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  1. omg these are soooooo good, i wanted to vote for them all! so creative and well done!
  2. Maybe they could come up with a "gross" pet or paintbrush that only eats gross food?
  3. ok, thank you very much Mr. Management!
  4. we should do this with every type of pet! SO FUN!
  5. i love the hearts!!! (and the whole thing)
  6. Wow can you believe today's neggfest prizes? And the extra prizes for finding the robotic android topsi??? I may have found a glitch, maybe i'm just lucky, but I revisited the page to make SURE I hadn't missed anything and it gave me the collectible charm and the neggfest neggs again!!! So give it a try maybe?
  7. i thought i was crazy getting robo jelly every day, i have been looking to see if other people were reporting the same thing
  8. oh it was a great theme! unfortunately I was very busy, but had been looking forward to doing it. It was such a good idea!
  9. thanks for the help! I found my first negg prize but did not get the bonus prize for finding them on the first day, do I need to do something more?
  10. oh i understand now, thank you very much!
  11. what is the second chomby outfit called please? is it cookie or candy?
  12. i don't have answers, but please do post your story here! and they could always be adopted !
  13. that is literally the best thing i've ever seen, congratulations on your win! i've never used the wishing well, guess i should start. How about a 007 negg??? LOLLLL
  14. since yesterday i haven't been able to use quasalan expellibox or the old games SAD
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