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  1. great job, tnx for the inspiration. I'm a photographer and I try to follow pro photographers to improve my skills and get some inspiration. Recently I found many wallet images for my website. it is very convy. There are thousands of photos on every taste and I can download any image for my projects. All pictures are available under a royalty-free license. Useful site.
  2. same here. that's why I prefer to check the synastry here https://astromix.net/en/synastry/. I believe in Astrology. It allows me to explore two birth charts in their inseparable unity and mutual influence. The synastry can predict the future of the relationships between people. I think it's great way to find a perfect match for you.
  3. How to build a website fast? Do you use free website builders like wix or tilda?
  4. I just got a new tablet and I'm looking for some stuff to add to it. Anyone want to recommend any good photo/video related aps? What are some good iOS/Android apps photographers should have with them always?
  5. Do you study programming? What's your favorite programming language? I lile Python because it is good enough at most things to be useful and it is fast to write. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. Use the 'Edit' button or Multi Quote to reply to more than one post at once. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  6. I just started learning programming but I can say that nothing could be better fullstack course from pro devs.
  7. Just binge watched the whole series of Spartacus again, man, this is such great entertainment.
  8. so many useful tips! Thanks guys. I like outdoor acitvities like hiking and camping, they help me to relax
  9. The old man - couple of episodes in, not bad so far
  10. Let's talk about favorite apps? Which one you use the most?
  11. What apps do you use the most?
  12. The umbrella Academy and Orange is the new black on Netflix. I started using vpn add on firefox to bypass all restrictions and get access to US Netflix. Useful tool, besides it provides a high level of security and helps to protect my data.
  13. Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan, I'd say 3/5 as a standalone but 4.5/5 as a continuation. It's part of the Wheel of Time series (the 7th book) and famously the first of the 'slowdown' books where there is more of a focus on world-building and fleshing out characters than on moving the plot forward. I really liked it, but it's not my favorite of the series.
  14. How to build a website without coding?
  15. Do you use security certificates for website? I've had my design portfolio website for years (hosted via A Small Orange, domain via Namecheap) but now I am planning to sell some work right on my site. I've got WooCommerce all set up and I know I need an SSL certificate. As of now, I barely use any bandwidth of my hosting plan and I doubt it'll increase by much once I start selling some work. I don't know exactly where is the best place to purchase one
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