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  1. I want to go out and buy a candy necklace to gnaw on...
  2. Lol after playing for 16 years, this is the first time I received a FFQ!
  3. I have all the avatars so i usually just go with the winner of this TDN vote
  4. I am willing to lose also, if you still need to win a battle with your darigan tonu.
  5. Wow! I haven't tried to get anything from Tarla's toolbar in ages! Congratulations!!
  6. Lol @lazy mode! I agree with the outfit texture being a bit odd as well.
  7. The forum has a giveaway page? That would be cool to post items to give away! Does anyone have the link?
  8. I have always wished for a Grundo, and have flopped between sponge and marshmallow. Until 8 bit came out. I love the 8 bit ?
  9. Thank you Aqua! It worked! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  10. It's not letting me join any faction. :(
  11. Omg these are hilarious! I forgot how they looked when NP started. Looks like a high school girl was sketching these sleazy dollz in US History class.
  12. A warm welcome to the TDN forums! Sounds like you'll fit right in! ??
  13. I have been trying to get this rubbish avvy ever since it came out! I discard about 10 - 25 items a day, just from what I get doing my dailies. One day I expect to be surprised. I hope. Lol
  14. I get impatient with it after I have spun the wheels while ads are loading so they barely move. I never check if i get a prize, but I do get the comeback tomorrow message.
  15. I'm surprised I didn't see a chomby baby, they're so cute!! But i might be partial since i have one lol
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