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  1. Just curious, what's your dream job and where do you work right now?
  2. luckyhelen


    One of my favorite recipes: My own Chicken Jerusalem. Chicken sauteed in butter and white wine with mushrooms, green onions, and artichoke hearts, served over pasta, with fresh Parmesan cheese, finely chopped parsley, and sliced almonds.
  3. I found new hobby - gaming. It is so entertaining, I can play slot games here https://mr.bet/casino/popular for hours. Want to become a pro player in the future and win a jackpot.
  4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Me and the Lady both loved this Great soundtrack, captured the era well. LOL's in the cinema for the finale!
  5. Watched "Dark Money" last night on BBC. Was a real difficult watch about a kid actor being abused by the producer whilst on set. Good but a difficult watch. I'm glad that I found VPN from Veepn.com. Now I can watch any channels I want without restrictions. Very convy!
  6. I just bought Xbox gift card and pistachios
  7. Supernatural Horror that's not too supernatural: Dan Wells's Over Your Dead Body.
  8. I like casino games. They give me an opportunity to get some extra cash. I found one reliable online casino here https://syndicate.casino/en-au/payment-options/visa-mastercard with easy payment options. All my friends play there too.
  9. I've researched loads about history, food cycles, war tactics, human migration patterns, linguistics, politics, economics, technological advancement... all in the attempt of writing down a believable 6000+ year fake history for a fake world. What about you?
  10. So wondering where does everyone like to go shopping at for clothes in the mall. I'll list a few of the common ones and your more than welcome to add your own in. Gap Hollister American Eagle Abercrombie and Fitch Guess Macy's Nordstroms Banana Republic For me I usually shop at American Eagle, Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch and Guess
  11. I studied Physics and Data science. Physics because I thought I liked Physics before taking it up (I loathe it now). Data science because people told me it had better job prospects.
  12. What tips could you give someone who has lots of stress? What's your favorite way to relieve stress?
  13. One of close friends make music, he's a famous DJ in our city. In high school I started learning the guitar but then quit Still regret about it
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