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  1. A couple days late but I'm back and egg hunting. The site seems smoother since the last time I gave up on it, hah
  2. I made it to All-Star! I was really doubting that I could, and I probably didn't get enough sleep this week. But I got there!
  3. Made All-Star! Good work this year, everyone! It's been nice to see so many wins this AC.
  4. Swept Faerieland! I am so close to reaching All-Star, but I am exhausted and the main AC page keeps crashing on me. I hope I have some time tomorrow morning.
  5. Maxed YYB and SOSD today (well. One off on each; I want even 10s on my numbers ) and I'm gonna make it! I'm pretty sure I can make All-Star tomorrow and then not worry about Friday.
  6. Made Rank 16 today. I'm not sure what my chances are of scraping through to All-Star, especially since I'm going to be gone on Friday... but I'm gonna keep fighting for it.
  7. I'm still not scoring as high as I was with the earlier version, but my goodness what a relief, I don't feel like screaming during every round. My goalie (Moltara) is still wrong though. Edit: just snagged a 12 point game! This is so much better!
  8. Last year I had 465 saves and this year I have 42. Yeah, I guess something's wrong with Harlis. Maybe it's connected to him not technically being on the field since it was showing the previous goalie?
  9. I play one round and think, hey, this isn't so bad, the tips are working, I got 10 points! And then the next round NONE of the tips work for me and I get 5 goals the whole game. I had been trying really really hard to keep Aldric Beign's GPG on the scoreboard, but I can't get above 7 goals with him per game anymore. I was also hoping to scrape by and get All-Star, but YYB is SO frustrating now that I think I'm giving up on that. I can't play more than 5 games without wanting to tear my hair out.
  10. This. This is miserable. The controls are more fluid but trying to make a goal 6 times in a row and failing is not fun. I was getting an average of 9-10 GPG (used to get 12 with the Flash version), not happy with half that at best. Edit: yeah, this is a nightmare. Might have to pick up the slack with MSN or SS instead, YYB is unplayable.
  11. I've managed two 13 point games but that's the best I've gotten this year.
  12. I put on a show or movie, preferably one I've seen before so that I don't feel like I need to pay a ton of attention to it, haha. Been binging through Grey's Anatomy again this year, and Doctor Who with my mom.
  13. I fell asleep after getting home from work last night Not sure what kind of chance we have against Altador but I'm going to grind for a while and see what I can do to help.
  14. Rank 8. I'm a little behind what I've been aiming for this year because I was too wiped out yesterday to do more than curl up in bed. But I'll make it to 9 today. I don't know if I'll reach All-Star this year but I'm gonna try!
  15. I managed a 12 point game today. Best I've done with the new version. Edit: buuuuut SOSD won't work for me today. Keeps disconnecting and failing to send my scores. And now nothing but 504 and 502s. So frustrated, I would've just gone to sleep if I knew this was going to happen.
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