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  1. The colours on the outfit are a little garish, but the Woodland colour is lovely! Leaf-tailed geckos are really cute and it's cool to see more colours that are based on real-life animals.
  2. Thank you for the links! I knew about the Coconut Shy link, but not the others. I've knocked down these two recently.
  3. Looks like the well is spoiling forumers again: EDIT 22-Jul-2021: At long last, it's my turn again.
  4. I came here to say that lol. The banana tusks are also a nice touch!
  5. It seems to be fixed - I got a different jelly today as well.
  6. Got a Glowing Jelly from that page today. Wonder why the different pages are awarding different jellies?
  7. Switched active today and still got the Watermelon Jelly. Wonder if this will persist until FoN is over. I've been having this weird glitch with the fishing vortex that, to the best of my knowledge, works like this: One of my pets, a Maraquan Xweetok, will not fish up anything from the vortex if she hasn't been set as my active pet for at least 12(?) hours. Setting her as my active pet for long enough to let her successfully fish up something from the vortex will instead result in my usual active pet being unable to fish until I make her my active pet for at least 12(?) hours instead. As far as I know, it doesn't affect my other pets. Just those two. I have no idea how to fix it or what's even causing it, and the 'swap active pet for certain period of time' thing is the only 'fix', which doesn't even fix it and just makes my Kacheek unable to fish instead. Since it seems to be related to active pet, I was wondering if it were somehow related to the Jelly thing being dependent on active pet, but there seems to be no correlation there either so
  8. Forgot to switch, but still got a Watermelon Jelly. I wonder if this is related to the fishing vortex active pet glitch I've been dealing with for years now...
  9. Now that I think about it... I've been getting a lot of watermelon jelly. I got some today, so I might swap active pets tomorrow and see what the result is.
  10. Oh no!! Very scary that he'd had that in his system for so long, but glad to hear that he's recovering well now Best wishes to you and your kitties!
  11. I got this one from the shy today.
  12. I've noticed they are pretty laggy, but: has anyone else found Kass Basher to be way easier now or just me? I'm consistently getting scores of 1300+ with the bat when my average was usually 800-900. Annoyingly, though, Kass Basher won't remember your previous scores if you close the game's tab and reopen it, so you have to re-unlock the stick and club every time you open the game again. Seems they also increased the amount of NP earned per sent score:
  13. I wish I had that many stockpiled! I'm at two reds atm and I just cancel/restart my course until I get the right ones from my daily battles. I'm noticing a consistent skew in the ones the school asks for vs. the ones I frequently get from the bd: Hopefully tonight once I can try training again it'll ask me for ones I actually have.
  14. Oil Paint would be nicer without the oddly... jarring green mouth and nose contrasting the orange. The outfit is charming though.
  15. Yikes, is that why Vux/Zed spiked from like 20k to 40k+? That's just selfish. It doesn't particularly affect me as I just wait until I get the ones I need from battling, but I feel for everyone who actually has to buy their stones. I typically battle the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot - he's easy enough to one-shot with Lens Flare, even with a low-level battle pet, and provides Neocola tokens in addition to tan/red codestones. Not sure how his payout compares to others like the Koi warrior etc., but I've had decent, steady rewards from him.
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