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  1. these are very good ideas and I hope they get attention from the appropriate people!
  2. yes, we've all done that, count your blessings if that's something that even pops up on radar.
  3. thank you so very much, super appreciated!!!!
  4. is the question incorrect, or is the answer wrong? that is the question lol
  5. congratulations, that's awesome, I can't wait to get one of those!
  6. i am not a skeith fan but somehow the cookie looks gross - but I want it because he's bitten himself and looks annoyed by it!
  7. oh I understand, thank you! don't know the answer tho
  8. reactions to what please? i am so curious now.
  9. OP hasn't commented, the story doesn't make sense, maybe it's a scam?
  10. Wow that is insanely bad, my sympathies. I have had numerous accounts stolen over the years and no resolution. So you asked for help with something and she deleted your items? Not your fault, obviously, but how does that happen>
  11. those are just lovely! you always have the best taste and the entire composition is always creative and beautiful! thank you for sharing.
  12. yes, exactly, they look like guards, not royalty at all
  13. all I can think to say about them is "meh", but maybe that's just me
  14. I'm not normally a ruki fan, but these are AMAZING! maybe a 3rd transparent pet for me?
  15. Hi people! I love zapping pets and then putting them back in the pound, I have a robot draik and 8 bit scorchio to give away, does anyone want them? HUGS!
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