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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! My kiddo is loving it so far. She was pretty excited when we went to create pets because she's seen a large amount of the pets and stuff around the house. I have lots of stuffed animals and stuff still so she recognized a lot of the pets!
  2. Hello! I have been playing Neopets for over 16 years. Amazingly I was able to get back into my account. I haven't been on in a very very long time. Decided to check in and made my daughter her own account. Many many years ago I actually used to help out here on TDN. I helped run the ALP and wrote a few game guides! Excited to be back on Neopets and back here on TDN! I was a little surprised when I logged in and saw that there is only like 6 games to play currently. I sure hope they get the others up and running soon. Can't do much with only 6 games - Ashley
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