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  1. i love it! how about the new spring slorg? it is so so so cute! https://items.jellyneo.net/item/68809/
  2. amazing! thank you, that's so generous! could i please have the pumpkin string lights, or anything else pumpkin themed if no one else has asked for them yet? thank you! H
  3. hi! omg that is so generous of you! could i please have the bubble lights garland or any of the mechanical neggs please? thank you very much!
  4. Hi!!! So charity corner has been working for me for a few days, and I thought it was supposed to be working until the end of the 28th, but for a whole day when I do the normal thing (I have over 10000 points) the machine runs as normal but my products go nowhere and no points are calculated. Is anyone else having this problem?
  5. Hello! Please help, I have a quick question and something wierd I noticed, which is separate from my question. Question - I guess I paid no attention to this item when I got it, it is a Holiday Patapult Patapuff 1-Pack and i've tried to find info on what to do with it. Is it useless now? Is there any way to use it? Maybe I can use it nearer to Christmas? Thanks for the help. I was organizing my NC items for the purge, and noticed this lol. I was afraid to try it... does anyone know what will happen if I let one of my pets "play" with this background? thank you for yo
  6. yes this happened to me too, on the donation page it says i have over 6000 points but when i go to the prize shop it says 0!!!! aashshdhd. my 500 free points were gone before that and i haven't been refunded for the price decrease. I agree, i'm not donating any more until this dlkjasdkhf is fixed or whatever.
  7. I 100% agree with every word said above, i won't repeat it other than to say that, yes, this is an incredible mess. Imagine the people out there who spent millions on the snowballs only to have everything they purchased cut in half. Just... they must have been able to see in advance by them that these problems were going to happen... these problems were obvious and they completely failed to communicate. Posting in some back corner and not on their site? Jeez
  8. help? I was very excited to have the "seaglass foreground", and purchased it early this morning at 2500 prize points. Now it is showing that item ( and all of them ) at 50% less, as you can see the site acknowledges how many points I have, and have spent, and the price of this item... but 1250 points are now missing. Are they gone now because I purchased early?
  9. i wondered why every time i got a sticky snowball as a prize it would be purchased right away from my shop lol
  10. i did enjoy getting this cute pet a couple of days ago, i'd never seen it before!
  11. I used to win the 150nc prize once in a blue moon, but since i used real money to buy nc (a couple of years ago), i haven't won the 150 nc price again from qalalan expellibox. I wonder if I was extremely lucky before, or does it stop giving you that prize once they've got you spending money?
  12. omg, what a first world problem. it would be one thing if you were just telling a sad story, but you're not. Why come on here and say stuff like that to people who love a game that is clearly getting lots of new content and is running well. It seems to work for people who follow the rules...
  13. I got it today!!! thank you!!! so awesome
  14. thanks guys, i'm using google chrome, prob won't bother submitting a ticket
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