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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about! Didn't notice the braids until you mentioned it and now I can't unsee it oh my god That fanart page replaces the tentacles with what look like rat tails and it's so much better.
  2. Yeah...reminds me of a low-budget power rangers monster
  3. It took me way longer to sell the necklace than any other wearable. I think the best bets right now are the background and just selling snowballs, which are still going like hotcakes.
  4. Yeah, that water looks way more like Maractite than the other water designs...
  5. Then I might give it a shot! Thanks guys!
  6. Maybe they should re-do the "I Taunt the Pant Devil" avatar requirements. He's no threat compared to Kiko Lake.
  7. I think the best embodiment of 'kitsch' that you get IRL is like, a boutique antique or second hand shop? Not like UK charity shops, but more some individual's collection of random knick-knacks. Wiktionary says "questionable aesthetic value"... That said, I don't have a Kacheek so I'm sitting this one out anyway
  8. According to Jellyneo, it's incredibly rare. Probably only 6 in existence, so you might be SOL, sorry
  9. I love that background/sky combo!! And a desert theme would be really fun too, definitely a B-movie vibe
  10. Looks like they just wanted to move it from SDB to TP but I'm also wondering what kind of other things they've got with that kind of disposable income!
  11. I'm playing the Shy every day to try and fill out the missing spots in my coconut gallery but I haven't had any luck yet. Fingers are perpetually crossed!
  12. I'm playing both Hannah games and Dice Escape every day. Hopefully it makes an impact on those final numbers!
  13. You weren't kidding about it being cheaper! I guess it's almost lucky that 2020 has absolutely flown by and I'll get a chance to use it come December
  14. It's always those NC items huh? That space suit/leggings combo is pretty nifty, and I love that background! Thanks Secre
  15. Ooh, I don't think I've seen this crosspaint before! Fantastic classic fairytale vibe!
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