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  1. 72:10!!! Slowly recouping the 10M I spent on Hidden Tower books Can you believe one lucky SOB on Reddit won 592:10?? Hope they went out and bought a lottery ticket afterward
  2. I'm following suit with everyone on reddit today - they all seem united for the frankly amazing odds today! Wishing my max bet could be higher, but got my fingers crossed for that sweet 7% chance of 96:10
  3. Finally!! With my once a day pull! I'm so happy I could cry
  4. Congrats! I'm also still working to get on the high score table... I'll let you know if I figure it out
  5. Brutes haven't won since June so I'm siding with them! /~Oxbridge786 gives them a 50%+ chance of winning.
  6. Holy cow! You should start your own betting page, these wins are incredible! I ended up with just 24:10 yesterday
  7. Got a new stamp today! I completely missed this random event during my daily Dice-A-Roo, but I put it in my album without a second thought. Then I checked the price Good thing I'm actually trying to fill out my collection...
  8. I didn't want to risk it! I sold all my STFP at 61.....
  9. I've found they're not a very popular item if you're trying to sell! If you've got the extra time I'd recommend going on a spree honestly. Who knows?
  10. Wow! They hit it out of the park with these two! This artist is doing stunning work Like @Secre I hadn't really liked any previous Vandagyre colours, but now? I'm seriously thinking about adopting one just for that beautiful desert colour
  11. After furiously refreshing to catch it as soon as it was updated, I managed to get my answer in fast enough to finally snag a gold Mystery Pic trophy! Young me would be ecstatic
  12. Aww! Congrats! My first goal ever was a baby lupe and thankfully they're still adorable post-conversion. That third outfit is super cute
  13. Oof, I'm so sorry! Yeah, I'll definitely keep that in mind
  14. I was so caught up in the wearable shag rug that I didn't even realise the implication of moustache placement
  15. I haven't played Extreme Herder in ages, but my high score is 160. You got this!! No pressure, but you might be carrying the hopes and dreams of everyone who can't manage to get this dang avatar I've been trying for Meepit Juice Break but it's kicking my butt so hard that I'm honestly thinking about spending a calendar day on zen mode just to get it done.
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