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  1. One Voodoo Petpets Gallergy Layout added :) Code can be found at the bottom of the page here.
  2. I've not been around for a while, so I'm guessing a lot here won't know me - my name is Izzy, and I'm the graphic creator behind TDN Graphics :) I have been poofy for the last year or so due to life stuff (exams ugh), but I would like to get back into adding new layouts to the site. For this, I want YOUR suggestions. I won't automatically make every one, but I will try if its possible. Keep in mind I am still a full-time Emergency Doctor offline and work quite long hours. Suggestions won't get made instantly so manners and patience are essential. Guidelines for suggestions: Neopets themes only State if you want a User Lookup, Pet Lookup or Gallery Layout Be specific with images if you want - but keep in mind very small images are hard to work with Alternatively, if you just want something general (say Lutari User Lookup) then thats fine too! If there is a style you particularly like on the site already, you can request that the theme be made in that style - I will try to work to this if its possible Only one suggestion per post, per user - if I make yours, you may submit another suggestion after than I am open to making a "custom" version of the requested theme just for you - with your name/username/petname on it - if you write that in your original suggestion post. Remember there will always be a generic version on the site for others to use however. Eventually I will add Guild, Shop and Petpage layouts to this but there is some back-end stuff we need to sort first. Please do not post asking for those in this thread.
  3. I often zap pets in the hopes of them going a colour someone might be dreaming of, I know there are other people about who do the same thing ^_^ I use several dream pet lists for Charter members when looking for new homes - and I thought it might be a nice idea to compile a list of dream pets for you lot too! Just in case you know ;) Personally, I've been given my last createable dream pet from one of these types of lists and have given away several dream pets to others. To be listed, simply post what your dream pets are. Try to limit yourself to four pets each please! Remember: you can be listed as wishing for pets you can't get from the labray (UCs, Krawks/Draiks, certain colours) but keep in mind that its probably less likely you'll get them from here. You cannot be listed as wishing for a Lutari so please do not ask! They run away if pounded, and they won't be transferred.
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