3 in quick succession, last of a Fortune Cookie, start of a new Cookie, and one randomly gained, but that's stacking the odds in my favor. All that said, refreshing a page gives a chance of a random event, including, but not limited to, a faerie quest.
  11. Just at the moment I'm unemployed. I was an overnight stockman at the local grocery store, but the level of stupidity by managment got to be too much, so i quit. Dream job? General operations manager of a moon based colony. Which is far closer to a real option than it was 10 years ago.
  12. Eh, Oxbridge put a 5% advantage on the Order, so that's who I went with. Half the time when my choice does win, I forget to make use of whatever boon I get.
  13. Now that i'm off work and don't have to go back until after the holidays, so I'm less grumpy: For several years now instead of having a big gift exchange, we've done Robber Bingo at Christmas. Kids still get gifts for them, because kids, but the adults just bring a bunch of inexpensive gifts wrapped up, put them in a pile in the middle of the table, and we play Bingo. Get a bingo, grab a gift. Another bingo, another gift. Keep going until all the gifts are gone. Clear your cards, open you gifts, and show everyone what you got. Now the game REALLY begins. Because now when you get a bingo, steal some one else's gift. (Last couple years have allowed to take one gift off the table to make sure you keep it.) Keep playing, stealing gifts back and forth. Can get a little heated if two or more people start fighting over the same gift. Goes basically until Grandma gets tired and says it's time to do something else.... at which point most people hand back the gift they'd being fighting over because they didn't really want it, they just wanted to fight. Which sometimes lads to gifts that were heavily fought over, but no one actually wanted...
  14. First watch I thought he'd be captured and was in some sort of stocks to hold him in place. Then he got a dart to the face, and I figured it out.
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