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  1. I just got this item: Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water Does anyone know what it does? I don't want to try it on my pets yet...
  2. I think your hair looks both soft and fluffy. Very pretty!
  3. So, the same thing happened to me - I hit the button but my stats didn't seem to increase....
  4. So....are the rest of you still having trouble? It is taking too long to connect to each page.
  5. How many points do you need to earn a badge? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk). The topic was posted in the wrong area.Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from TDN Questions to Neopets Help.
  6. I am going to join Seekers. I really like the boon where you get two intelligence points for reading one book.
  7. I have been saving stuff...just in case. I forgot about the points though. How/where do I go to see if I have points left over?
  8. Oxbridge - how do you find where those predictions are posted? Although I have to say I like the Seekers - the boon you get for double intelligence points for each book read is my favorite!
  9. Seekers got the most votes in the survey - what does our statistician say?
  10. OK! I have waited till (almost) the last minute....The Order of Red Erism it is!
  11. So the Seekers are predicted to win...but you all are all going for Red Erism? I am so conflicted! Which will it be? I will support you all, but want to win a boon! More opinions, please!
  12. Same problem with Kiko Pop. I didn't worry too much, figured it would get fixed...but now I can't get the Book Smarts from the Seekers winning the latest Obelisk battle. So, any suggestions for that is appreciated!
  13. 1) Not affected 2) Dying of hunger - well that was OK, I had a lot of food stored in my safety deposit box. 3) My pet turned Zombie - I just hope she is really turned back when it's all over.....
  14. Thanks everyone! I went with Burrow, will see how it works!
  15. Thank you! I checked that guide, for some reason, I don't see the highlights mentioned. I am still not certain which one to choose. I am hoping that someone would have experience and prefer one over the other....Thoughts?
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