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  1. It may take forever but if you at least remember the month or somewhere close to it.... you have 3 chances a day to try when putting forgot your password. I remember a while back that happened to me with my side account...and I knew I had put the birthday in June but couldn't remember the number. I tried one day at a time and eventually got it haha.
  2. I've bounced around from Montreal to a nearby city.
  3. I was actually trying to learn Italian with Duolingo....but I felt the progress was so slow and I lost interest (which is horrible, I know....I lose motivation so easily). I speak English and French (I am from Quebec, Canada haha so I was forced to know french but it is a great thing. I wish I knew more languages). Good luck with learning German! I hope you stay motivated and get to master it.
  4. Congrats! That is awesome! I am actually one of those people who adopts a pet from the pound to zap them into something cool. Let them go and hope they find a nice home.
  5. Thanks to both of you I actually already lost tons of NPs on it over the years and I have a feeling I might never get it haha. I will keep trying and attempt to be postive .
  6. I finally got this avatar! It has been years since I have been going more or less every day. Woohoo! Now on to the next one I need and will probably never get....Lever of Doom.
  7. Congrats that is awesome! It is always nice to win something different.
  8. Ohhhh noooo! That is horrible I have done the same in the past but not for anything worth crying about. That's unfortunate for you... boo
  9. Welcome back also wanted to say, I love your username haha. I am a bit fan of dragons and coconuts
  10. Aww congrats, that is amazing! Actually, I became an aunt for the first time not long ago as well. My brother had his little boy on July 21st.
  11. No idea but if I have to guess people get bored. They create a pet and sometimes it is hard to come up with a name and all the good ones are taken....so I think they just come up with anything. Then they get bored, get rid of the pet and start over again. Lately what I have been doing to try and help some of these poor souls. Is adopting them, zapping them with the lab ray until I get a cool color and then putting them back in the pound to get adopted and hopefully loved.
  12. Woohoo! Congrats! Do you know what pet/color combo you want to use it for?
  13. I have it and it took quite a long time to get it. A few years for sure. I wasn't doing quests everyday but often enough.
  14. I am sure there are worst ones (I just couldn't really remember on the top of my head what they were called haha) but here are a few items that always kind of bother me when I look at them. Gross and unsettling. Dung Cream Sandwich Eyeballberry Hot Worm Hot Dog Jar of Eyeballs Toe Nail Soup
  15. Congrats, that is amazing! I have never managed to correctly guess the weight.
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