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  1. So many flash games haven't been repaired in nearly a year or more. So many things are broken. I can't do a lot of the dailies because they just don't work either by not loading right or buttons not working. Did they just give up? No one should be paying their monthly VIP for such a broken site.
  2. You come first. As a person who has dealt with abusive situations personally, the most important thing to follow is "Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm" This situation is clearly very upsetting. I think you need to take a long hard look at this and decide if you need to make an ultimatum. You can love to pieces a family member or friend, but if they live toxic lives (even if it's not their fault, abuse is very hard to get out of, but it's still not your responsibility) that will spill over into yours. Keeping lower contact or in extreme cases cutting them out entirely might
  3. Man, that makes it more confusing. I also expected it to be a middle age to younger male as statistically that is what it usually is. If there was actual PTSD involved, that just makes this even more sad. I have PTSD (not from war, so the living flash backs thing is not something I encounter) and I know how terrible it can be from just normal abuse, let alone from being in a battle. My guess sadly is that he may of either had some form of PTSD, in which case he may of been having flash backs or something. Or perhaps considering his age he was really broke, lost his pension or some other
  4. I used to live in the US and now live in Europe. I completely agree with everyone on the gun control. What I don't understand is where the limit is. I mean, if your neighbor had a nuclear weapon, then you would want one too. But it's their having it in the first place for "defense" that causes the paranoia as it is anyone who has a gun for "defense". Having weapons causes others to be mistrusting. The amendment that covers gun rights when it was written did not at all cover what we would have in the future. It meant right to have some kinda arms should things go south, not that anyone can ju
  5. I love that new types of rings for both wedding and engagement are becoming popular. Personally for me, the ring I want would be too expensive (so frustrating when a cool gem just happens to cost a lot, I personally love black opals) so my partner and I were thinking of getting rings with engravings that basically say "I love you forever" in a language we created. Far cheaper and more unique than a diamond ring, LOL. I have the same issue with chunky things and quite small fingers. So for our engagement we bought super cheap rings that are the same dimensions as the ones we were interested
  6. Agreed There is a whole nasty business in the diamond industry (burning diamonds to make them more rare - the unethical way they are often sourced etc). Unless it's really that important to someone or being used as a hard substance that isn't easy to break, I always encourage people to go for something else, LOL. To me, it's so much cooler and meaningful to have a gem that means something to you, like a birthstone or just a color you really like. Expense doesn't show love, the though process into expressing a gift does. And clearly lots of thought went into that ring choice. Oh
  7. Oh darn, I guess it was my browser that allowed me to even see the loading circle. I can't be the only one who thinks it's both unfair and kinda greedy of them to be selling key quest items still. I mean, at least bring them back if/when the game comes back. Otherwise people are paying real money for not even virtual fun, but absolutely nothing. I wish they'd take the area of Key Quest down completely so that new commers don't get fooled, or old players with new browsers, LOL.
  8. So I was just on the NC mall and saw that they were selling a special Key Quest theme. I thought Key Quest was basically dead. So out of sheer curiosity I went back to it. The tutorial is back up, everything loads except that when I click play, I just get a blue screen with the white circle and nothing else. Does this mean they're working on it? Or perhaps, maybe it's actually working by my browser is having issues loading it?
  9. I'm on depo shot. It's completely stopped my periods outright. I get no cramps, no bleeding. I don't know if it's messed with my depression, my libido is definitely affected negatively, but my cramps and bleeding are pretty heavy so it's not a bad trade off and honestly I think my sex drive is more caused by other mental issues rather than the hormone shot, so it might be worth a try depending on if it's worth it for your specific situation. Perhaps that might be an option for you. You get it every three months, totally protected and after a few times of getting the shot, your period is usu
  10. My gallery is dedicated to all the food that I would love to try and wish was real or even if it exists already, it always looks better in cartoon form. It's mostly desserts, but those generally look the most fun to me :D
  11. I do this a lot when I get sick of finding enough omelettes for all of them LOL. I also have trouble putting them in "cockroach tower" and usually choose Mountain Lodge or the fairy one with a few amenities. rntracy1 has a great point though. It really is just a name and likely they did that so people would spend more neopoints into the NP economy, LOL. I tried to keep up with feeding, but quickly fell behind. It also takes time to have the window open up and do each one, wait for the loading and have to press the same food again and do the same thing. To me, it just feels tedious.
  12. Ooh! I would love the night music if it's not taken :D I've always wanted a music for the customization but could never get my hands on one.
  13. Even if you are an adult, if you have anxiety issues about the whole thing, they will likely let a family member or partner be there with you. Kid or adult, it's not fun feeling panicky and I think if someone holding on to your leg or feet to keep you grounded and help you know you are not alone would help, they will at the very least consider it I would think. I went in for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy and my partner was allowed to be there during the whole thing (I have a strong gag reflex and panicked a little due to my throat trying to swallow the camera all the time and how painful
  14. Just out of sheer curiosity, is anyone else annoyed that the money tree doesn't tell you when you've reached your 10 item limit? I could of sworn today I only counted 6 items, but I can't even get really easy stuff like discarded food, so I probably did grab 10 but forgot everything since I put some of it away. Anyway, just a super short little rant about it. I wish like many of the other dailies there was a message with the Acara that said "Sorry, you seem to of grabbed your 10 items for the day. Return to the money tree tomorrow or feel free to donate" or something to that effect instead o
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