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  1. Eh, got what I wanted. Which is to say a book and keychains of my chosen team. Then picked up another book, crossbow, and some lunch boxes because had points left over.
  2. Bleh. Barely afford a couple of books with my points... coming in dead last didn't help matters, and certainly didn't encourage me to work on my rank any. I barely got to rank 5. Hard to bother when you know it's not really going to help. Ah well, makes for greater potential comeback next year.
  3. Really it's all a matter of personal taste. Get something YOU like and are happy with. If you happen to already be happy with what you have, consider pulling a pet out of the adoption center, giving it a fresh look, and then putting it back for a chance to find a forever home. I'm told for such matters that Royal and Baby tend to be popular.
  4. Let's see, Jade because Team FaerieLand is awesome, Ghost Pepper because Ghost Peppers are awesome, Kikocat and Axe Bond because they seem awesome, and Ehlo Froyo because Maraqua's goalie gave me troubles, so they must be doing something right. Plus she seems to have a good attitude. Star player is of course Jade.
  5. ....yeah, WAY more than I'm likely to play in a given day.
  6. ....how many games a day are you allowed to submit for rankings? I doubt I'll ever play that many, but just in case...
  7. Hrrrmmm... 730+ games for S rank... at 10 games a day, I'd need 73 days.... I doubt I'll have that long, even less if they've aren't starting on time...
  8. Oh they were seen. Security isn't paid enough to deal with that level of threat. They just file a report about it. I mean, he was -told- he was robbed. Quite promptly.
  9. Mostly I game. Been trying to get the original StarCraft to work properly on my laptop. Friend is running a vampire game set 1178, so learned far more than I really needed about the 3rd and 4th Crusades.
  10. Eh, enough people who go to the dump, couldn't be sure the right person gets the right gravy, or dung, or whatever. HOWEVER.... it tells you who put what... Say 'Someone Smelly' is your contact. Gravy at half past the hour? 'Situation stable, continue as planned.' But Strange Green Seeds on the hour? 'Problem. Contact base immediately.'
  11. There is FaerieLand, and those other, lesser teams...
  12. Yeah, the evil coconuts sell for a pretty decent price. Some more than others. but even the 'low cost' ones have pretty decent pricetags. I'm still waiting to make one explode.
  13. I think the wheel will eventually get a complete revamp, new art, new results, new prize chart. I don't think it'll happen soon, but some day.
  14. Feh, they call that a press tour? They didn't interview Fairland, aka the team that matters. ? Also hadn't realized there was a staff prize shop. Took the prizes for participation and figured that was good...
  15. Right now I'm picking my way through 'Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves', which is a collection of short stories. Plan to start in on 'The Last Sun' by K.D. Edwards. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Sci-Fi convention not long ago, and his book sounded interesting.
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