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  1. The Mosaic design is gorgeous! A bit cluttered as GlitchtaleLover said, but that just means it doesn't need much accessorizing. It's very reminiscent of stained glass windows.
  2. It's Lampwyck, the Moltaran lights shopkeeper: http://www.neopets.com/objects.phtml?type=shop&obj_type=110 Seems like TNT is keeping with their latest trend of modeling pet outfits after existing NPCs.
  3. Interesting that it's actually based on an unreleased design! I swore it looked familiar in some way. Echoing what others have said here, it really looks more like a Mutant than the existing mutant buzz, lol. I wonder if they based it on an existing species of prehistoric insect.
  4. The Candy Gnorbu is GORGEOUS. Definitely has to be my favourite Candy pet thus far. I'm a big fan of the new outfits being themed after existing characters - nice to see some lesser-known iconic NPCs getting recognition again.
  5. Hey all. I've been training my battle pet daily at the Secret Ninja Training School for a couple years now, but today I've noticed something. The status page doesn't display her stats properly: and when I try to start her on a new course (which also doesn't display her name or stats), I get this error: Has anyone else experienced something like this? To my knowledge, this only started happening sometime today.
  6. Altador Council is now working properly for me, but the meteor is still bugged.
  7. The Pastel Wocky feels a bit too bright/saturated to be pastel. Though, maybe it just looks that way against a pure white background. The Kell outfit is funny though. Nice to see a throwback to the Supernatural crossover lol
  8. I've had a dry spell for a while, but the well finally paid out today: Now, the real question is: open or sell?
  9. I've been getting the same thing for the past few days. I remember this happening a while ago as well; hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  10. Can't say I expected them to go in that direction with the Stealthy Xwee, but I'm pleasantly surprised! It's a little cluttered, still very charming. The base paintbrush colour looks interesting to customize with, if DTI's images are correct:
  11. That Xandra outfit is KILLER. Really looking forward to the Stealthy Xwee!
  12. They really knocked it out of the park this Vandagyre day lmao. Love how well they captured the Furby Essence
  13. Pastel is cute, but it feels a bit... overdetailed? Busy? That costume is breathtaking though!
  14. The outfit and colour are fantastic this time around! I'm always a fan of the Candy pets that have a specific theme, and it's great to see fanmade concepts being used.
  15. A squid-like Mara Vandagyre would be fantastic! I would LOVE to see any cephalopod-based Maraquan pets. There's the Mutant Jetsam, as mentioned before, but that bears more of a resemblance to a Kraken and isn't a Maraquan pet. I'm really taken by some of the Mara pets that are based on specific marine animals: I'm liking the direction they've gone in with the more recent Maraquan pets being inspired by real aquatic creatures as opposed to ambiguous, frilled/gilled forms. Hopefully we'll see more interesting real-life inspirations for the remaining Mara pets.
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