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  1. thanks. but i think you got the prices wrong. I went to the last one you listed and it was 1,100 not 11,100.
  2. I just zapped Miss_Pickles19 into a Maraquan Kau. I'm not entirety attached to Miss PIckles, so I've decided that I would adopt her out to someone who'd like her. Or I can trade her with someone who wants her and had a pet they dont want so I can continue to zap pets on my side account. Now currently she is a male due to the lab ray, but if someone wants her, I can easily change her gender via the battledome. Im gonna give this a week and if no one replies here, or sends me a NM, I'll just continue to zap.
  3. Its not working for me for adblock plus. and everytime i close my browser, i have to add it again, which doesn't matter cause it's not working anyway.
  4. I use Adblock plus and adblocker. any instructions for those?
  5. Here I am again! LOL Can anyone tell me why Neopets doesn't like position:fixed in their coding? I can't get my footer to stick to the bottom of my lab log layout without it.
  6. This is an idea that I had for my female Biscuit Grarrl. I had the Flowing Rose Dress as the original option but its waaay too expensive for me. So I chose the Illusen Dress as it cost much less. Im actually saving nps cause I already own the wig, background and the beauty mark. The only expensive item is the Sugar Cookie Wings. Let me know what you all think of this customization.
  7. Was wondering the same thing. It's now October and no Daily Dare. Also the Games Master Challenge, when does that usually start?
  8. I have the lab map on both my side and my main. I use my side as an extra lab ray cause I didn't want to waste the time, effort and nps I spent putting the lab ray on it some years ago. I suppose I could just not use the 1 extra zap I got from the cookie on my side and still zap my pet as I normally do.
  9. I bought two lab ray cookies and sent one to my side account that I have a lab ray on. I thought this would be ok since I bought the damn thing on my main account and then sent it over to a side. Just like anything else. I didn't notice that it said that the cookie can only be used on main accounts. I contacted TNT about it but I'm still worried that one or both of my accounts will get banned over a small issue like this. I only got 1 extra zap on my side anyway. I don't want that 1 extra zap to go to waste, so hopefully they will either let me keep using it on my side account or move it over
  10. Will repainting my petpet get rid of the P3 (petpetpet) that's attached to it?
  11. Well that just stinks. What probably stinks even more, is that I think I had one of these before. Maybe on a side. I can't be too sure tho. Either way, I'm probably not going to get one. I'll need to reconfigure my "hat" choices.
  12. I can't seem to find this item on the SW, TP or auctions. I even l searched in the sidebar on Neopets for this item and... Sorry, nothing containing 'spiced pastry hat' was found. Please try again. How come this item is no where to be found? If anyone has this item and would like to sell it, please do let me know. I'm trying to customize my Biscuit kacheek
  13. I'm sure they are working on it, but they need to hurry up lol Also I"d probably have better luck in the BD as far as making nps for selling the items.
  14. It's really annoying that flash messes up more often than not these days while playing games on Neopets. It'll flicker a few times and then the game will go blank. It seems to happen at least twice a week if not more. It's just really frustrating cause I'm trying to build up my bank account again and playing games is the only other source of nps I get, other than my shop.
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