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  1. Name: RiverNDF Species: Toy Grarrl Status: UFA. Requirements: just needs a good home. Contact: nodoubtfan on neopets
  2. I would love to see how some of you would customize a Zombie Grarrl. I could use some inspiration.
  3. yeah same here, was doing dailies and was suddenly logged out and now I can't log back in to do anything. EDIT: was finally able to update my passwords.
  4. Name: RiverNDF Species: Toy Grarrl Status: UFA. Requirements: just needs a good home. Contact: nodoubtfan on neopets
  5. Well that's just adorable!
  6. Well for some reason the Brain Tree link showed nothing when I clicked on it on the day and I am very sure I did every clue the day it came out as part of my dailies. Oh well,
  7. What about buying a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie on a side account and then sending it over to your main account? I have 100nc on a side account and I want to get rid of it.
  8. Trust me, I understand what you're saying lol I wouldn't ever put my almost 14 yr old account at risk. Even I'm not that dumb. lol But I have seen people say they do this.
  9. I did not. I gave up This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  10. Technically speaking, you are only allowed to have 5 accounts. 1 Main account and 4 side accounts to use as pet storage, extra galleries, SDB, etc. My thought is, what's stopping other people from making other accounts using another email? Besides the fact that they might get banned.. For example, I could just make 5 more accounts with another email if I wanted to have more pets. But then I couldn't proudly display them on my main account because I'd probably get banned. Originally, my thought was that I would love another account so I could move my Grarrls off my lab side acct and continue to use said side lab to zap more pets. Maybe from the pound. But I can't do that now, cause I bought that extra pet slot and you can only hold 6 pets without the extra pet slot. Discuss...?
  11. Currently, I was working on getting a Chocolate Grarrl and Wocky. But I had a huge dip in my bank account due to an unfortunate mishap with a Yellow Wocky MP being used on my Plushie Kacheek. Note to self: be more careful when using MPs while groggy. So for the time being, until I replenish my 5.9mil that I spent on getting my Plushie Kacheek back, I'm just zapping for fun now. The only other time I got a chocolate zap was when I wasn't even trying and my lab rat turned into a Chocolate JubJub. And I bet my current lab rat will do the same, since I'm not even trying for a specific species/color.
  12. the word display is the issue... :(
  13. It looks like TNT has fixed pet lookups.
  14. I'm trying to add some coding to my Shop Description and it appears that display:none doesn't work there. How else am I supposed to hide what I don't want if that code doesn't work?? Basically, what I am going for is a simple shop layout and I want to hide the header, footer, sidebar and all the stuff so I can just have my shop items. But is display:none doesn't work, how can I do that?
  15. Stat changes...as usual. Petpet got a name change. *yawn*
  16. I know with Neopets being in such disarray at the moment, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to fix the pet lookups? There's some html/css issues with them and I can't figure out how to fix it so I can see the petpet info underneath the neopet. Is this TNTs problem or can it be fixed?
  17. I personally don't understand why some are bothered by this. It really doesn't look all that different. I do like the new one tho and I am glad they changed the tail tip. TOP: old BOTTOM: New
  18. Yeah, the Mp cost me 500k np and I just got a plushie pb for 5.4m. A grand total of 5.9m to repaint my precious kacheek. I had just woken up too when this mistake happened. Grrr. Now I"m down to 1.625m. Np aren't as easy to make these days. I miss Habitarium, Such a good way to make Nps back then.
  19. I am currently looking to buy a Plushie PB. Yeah, I accidentally used a Wocky MP on my Plushie Kacheek. Now I need to repaint her. This is probably the most expensive mistake that I have ever made playing Neopets. I already spent 500k np on a Blue Kacheek MP. Figured if anyone had one for sale, let me know? I am looking at the TP too, but I thought I would try here too.
  20. Since we were all given 500 nc and I'm assuming it's ok to claim it on side accounts, I was wondering if Stocking Stuff-tacular was ok to do on side accounts. Would love to get some NC xmas items for my christmas gnorbu.
  21. At least for me it doesn't. Every time I play I get an error. Anyone else have this problem?
  22. I have a feeling the pb is going to be even more expensive....
  23. The new Maraquan Kiko is super cute. If I'd like Kiko's, this would be the one I would definitely get. I do have a feeling that this pet in this color is going to be very popular. How are pets turned into Maraquan anyway? PB?
  24. Bought 4 Lab ray cookies, currently started using one on the 1st of Jan. Was wondering if I should just use my remaining cookies each month or just use another one right after the current one ends? Opinions? I'm currently leaning towards one cookie a month, to stretch it out. I'm trying for a Chocolate Gnorbu. Hopefully I will be able to get more once TNT answers my ticket about missing Neocash. Doh!
  25. I'm starting to like it. Some areas anyway. I hope they add more layouts in the Beta version cause I really miss my Habi layout. They only have a few games in the beta and that's fine, but they don't work for me. I tried playing Fashion Fever for a few quick nps and it gave me an error about sending my score. The other ones seem fine. I don't like that it keeps switching back from the old to new layout every time I click a link, but I understand they are still working on changing things. I just hope that they convert at least the layout side of things by the end of Feb.
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