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  1. Welcome back to neopets!!! Do you have any particular goals you'll be working towards? It's always fun to come back to neopets after a break and reevaluating things with fresh eyes
  2. I cant see the image of your customization! DTI gives me The page you were looking for doesn't exist. You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.
  3. Congrats on your new dreamie achieved! Your woodland Ruki looks really pretty and I hope you have fun with them!
  4. Oh the new marble paint is so pretty!!!!!!!! not entirely sure if it fits with the other marble pb designs except for the gloss shine..... but I would have loved a separate pb for this look with ALL the pets!!!
  5. Hmm can you try asking TNT if you use your older account solely for foodclub, provided you dont FC on your new account? I feel like the new account would be more enjoyable to spend most of your time on, since its your most current one, and youre probably more attached to that... (im assuming) But you still get to reap the benefits of your well aged account. Hope you can make the best out of the split achievements on both your accounts and all the best!
  6. Congratulations!!! All the best with the Lever! Hope you get it without sinking too much neopoints
  7. yeah looooool I used to sell a couple of sticky snowballs at 1k np in my shop until yesterday but after this years CC was announced, it was all snapped up!! I think cheapest in SW is currently 4k at least?!?!? doesnt that kinda ruin the point of stocking up on sticky snowballs as a cheap source of points?????
  8. Congrats!!!! I was aware that you could get the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water, but I didnt know you could get MPs from it too!!!! You must have fished a lot!!!!
  9. OOOHH I love that name! Extra bonus: it sounds adorable too!!! Personally I recently got back to my account after 6 years? And I only had one main pet that I used to be super attached to, but now Im not so sure about their name Its the same name as my username (kinshi69), so I cant just give her up.... but tbh im not too fond of my current un for neopets, and I would change it if i could! I'll probably settle for moving her to a side account once it hits 4 months old rip Also idk why but Im more annoyed by underscores_ than numbers in names, it just l
  10. Ah I didnt realise that was the reason for Habitarium's closing Thanks for the info! Also I personally dont find that fun, but that's probably just me..... Even if the max cap were to be put at a billion, I still like to be able to set my expectations in advance. If I happened to get it 10k neopoints in, I would feel really thrilled regardless, and I don think thats significantly diminished by the existence of a max cap. But if I were to sink in a LOT of neopoints in, I would like the comfort that at least I'm APPROACHING the avie and that could give some h
  11. Oh yeah another thing that I just remembered that makes me mad, is the number of rng avatars!! I get that the uncertainty is to make things a challenge for avi collectors, and allow lucky people to flex...... But imo there should be a clear range set, to help manage expectations! For example the Lever of Doom avatar I feel like if you spend 500k total on the Lever... you should automatically get it. There can still be those lucky few that dont spend more than 10k, but it would really make people feel like theyre at least approaching the limit as they spend more neopoints,
  12. Thanks to everyone who hated the warty pen! If you hated that im sure you'll find this Mutant Hot Dog just as awful But while the warty pen and mutant hot dog were pretty obviously meant to be disgusting...... I honestly cannot be sure regarding the Hot Doughnutfruit Juice. This isnt even a "Gross Food", its classified under "Food"???? The very design of it looks like an adult joke but??? I'm not sure of the intentions........ who made this............
  13. I wish Habitarium and Key Quest were kept.... even if they had to rework the reward system. I had absolutely shit wifi back when I first played neopets and Key Quest was so stressful, but I really wish I could play it now...... Habitarium was so good and chill, and it really added dimension to the petpetpets? made me really care about those little critters
  14. I think the Warty Pen is pretty gross..... The blood(?) ink leaking out.... and the little hairs in the warts..... no thank you
  15. I wish refreshing avvies like the Game Graveyard one had some sort of "minimum to maximum" number of refreshes needed...... like even if it required 2000-3000 refreshes or something, just having a number to work with makes it much more encouraging than blindly checking....
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