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  1. Apart from TDMBGPOP having a random chance of making your pet hungry, I don't think there's really anything else.
  2. You could try adopting a random pet from the pound and attaching the Quadrapus to it, if you don't mind having it sit on your account for a couple of months. I presume you have room on your account for one more pet, since you mentioned only having two? It's also worth noting that pets will dislike a food/book/petpet/etc if it has the same amount of characters in its name as the item, so if an item's name is the same length of characters in a different language, your pet will still dislike it in that language too. So make sure to adopt a pet that doesn't have a 9-character name, if you do.
  3. They are indeed in shops owned by users under the age of 13, presumably a default thing. If the account was created when the user was under 13, and they open a shop and they have these numbers, they don't automatically change to any other default greeting or anything once the user turns 13. Which is somewhat amusing to me if the owner of the shop never changes those description fields after they've turned 13, because it'll still be like that on accounts where the user is like 20 or something.
  4. All of these are really cool! If the Wraith were a little bit more detailed, I'd love it even more. The unclothed Stealthy makes for a really good base colour as usual - really loving the shades of midnight blue they've gone with. That outfit is stellar too; I'm digging the whole transparent raincoat aesthetic. (Although the colour scheme on the umbrella is throwing me off a bit...)
  5. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with your aim and is just RNG, given you can use this link instead of clicking on the coconuts.
  6. It's very much pure luck. Often the game will make you miss, regardless of cursor placement or which coconut you're going for. You just have to keep trying and hope for the best.
  7. Our coconut-knocking times seem to be almost aligned - I got one a few days ago lol. Wonder if it's somehow easier to get them at certain times of the month/day/etc.
  8. Oil Paint looks odd. I can definitely see what they were going for, but the visual clutter throws it off. The eyes contrasting with the rest of the face doesn't help. Toy also looks awkward, but the colour scheme is nice.
  9. It could be that as well! That was actually my first association, but I was more inclined to go with sea cucumber due to the shape of the 'hair', the body patterns (spots), and the discernible lack of any 'foot' that anemones usually possess. It also made more sense to me thematically for the Chia to be a sea cucumber, due to Chias frequently being associated/themed with fruits and vegetables (yes, I know the sea cucumber is not technically vegetation, but you can see the connection).
  10. I guess the Shy is being more generous lately? Yesterday I knocked down a Monstrous Evil Coconut. Congrats, though!
  11. Apparently, I am! (Baelia is still there, apparently...) Thanks for the advice, y'all I'll probably stack the discount with the 3% third Wednesday bonus, if that even works. As for items, I might snag a BD item; been meaning to upgrade my kit for some time.
  12. So, I got this as a RE today during dailies: I've never seen it before, but that's pretty nifty. Any advice on what I should use it on?
  13. What was last year's? It's entirely slipped my mind at this point.
  14. I'm pretty sure the closest thing you've got is Rejuvenating Jar of Brains, which heals for 60 HP. Those go for around 490k, though. I do have one that I can sell you at a discount, if you want?
  15. I can't select any pets at the Lab Ray; presumably this is due to the latest Chrome update. Anyone know how to fix?
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