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  1. One of my favorites to make is chicken fried rice, and there are always tons of leftovers! This is the recipe I use: https://cooking.mealime.com/recipes/better-than-takeout-chicken-fried-rice/691#!/
  2. Free NC! I'll take a silver trophy. Next year I'll have much more stockpiled.
  3. The prize shop will stay open until next year's Charity Corner, right?
  4. I loooove the Water Poogle. So PRETTY. There's too many paint jobs that I like and don't want to spend the NPs on.
  5. Hey, are you wanting the Pirate Krawk clothing? I happen to have the set stuck in my closet.
  6. This is my first year participating in Charity Corner! Very happy to get rid of all my old Advent Calendar stuff, and for a new avatar. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Charity Corner 2020' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  7. I took a big break right in the thick of it to play the AC instead I'm definitely fine, everything's fine
  8. I never ever have to touch NeoQuest ever again!!! Congratulations! You have beaten NeoQuest® II on InSaNe! difficulty! You are awarded a NeoQuest® II trophy... ...as well as 50,000 neopoints!
  9. I'm about to face the final boss on NQII on Insane and I'm EXTREMELY NERVOUS edit: I DID IT
  10. I beat the last crossover challenge on L&L, so I'm REALLY REALLY hoping that at some point the avatar and trophy will be awarded.
  11. Ooh, some of the Oil Paint colors are icky but this one is really appealing.
  12. Welcome back! I find that every time I come back from a break, one of my stocks is ready to sell. Always a warm welcome.
  13. Baby caracal! I love his ears
  14. Finally back over 30 mil and 10k interest in the bank! I really really want to splurge on an Acara Transmogrification Potion, but I'm gonna hold out until I have collateral for the MSPP lend.
  15. From what I understand, one transfer equals one out, one in. So if you were to send two pets out (or accept two pets), that would count as two transfers. But if you were to transfer a pet out and then have another pet transferred to your account, that would count as one transfer. Hopefully my wording makes sense there.
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