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  1. American Midwest, having lived on the east cost and the south, Halloween will vary a lot on where you live, even from town to town. Some places it;s a big deal and everyone goes trick-or-treating, while others it's barely noticed. Some places are big of kid safety, so nobody goes house-to-house, while others lets kids roam alone well after dark. And depending on what trends are popular, can change a lot form year to year. I personally favor the scary costumes, but for most people it's an excuse to dress up, so they dress up as whatever they happen to want, which might not be scary. others just want an excuse to party, don't care about the costume, so they use whatever they happen to find easy. I also have a lot of friends who are big into anime and cosplay, so they'll typically dress up as an anime or video game character. Also have a couple of Wiccan friends who treat it as a religious holiday. like most things, Halloween has different meaning to different people who observe it in different ways. This year I'll be out of town at a hotel for an anime convention that starts the next day. Are vague plans to meet up with a couple friends at the hotel bar, and I think a couple people are planning to bring board games along. I might dress up in something simple, plastic fangs and red contacts, or might go without, depending on how i feel the day of.
  2. Back into the swing with lucky 13th coconut knocked down. I was starting to get concerned I'd lost my touch. Angry Evil Coconut
  3. Oh i'm not expected much, but as expensive as books can run, I'll wait until there's a chance, even if it's a really slim one.
  4. I would like to see more than a few of the books in real publication. Eventually I just want my pet to read them all... with the name thing, won't read them ALL but hope to get the vast majority.... eventually... starting seriously after I hit 24 months so have a chance to sell them again after I read them.
  5. If it's any help, my luck seems to have dried up. Doesn't help that I keep neglecting to play, but been quite a while since I won. And still haven't made the place explode...
  6. Eh, got what I wanted. Which is to say a book and keychains of my chosen team. Then picked up another book, crossbow, and some lunch boxes because had points left over.
  7. Bleh. Barely afford a couple of books with my points... coming in dead last didn't help matters, and certainly didn't encourage me to work on my rank any. I barely got to rank 5. Hard to bother when you know it's not really going to help. Ah well, makes for greater potential comeback next year.
  8. Really it's all a matter of personal taste. Get something YOU like and are happy with. If you happen to already be happy with what you have, consider pulling a pet out of the adoption center, giving it a fresh look, and then putting it back for a chance to find a forever home. I'm told for such matters that Royal and Baby tend to be popular.
  9. Let's see, Jade because Team FaerieLand is awesome, Ghost Pepper because Ghost Peppers are awesome, Kikocat and Axe Bond because they seem awesome, and Ehlo Froyo because Maraqua's goalie gave me troubles, so they must be doing something right. Plus she seems to have a good attitude. Star player is of course Jade.
  10. ....yeah, WAY more than I'm likely to play in a given day.
  11. ....how many games a day are you allowed to submit for rankings? I doubt I'll ever play that many, but just in case...
  12. Hrrrmmm... 730+ games for S rank... at 10 games a day, I'd need 73 days.... I doubt I'll have that long, even less if they've aren't starting on time...
  13. Oh they were seen. Security isn't paid enough to deal with that level of threat. They just file a report about it. I mean, he was -told- he was robbed. Quite promptly.
  14. Mostly I game. Been trying to get the original StarCraft to work properly on my laptop. Friend is running a vampire game set 1178, so learned far more than I really needed about the 3rd and 4th Crusades.
  15. Eh, enough people who go to the dump, couldn't be sure the right person gets the right gravy, or dung, or whatever. HOWEVER.... it tells you who put what... Say 'Someone Smelly' is your contact. Gravy at half past the hour? 'Situation stable, continue as planned.' But Strange Green Seeds on the hour? 'Problem. Contact base immediately.'
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