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  1. Toy Grarrl kinda looks funny. It's a bit shiny and polished for a plastic toy, I honestly thought it was marble at first. The admiral outfit is nicely done. I like the little details of the stopwatch and the rudder belt buckle.
  2. I got 350 NC from CC this year. It's a nice bonus for sure; I may just spend it on FQ cookies as I never really have interest in customizing.
  3. That is a LOT of items for just one paintbrush! I suppose it makes sense for the Skeith since they do have a lot of body parts to cover, and Stealthy designs are rather complex to begin with.
  4. These are both pretty solid. Some aspects of Stealthy look kinda weird (like the facecloth not totally covering its lower face, or the texture on the shoes) but it's a good design overall. The outfit is super rad; I honestly thought it was a new Royal paint colour cus of how high quality it is.
  5. We waited nearly a month for THIS? I don't even understand what's going on with the design. It isn't coherent whatsoever and just looks like they slapped several random weird attributes on there; it's not even drawn very well and just looks really awkward and stiff. Highly disappointed with this one.
  6. 3. Games are eternal, I suppose
  7. You get a trophy (and iirc, an avatar?) for having a certain amount of NP stolen by the Tax Beast/Dr. Sloth/etc, so getting something similar for having an expensive item stolen could work. Not sure how they'd implement it though as you'd probably need to implement certain threshholds of NP for what counts as an "expensive" item, and the value of items does fluctuate over time. (Tangentially related, apparently I have a golden trophy from Sloth's Invasion Tax. I have no idea how much he stole from me...)
  8. It's been posted already, and I know I'm probably biased as I have this one (and I'm a cat fanatic), but I like the Kadoatery trophy. The Avatar Collector trophy looks really nice too; I like the simplicity of it along with the golden outline. Too bad it's nigh unobtainable if you: - don't have an ancient account that participated in old events often enough to have the avatars from them - aren't extremely good at games which award avatars - haven't got the resources/NP to do certain things like Battledome (allowing you to participate in plots with battling) a
  9. 1. Wow, this is still going? I remember posting in here as a staff member lol
  10. Water looks kinda weird to me. I think it's because of the oddly defined outlines giving it more of a Marble appearance than water. The armour is an interesting outfit choice but something about it on a Poogle's body feels.. off.
  11. Ouch, that is unfortunate. It's especially worse when you've only just taken it out of your SDB to sell on the TP/Auction house, etc. That's always my worst nightmare when I'm moving something from my SDB, though it hasn't happened to me yet. I agree with what others have said on removing these sorts of REs that can take away tens or hundreds of millions of NP if you're unlucky like this; they did remove REs such as Boochi for a similar reason iirc, as one unlucky RE while your pet was active could instantly remove a multimillion dollar paint job. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn'
  12. I feel ya. Went to buy stocks today and was unpleasantly surprised by the message that I could only buy stocks trading at 15 NP per share. Here's hoping CC comes around again soon and the donation system isn't completely miserable to use.
  13. I've had the three Ptolymelons maybe 2 or 3 times. Never had three Puntecs though.
  14. Looks like the luck's spreading to all of us here.
  15. It was a position testing a digital document acceptance system at IBM. Kinda uneventful, but it paid well, so I'm happy for that. I feel ya - I was hoping to get back to university this year but with the pandemic going on I'm not sure how that'll work out
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