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  1. Looks like the luck's spreading to all of us here.
  2. It was a position testing a digital document acceptance system at IBM. Kinda uneventful, but it paid well, so I'm happy for that. I feel ya - I was hoping to get back to university this year but with the pandemic going on I'm not sure how that'll work out 😅
  3. Thank you! Life has been alright - I finished a paid internship a month ago and for now I'm just holed up in my room playing Animal Crossing cus of the pandemic. How about you?
  4. Hey, hello again! Hope you're doing well, it's nice to see you back for real.
  5. This was a nice surprise from the Wheel of Knowledge today.
  6. This is really interesting. I'd never known before that you could just be allowed in; I thought you had to just find your 5 minute window like everyone else. Duma, do you get that message every time you visit the pool? Does it allow you unlimited dips?
  7. Besides Angelo's theory, there really isn't much confirmed. I think it's just luck for the most part. I place about 7 wishes per day, 21 NP each (as that's the minimum you can wish in order to win) and I've had about 20 wishes granted since, oh, 2015 or so? I haven't been keeping track. I generally wish for what's most valuable at the time until its price drops and I wish for a new item instead. I can only really place 7 per day because my timezone usually makes it so I can only get into one 12-hour period.
  8. This year's colours are... eh, could be better, but they could also be worse. Biscuit is a nice neutral colour, at least, and I like the little details of chocolate chips stuck in the longer fur. But Glowing? Ehh. And why is its mane missing? I wish they'd previewed the outfit too; dresses are very hit or miss with Xweetoks and I get the feeling this one's a miss.
  9. 200mil, perhaps? That'll probably take me quite a long time, though, so I'm not putting a time goal on that one just yet.
  10. Not that unrealistic, apparently! Most of this was made from stocks and selling codestones.
  11. Man, they really went all out on this one. Origami looks fantastic - it's super detailed and looks three-dimensional. I wonder if they used any sort of 3d rendering software for Origami? It reminds me of the use of CGI to animate the Iron Giant, while everything else in the film was hand-drawn.
  12. I got it this year as well. Is it only available during certain years or something?
  13. I have been noticing; it's kinda weird, especially given for some time the reward was only 250NP. Maybe they put someone else in charge of it lately?
  14. Apart from TDMBGPOP having a random chance of making your pet hungry, I don't think there's really anything else.
  15. You could try adopting a random pet from the pound and attaching the Quadrapus to it, if you don't mind having it sit on your account for a couple of months. I presume you have room on your account for one more pet, since you mentioned only having two? It's also worth noting that pets will dislike a food/book/petpet/etc if it has the same amount of characters in its name as the item, so if an item's name is the same length of characters in a different language, your pet will still dislike it in that language too. So make sure to adopt a pet that doesn't have a 9-character name, if you do.
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