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  1. And back again this year. Still not funny. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post or bump old topics. Per the reasons above, this topic has been LOCKED. . Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  2. Ahhhh!!! Books! Books! Books!!! The majority of my assorted Advent prizes have been books so far!! SO!! HAPPY!!
  3. I also had troubles with the Fruit Machine, so I assume so. Then again, I've always had troubles with Fruit Machine. I was also having troubles with the BattleDome, and turning off ad blockers worked for that.... sort of. I mean, it worked, but was way, way, WAY slower with all the ads clogging everything.
  4. That worked. Thank you. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  5. So was using my daily Fortune Cookie Quest, got the item (Faerie Kyrii Kite for the Dark Fairy) but now I can't give it to her. It brings up the two options, Abandon Quest, or Give Item... but clicking 'Give Item' does nothing. Everything I think of to try a work around has failed. I don't particularly want to give up the quest, but might be my only option. Not sure why the post text is funky. Copy/paste did something I'm not sure how to undo.
  6. ....that is way more clever than just asking in the neoboard. Which is usually pretty decent, but can take a while.
  7. Has the Fountain Fairy always given Fortune Cookie daily quests? I've had a couple times where the Grey Fairy gave a fountain reward, but two days ago got the Fountain Fairy directly.... and mistakenly thought she was a Water Fairly with an unusually expensive request, was only after I Abandon the quest occurred to me the image wasn't right. Today I got a second Fountain Quest. Is this new, or am I just lucky?
  8. ((other answers posted in the Guide, as of my writing this) Year 5: Kreludor - Neocola machine Year 6: "In a land filled with this year's tension, Where a curse defies convention, And did I forget to mention? It lies within a shape that crosses the third dimension." .....way too many curses for me to do more than guess. Edit: Of course, as soon as I post, figure it out. Lost Desert - Pyramids year 7: "The City's marvels are a boon, Its stone figures opportune, Inside; where books lie strewn, A Lenny could really use a broom!" Altador - Altadorian Archives - library Year 8: "Can you find this cool cat? Who sees through stars but isn’t a Darblat? She sells wares that she wears, And has a scarf but might have trouble wearing a hat? Central Bazzar - Uni's Clothing
  9. Any more i just do a couple easy dailies, buy stocks, and sell whatever is left over in my shop. Back when i was far more dedicated, ghoul catchers was the main money maker for me, but other games and sales helped.
  10. Wheel of Excitement can also return hit points, not sure if will also cure illness. I did not know the Plushie could cure illness. I -have- however been ill with something expensive, used the Wheel of Misfortune to catch something different, then cured the inexpensive illness to end up with a healthy pet.
  11. Number 14, Burning Evil Coconut
  12. ....not sure i'm inclined to buy a Coke, but i'll remember the commercials, which the best you can really expect these days.
  13. American Midwest, having lived on the east cost and the south, Halloween will vary a lot on where you live, even from town to town. Some places it;s a big deal and everyone goes trick-or-treating, while others it's barely noticed. Some places are big of kid safety, so nobody goes house-to-house, while others lets kids roam alone well after dark. And depending on what trends are popular, can change a lot form year to year. I personally favor the scary costumes, but for most people it's an excuse to dress up, so they dress up as whatever they happen to want, which might not be scary. others just want an excuse to party, don't care about the costume, so they use whatever they happen to find easy. I also have a lot of friends who are big into anime and cosplay, so they'll typically dress up as an anime or video game character. Also have a couple of Wiccan friends who treat it as a religious holiday. like most things, Halloween has different meaning to different people who observe it in different ways. This year I'll be out of town at a hotel for an anime convention that starts the next day. Are vague plans to meet up with a couple friends at the hotel bar, and I think a couple people are planning to bring board games along. I might dress up in something simple, plastic fangs and red contacts, or might go without, depending on how i feel the day of.
  14. Back into the swing with lucky 13th coconut knocked down. I was starting to get concerned I'd lost my touch. Angry Evil Coconut
  15. Oh i'm not expected much, but as expensive as books can run, I'll wait until there's a chance, even if it's a really slim one.
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