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  1. Hi people! I love zapping pets and then putting them back in the pound, I have a robot draik and 8 bit scorchio to give away, does anyone want them? HUGS!
  2. I think (just me) that the steampunk is a bit overdone, especially the face covering. To me it's just not right, somehow... ?
  3. oh ok, I didn't notice that, thank you!
  4. I'm also very curious about this, lol, I miss so much
  5. thank you very much! I didn't get a visit to the fountain this time, but i really appreciate your help! what is your neopets name so I can send you a prezzie please?
  6. Hello! Please could I have a little help finding a link to someone with this in their shop please? The Ixi Ghost Legend Thank you so much, I will send prezzies to you!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just discovered that pet and it's my dream pet!
  8. i love meerca chase and can't wait for its return!
  9. ya, tried that, it just takes you to the nc mall to spend $$$$$$
  10. omg thanks, this is why i ask here before submitting a ticket, so I don't stress forever! Everyone here is wonderful. I just wish the stockings showed as hung, or if there was something there to tell you to come back on the 7th instead of just sending you to buy more stockings
  11. Please help! I purchased the whole 2500 nc stocking stufftacular every day pack and activated it. I have followed the link from the nc mall but it doesn't remember my stockings. I only remembered about them today, so didn't try to use them the 1st to the 4th. do i need to submit a ticket, or am i doing something wrong, I hope no one else has this problem/ thank you!
  12. thank you very much! I would never have known about the 500 nc!
  13. omg each has one vote right now lololol and I voted for 2!
  14. ok wow, that makes so much sense, thank you! Quests are fun
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