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  1. i did try to go to the mall and loaded something in my cart, i will wait thanks!
  2. Good morning all! I had a lovely email this morning stating that i'd earned a 100 NC gift, which I was very excited about. However, the NC hasn't shown up in my account. Couldn't find anything I had to click on. is anyone else having this problem, or is it not a problem because i'm doing it wrong? Here is the message, thank you for your help! The Gift of NC Message: [Report Message] You earned 100 BONUS NC during the Gift of NC promotion, which ran from November 29th through January 3rd. Thank you for being a loyal shopper! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Have fun spending your bonus NC at the NC Mall! - The Neopets Team
  3. put it on their social media, then they pay attention right away!
  4. thanks everyone! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  5. any idea of what the items will look like in the christmas colour?
  6. Yes, I got one with my advent calendar today, I figured everyone got one. It's called the Dyeworks Hue Brew potion. Thank you for the help!!! Is there any way to sell an NC item?
  7. Hello there! I'm sorry, I feel sorry and silly for asking, but how do I use the dyeworks potion we were given today? I couldn't find a youtube video anywhere. I know I have to buy a specific NC item but I don't know how or where to do that. Help is appreciated please and thank you!!!
  8. I also love the tea time! And thanks for the tip on clicking for a bonus prize in the video, I had no idea about that. I was just clicking randomly until I found it, because it seemed different people were finding the prize in different places, so thanks for the tip on the santa hat. I want this to be the year where I don't forget an advent calendar day!
  9. it only seems to eat what i feed it (it's in the drop down menu for every item!) He's been very polite and not eaten anything around him
  10. I don't understand, why is that please?
  11. I was very excited to get a new pet!!! I went to the pound and got a sad little Grarrl as i'm hugely into dinosaurs and for some reason have never had one. I'm going to save for a plushie paint brush for him - i've just got to sell the stuff that's accumulated. What i didn't know was: YOU CAN FEED HIM ANYTHING clothing junk battledome items PETPETS!!!!!!!!!!! i'm not going to, but omg lol, I had no idea. Did anyone else know about this???
  12. omg a new pet slot????? i couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. where do we get the HOME ITEMS NEOPETS 20TH BIRTHDAY GOODIE BAG Neopets 20th Birthday Goodie Bag i feel like an idiot, but i don't know where to get this
  14. thank you everyone, i did solve it myself, but the link worked!!! i REALLY appreciate it.
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