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  1. I am glad to see another FaerieLand supporter keeping the faith. Can only hope this year goes better.
  2. Last year was a major disappointment, so hard to get excited at this point, but we'll see how things go. Maybe I'll work up the motivation to go all star.
  3. Unexpectedly, today I won my 19th coconut, Stitched Evil Coconut
  4. Oh yeah, it glitches every time. Annoying, but do get the neopoints and the prize.
  5. Most lands seem to be more medieval setting, and have some sort of Royal Guard or Grundo Security. I can only go off the quests offered, but no one seems to say 'There's been a robbery, call the police!' it's always more 'There's been a robbery, let's hope some random passerby hunts down the thief as a vigilante!'
  6. Coconut number 18 on day 798, Wailing Evil Coconut
  7. I make quite a bit of NP from Coconut Shy, but I've also been unusually lucky. It's distinctly a game you only game profit long term, lose a couple thousand a day, then once a month, -maybe-, win back 10,000 and an item valued a couple hundred thousand.
  8. There's always the lottery... ummm.... keno? Buried Treasure? Smuggler's Cove? ....Coltzan's Shrine? I'm of the impression it can still give out a million neopoints, just at random...
  9. I DID IT! I GOT A COCONUT TO EXPLODE!!! ....and then because Chrome is stupid, it reloaded instead of taking a screenshot. Still, -I- know it happened, and have the 500,000 neopoints and Scorched Evil Coconut to prove it. So, going way back to my original question of how rare such explosions are? Less than 1 in 14,000.
  10. I just want some more Kougra books.
  11. I mean, we're all dying, that doesn't mean there aren't years and years ahead.
  12. Nice. I keep thinking I should make the attempt myself, but while I have a decent stash saved up, the thought of messing up and failing has kept me from attempting.
  13. One shiny obsidian is fairly clutter. 20 shiny obsidian is Charity Corner fodder, and a trade I've made. I don't know how the investment work out long term, but I'm content to have a couple extra dozen in my SDB.
  14. Here in semi-rural Nebraska my personal life hasn't changed much. I didn't go out a lot before, so staying home is nothing new. I work a manufacturing job, which has put some new policies in place, but was pretty big on remaining sanitary before all this started. My only real changes are that the local Wal-Mart has changed hours so it's not open when i get off work, need to do my shopping before or on my days off, and the local D&D group has stopped meeting for the foreseeable future. Local stores got wiped out of TP and sanitizer, but keep getting supplies in of most stuff, though just get wiped out again. Have been a few crazy hoarders, but most local folks seem to be more reasonable, so can find options with only a little effort. Have a lot of friends in bigger towns who are having problems. Many of them work service jobs, waiters and the like, and are basically unemployed now. Jobs either can't or won't offer any sort of pay while shut down. Are promises of easily accessed unemployment, but last I heard that was just talk and hadn't lead to cash in the bank as yet.
  15. Personally I'd favor some bright orange armor for Saint Patrick's Day, but that's getting political... or maybe religious? Either way...
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