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  1. we should do this with every type of pet! SO FUN!
  2. i love the hearts!!! (and the whole thing)
  3. Wow can you believe today's neggfest prizes? And the extra prizes for finding the robotic android topsi??? I may have found a glitch, maybe i'm just lucky, but I revisited the page to make SURE I hadn't missed anything and it gave me the collectible charm and the neggfest neggs again!!! So give it a try maybe?
  4. i thought i was crazy getting robo jelly every day, i have been looking to see if other people were reporting the same thing
  5. oh it was a great theme! unfortunately I was very busy, but had been looking forward to doing it. It was such a good idea!
  6. thanks for the help! I found my first negg prize but did not get the bonus prize for finding them on the first day, do I need to do something more?
  7. oh i understand now, thank you very much!
  8. what is the second chomby outfit called please? is it cookie or candy?
  9. i don't have answers, but please do post your story here! and they could always be adopted !
  10. that is literally the best thing i've ever seen, congratulations on your win! i've never used the wishing well, guess i should start. How about a 007 negg??? LOLLLL
  11. since yesterday i haven't been able to use quasalan expellibox or the old games SAD
  12. you would need to look up the laws in your own country / provice / state etc, but if you've signed anything then yes, they can fire you.
  13. i love when that happens! I collect neggs and once bookmarked a shop because they were selling them for 100 np or something, got a faerie queen negg? that at the time was worth 400 000np. it's the best.
  14. i'm glad someone has said it, it's been driving me nuts. I'm guessing they'll fix it.
  15. i live in Canada, and they've tightened measures. I agree completely and would have isolated anyways, i'm not going to let some government tell me it's ok and then get my family sick anyway. I'm not going to risk it, it's not worth it, and yes, numbers WILL increase after christmas. we don't even know the long term effects of this disease yet.
  16. omg i really wanted to do one this time, but ran out of time. these MADE MY DAY!!!! they're amazing. i'm not having a good day and i am just loving looking at them. how am i supposed to choose? they're all so wonderful!!! princess azula reference!!! bravo
  17. i find that if you complain on public forums, such as a facebook post, they pay more attention to you. good luck!
  18. that's the worst feeling! i forget a day or two every year, this year it is my goal to do better!
  19. thank you very very very much, you rock!
  20. i love it! how about the new spring slorg? it is so so so cute! https://items.jellyneo.net/item/68809/
  21. amazing! thank you, that's so generous! could i please have the pumpkin string lights, or anything else pumpkin themed if no one else has asked for them yet? thank you! H
  22. hi! omg that is so generous of you! could i please have the bubble lights garland or any of the mechanical neggs please? thank you very much!
  23. Hi!!! So charity corner has been working for me for a few days, and I thought it was supposed to be working until the end of the 28th, but for a whole day when I do the normal thing (I have over 10000 points) the machine runs as normal but my products go nowhere and no points are calculated. Is anyone else having this problem?
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