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  1. I'm closing the giveaway now - thank you to everyone who took part! I'm pretty sure everyone got their requests, but if I missed you, please let me know (the fastest way is probably to neomail me).
  2. You're both very welcome! Unfortunately it was claimed, but if you'd like any other seasonal items, I have Candy Cane Bench, Planters of Gifts Trinket, Holiday Chandelier, and Holiday Decor Trinket. Apologies to everyone who was waiting for items - work and a migraine got in the way! One again, all caught up, and the list will be updated shortly. I'll probably finish the giveaway on Sunday evening (UK), so if you'd like any of the remaining items, don't be shy!
  3. Cracker grams can't be sent 'as they are' (I only recently learned this); instead I have the option to send you one of the following items: Candy Cane Christmas Tree Caught in the Snow Wig Grey Fringed Sweater Pink Knitted Cardigan Winter Hideaway Background. Let me know which one you would like and I'll send it over.
  4. Hopefully I'm all caught up now! I've done my best to take requests in the order they were made, and to ensure that everyone got at least one of their requested items. The list has been updated to show just the remaining items - I still have plenty of gift boxes, so leave a comment if you'd like something (even if you've already requested, everything must go!).
  5. That was a different staff - both your choices are on their way!
  6. The dress has gone, but the staff is yours!
  7. I've just seen your edit and would be happy to gift you all three, but I didn't know that the cracker gram itself can't be gifted. Instead there's a list of items given that I can send you. If one of them looks good, let me know and I'll send it over: City on a Mountainside Background Elegant Holiday Gown Glittering Snow Necklace Holiday Angel Cape & Wig Pearl Studded Clutch.
  8. Don't worry about making a trade, I just want to clear out my SDB! I won't use these items now, so I wanted them to go to someone who'd appreciate them. Thank you for the offer, though! Nothing in particular, I'm just not really using NC items any more, and wanted to clear my SDB out (inspired by CC). Your item should be with you now!
  9. It's simple - I have an assortment of NC items to give away, and 89 70 gift boxes galore!. Reply in the comments if you'd like an item (or two, or three!). I'll check back regularly, and cross items off the list as they go. Really Ripe Banana I Heart NC Flag Skull Bowling Pin and Ball Necklace Holiday Bell Hat and Wig Juice Splattered Top Scorchio Celebration Dress Scorchio Party Wig Scorchio Party Clutch Glow in the Dark Backdrop Candy Cane Bench Holiday Chandelier Delicate Earth Faerie Shoes World Traveler Get Up
  10. Thanks for the help, guys! It's still throwing a tantrum in Chrome, but is now working in Edge. I can update my lists, hoorah!
  11. Is anyone else having problems logging in to the JN item database? Whenever I try to do so, I get the message 'site not found' from DreamHost (see attached pic). It happens when I try to load certain pages on the site as well, not logged in. Other pages do work, however. I've tried disabling uBlock Origin, Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, one by one and all at once, and that hasn't helped. I've used Firefox, Chrome, and IE/Edge. Could it be something else I'm doing wrong, or is the site having problems? Thanks in advance!
  12. Playing for Roo Island for the third year running, and aiming for another All-Star! Who else is on the team?
  13. I chose Roo Island because I liked the team colours, and because Blumaroos are one of my favourite pets. I'm not concerned with my team's ultimate ranking, since prize points are only determined by the number of games I play personally. It's all about having fun and sticking by my team for me. ?
  14. Is anyone else finding it impossible to get Neopets to load today? All I've been getting is 'This site can't be reached'. It's pretty frustrating when I've got straight AAA scores on the day of release so far...
  15. Is anyone looking for a partner to beat AAA's score? My username is belacqua64. :)
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