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  1. I have a feeling the pb is going to be even more expensive....
  2. The new Maraquan Kiko is super cute. If I'd like Kiko's, this would be the one I would definitely get. I do have a feeling that this pet in this color is going to be very popular. How are pets turned into Maraquan anyway? PB?
  3. Bought 4 Lab ray cookies, currently started using one on the 1st of Jan. Was wondering if I should just use my remaining cookies each month or just use another one right after the current one ends? Opinions? I'm currently leaning towards one cookie a month, to stretch it out. I'm trying for a Chocolate Gnorbu. Hopefully I will be able to get more once TNT answers my ticket about missing Neocash. Doh!
  4. I'm starting to like it. Some areas anyway. I hope they add more layouts in the Beta version cause I really miss my Habi layout. They only have a few games in the beta and that's fine, but they don't work for me. I tried playing Fashion Fever for a few quick nps and it gave me an error about sending my score. The other ones seem fine. I don't like that it keeps switching back from the old to new layout every time I click a link, but I understand they are still working on changing things. I just hope that they convert at least the layout side of things by the end of Feb.
  5. OK, So I guess I was right to think that the way Neopets looks now when I login, is the way it's gonna look after TNT convert things. Im not liking it at all. I much prefer the classic site. But if it makes things run smoother, ok.
  6. The Order has to win this time. I NEED the avie dammit! lol
  7. Oh, that's because I deleted it. Here's the finished look. One of my favs so far. Also my Cowboy Biscuit Gnorbu. Love him!
  8. Miss Pickles turned into Steampunk. Just in time for Halloween! While Danni turned into a Mutant on Monday. http://pets.neopets.com/cp/459rkzq8/1/5.png
  9. Thanks for the info This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  10. HP for example. Is there a cap for their HP when training a pet? Currently my battle pet is 169hp. How much higher can she go?
  11. thanks. but i think you got the prices wrong. I went to the last one you listed and it was 1,100 not 11,100.
  12. I just zapped Miss_Pickles19 into a Maraquan Kau. I'm not entirety attached to Miss PIckles, so I've decided that I would adopt her out to someone who'd like her. Or I can trade her with someone who wants her and had a pet they dont want so I can continue to zap pets on my side account. Now currently she is a male due to the lab ray, but if someone wants her, I can easily change her gender via the battledome. Im gonna give this a week and if no one replies here, or sends me a NM, I'll just continue to zap.
  13. Its not working for me for adblock plus. and everytime i close my browser, i have to add it again, which doesn't matter cause it's not working anyway.
  14. I use Adblock plus and adblocker. any instructions for those?
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