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  1. I too have been leaving them for last but I'm starting to worry about it since flash is going away. I wouldn't put it past TNT to either retire a lot of game avies they don't feel like converting OR claiming they'll get to it but never doing so.
  2. Some of them can! But I definitely agree that I wish they all could wear everything.
  3. I think so, for example, I checked the past few Wocky days and they've had xmas related outfits. At least they can wear the non-species-specific spooky clothes!
  4. I actually really like relic because Eyries look like mythical creatures that would have statues in front of museums and whatnot.
  5. Does anyone know of shoes that can fit on all 4 Ixi feet? I know some species-specific shoes tend to work for quadrupeds but none of the Ixi shoes I tried are on all 4.
  6. October has made me crave watching old Scooby Doo stuff. I've been watching the movies I used to have on VHS (!!!) like Zombie Island, Witch's Ghost, and Arabian Nights. I've also start rewatching a Pup Named Scooby Doo!
  7. Perhaps you could switch them out for a more see-through pair of glasses?
  8. It's still happening for me, can someone who fixed it tell me what they did?
  9. Just to let anyone know who wasn't aware: You can play the game and get the score but NOT submit. Then open another tab to challenge who you want. Go back to the game and submit the score. This way, if you're not sure if you can beat AAA but end up doing it, you can go challenge him rather than kick yourself for challenging Abigail hastily.
  10. Looks like they fixed it! http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=160059456
  11. Did that happen to you? I don't really get how the prize points work so I don't know if mine are right or not...
  12. The shop tends to stay open until the next year's tournament, right? If so, I might sit on my points until I see how prices fluctuate...
  13. Do you all buy every single day or do you buy up a certain amount and then just sit on it until its ready to sell?
  14. According to TND you have 90 days after your premium expires to transfer the pet to another account or it will be pounded: https://thedailyneopets.com/articles/neopets-premium-new/#pet
  15. The OP says robot painted so I would interested to know if it works with the ones you got from the money tree!
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