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  1. this is so good, I'm currently dying at Techo Superfan's comment
  2. These 18k veggie sandwiches really need to go away. Spent almost a full 100k today to get... nothing.
  3. I do love Faerie Acaras though, I'm instantly attached to this lil guy, lol. Seems smaller than the one already in my collection! Definitely keeping my new friend haha. I'll have to wait until I'm in a better mood to draft out a support ticket, lmao!
  4. Well, I'm feeling really dumb. Was trying to get The Faerie Acara book for my gallery, so I just paid a bunch of $ for a Kequest Faerie Acara Plushie with an unopened tag as a birthday gift to myself. It finally got here! Woooo- -oh. Oh no. I guess at least I have another new Faerie Acara plushie? Lol. She's really cute and I love her a bunch, but I did mainly buy for the code. Is there any other way to redeem it?? I'm so bummed. An old secondary page to redeem these that still works??? Can I just send in a ticket and get my code redeemed? Or am I just out of luck and out of $ here? womp womp
  5. I forgot to put my NC items into my SDB before accepting today’s Faerie Quest… oof.
  6. Nice, congrats!!!! I'm so lazy with training - I always fall off and just rely on Faerie cookies.
  7. I have 12 different P3s that I actively want, but somehow the ones I get through The Coincidence are never the ones I need... But, The Coincidence & its fortune cookie are proving to be SOO worth it! Second P3 I've gotten in two weeks!!!
  8. Whoa!!! I don't think I've ever gotten this many pure NP from a RE before!
  9. the widdle fangies I need all the Toy Story customs!!!
  10. I swear I am THE LUCKIEST user on this site. My main two goals right now were getting a Strale P3, and painting my Lutari Maraquan. Unfortunately they're both very difficult and expensive goals, as Strale is not awarded from anything on the site anymore, and my Lutari is on a side account so I can't fountain dip or premium perk her, as Lutaris cannot be transferred. Someone on a Neopets fan group offered me an AMAZING discount on a Strale - the p3 that was my priority goal rn. Purchased it from them for a bargain, sent it over to the side I wanted it on, and started refreshing like mad to attach it. Success! Attached! Fast forward, I'm trying to look up something with the shop wizard on that side... apparently I had received a faerie quest during all that inventory refreshing! A quick google search shows me that yes, I am allowed to complete faerie quests randomly received on side accounts. So, I send the Angelpuss the Grey Faerie is looking for over to that side... and... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! As luck has it... THIS IS MY SIDE WITH MY LUTARI!!! How is it POSSIBLE to be this lucky?!!?!?!
  11. Yeah... I've been learning this lesson again and again. Feels stupidly frustrating when I look up spreadsheets & statistics that say AAVM odds make it profitable, when I've literally never won
  12. Ditrey and Cooty are def my two favourite!! but unfortunately that meant I already have a Ditrey - so I'm going to try to sell this guy to put towards a Strale
  13. Won FOUR Nerks from battling Jetsam Ace today! I was having a lot of luck on my dailies so I decided to gamble them instead of spending them... nothing but gross food. The last Nerk did spit me out another Nerk... that went on for 3 goes... just to end on gross food. I don't understand how people get so lucky on Nerkmids and turn a huge profit - I've gotten nothing but gross food since I re-bought Premium and started battling Jetsam.
  14. I've been trying really hard to get a P3 out of The Coincidence... and it happened!
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