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  1. Oh I'm so glad we've found a home! Let me send him along!
  2. Hello everyone, this morning I was lucky enough to zap my return-it-to-the-pound-an-awesome-colour-pet and I was just wondering if anyone here would like to have it before I do so, I will leave this post here until tomorrow evening if anyone would like it! Thank you!
  3. they should give you a prize for being the biggest neopet fan in the world!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i've noticed the prices on paint brushes has gone way way way up, neggs too, pretty quickly
  5. Hello, I have a A Mysterious Valentines Card and if I share it with someone who doesn't have site theme we both get the site theme, who wants me to share it with them? Thank you!
  6. yes, mine has not been working for a few days and Grave Danger has been only letting me take 1 item. both of these has happened to me before and it usually takes weeks or months to clear up. so annoying.
  7. wow those are amazing! you have so much talent.
  8. omg my pets chose the grossest food lol
  9. Your pets look amazing, but your brain is even better, I don't even remember yesterday lol.
  10. these are very good ideas and I hope they get attention from the appropriate people!
  11. yes, we've all done that, count your blessings if that's something that even pops up on radar.
  12. thank you so very much, super appreciated!!!!
  13. is the question incorrect, or is the answer wrong? that is the question lol
  14. congratulations, that's awesome, I can't wait to get one of those!
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