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  1. did you ever get one on ebay or elsewhere?
  2. I have blocked about 50 people over the years for making insulting offers on my lots. They do it once, I block them, now I don't have much issue. It's just a few people who do it I think, most are pretty good. I feel you tho!!!!!!
  3. sorry, i tried to edit it, it wouldn't load the second picture :S
  4. ohmigawd thanks you guys! My pet's stats were increased and I was given "light faerie snowglobe" for my first quest, for a $600 night stone, then they offered a bonus and i got to make the most beautiful background ever!!!!!!! I"M FREAKING OUT!!! I love it. thanks so much, this group is beyond amazing and fun
  5. OMG how am i supposed to DECIDE??? they're soooo gooooodddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing. and yes, in my head it's the "pants" devil too. oh the decision. i'm super impressed. adhfahdofhsaoidf ijdsif aaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Ok thank you! Like the big sausage head I am I forgot that I needed to use one of the million "gift boxes" i have and sent it to granny yesterday. Thank you for all of the help, also the kind offer, I learned a lot!
  7. help! i'd love to send it to Granny63020, but it doesn't give me an option for that! just donate, activate, safety deposit box???
  8. Hello! I'm a bit of a silly cheese and have bought an extra Neopies Y21 VIP Raffle Ticket 1-Pack, who wants it? Also, why do negg prices fluctuate so much? I don't know if anyone knows. Take the ultimate icy negg for instance, sometimes they sell for $40000. a few weeks later... $60000. Just wondering. Also, and yes my account is more than 3 years old, but there is never anything in the "almost abandoned attic"... what is up with that? And my final question, the obsidian quarry, why does it only give out that one rock every day, never anything else? Will it one day have another purpose? Sorry for all of the questions, they bug me daily lol. Who wants the Neopies Y21 VIP Raffle Ticket 1-Pack? thank you!
  9. I love it!!! So cute!!! I would definitely keep her like that if mine did that. Adds something
  10. that's so nice of you! thank you! you're awesome
  11. i did try to go to the mall and loaded something in my cart, i will wait thanks!
  12. Good morning all! I had a lovely email this morning stating that i'd earned a 100 NC gift, which I was very excited about. However, the NC hasn't shown up in my account. Couldn't find anything I had to click on. is anyone else having this problem, or is it not a problem because i'm doing it wrong? Here is the message, thank you for your help! The Gift of NC Message: [Report Message] You earned 100 BONUS NC during the Gift of NC promotion, which ran from November 29th through January 3rd. Thank you for being a loyal shopper! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Have fun spending your bonus NC at the NC Mall! - The Neopets Team
  13. put it on their social media, then they pay attention right away!
  14. thanks everyone! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  15. any idea of what the items will look like in the christmas colour?
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