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  1. I've been getting Squished Jelly for at least the last 5 days. Edible but unappetizing looking jelly.
  2. I figured out the shop wizard issue that was bugging me. If you go to the shop wizard through the neopets interface directly, like a normal person would, when you return to it by hitting back in your browser, it may not work and you get an error (this has improved in recent days, though). If you hit back and do not get an error, your search field will be empty and you have to retype what you're looking for. This also happens for reloading the shopwizard with F5. If you went to the shop wizard from somewhere that preloads your search, like the jellyneo items page does, then you don'
  3. Today using back in the browser didn't work for me either. Also, the refresh worked but I had to retype what I was searching for. That wasn't happening yesterday. I'm not sure what I'm doing differently that made it work the other day so I'm going to temporarily suspend my pro-tip until I work this out.
  4. old days: get prices through shop wizard, hit reload to get a new list of prices, click back in browser to search for another item today: get prices through shop wizard, hit reload AND submit the search again. Hitting back in browser seems to work OK. I think this wasn't working well last week because I remember having issues with hitting reload but it seems to be working now. It's still more clicking than the old days but I'm not getting errors any more.
  5. trudy's surprise old days: there was a tiny message in the header with a link that said trudy's surprise had reset. You had to hit the right part of the link to actually go to trudy. Otherwise you went to your neomail and then you had to find the message with the link. today: you should get red circle & a number in the header over the yellow bell letting you know you have a message. Pro tip: once you click on the bell, you have to click on the "alerts" tab to see the message about trudy. I said should because it's clearly bugged a little. It only shows up after you've gone onto a
  6. I'm curious how other people are adjusting to the beta interface. Pre-beta, I pretty much clicked through my dailies in a few minutes and went on with my life. Now that I'm forced to use the new interface, I'm going to have to adjust how I do things. Professionally speaking, I'm curious how people have adjusted their "Neopets workflow" For example: inventory in the old days: I got to my inventory by clicking on my neopoints score. Admittedly, that was never intuitive, but it was quick and on every page. Today, you click on your pet's icon in the corner and then click "inventory
  7. Take a look at Let's Encrypt. They're all about free SSL certificates because encryption should be for everyone. The catch is that you have to renew your certificate every 90 days instead of annually. There are tools that can do that for you automatically or nearly automatically depending on what your hosting service provides.
  8. Can you imagine what that player has equipped that they'd want to swap out a 30M weapon into their inventory in the first place? I want to know the other 8 things they are using!! Not that I've ever changed battledome equipment and forgotten about it being in my inventory for weeks. Nope, not me.
  9. I'm sorry getting banned for a silly reason traumatized you, but I'm not sure coming to an active fan site 13 years later to say you're hoping bad things happen to the game everyone on the site is playing happily is the best way to deal with that trauma. You could try playing the game again? It, or you, may have improved some since your childhood.
  10. It did not happen to me today. I have had it happen in the past, but it was always related to a change to (or from) daylight savings time, which seems to confuse the clocks Trudy uses.
  11. When Charity Corner comes around again, you'll have the opportunity to purge your safety deposit box, which has been a helpful event against my hoarding tendencies. My brain doesn't like the idea of throwing out stuff that could be useful or valuable which leads to having thousands and thousands of items in the sdb. I was able to donate 5,000 items over the last few charity corners without having a mental breakdown by using the price checker tool. You've discovered by now that you can't dump the html source of all your items into the tool at once. Here's some tips that helped me stay sane.
  12. I agree with alohadiscordia. They'd have to add a separate check to see if you had that specific avatar when the book gets "un-read" to remove it - and most of the time, like 99.9% of the time, that book isn't one of the hidden tower ones. It would be super thorough if they programmed the wheel that way, but the payoff would be so rare.
  13. Like all holidays in the US, Halloween season seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Stores begin selling decorations and candy in September or earlier. I expect we will see Christmas trees on sale as soon as Halloween is over ? When I was a little kid, Halloween was celebrated in school, so we would sit in class as a dragon or ghost or whatever. Some years there were "parades" where each class would walk through all the classrooms to show off their costumes. Teachers would dress up, too, and we'd have a party during the last class period. I went to public school, so this sort
  14. I'm not an expert, but I can tell you that I do not get StackPath pages at all. I wonder if you're getting a badly built advertisement or something else external to neopets. I'd check this by logging into neopets with a different browser, just to see if you get different ads or just different problems.
  15. I'm having troubles too but it may be coming back up. Couldn't get through to any page at all 10 minutes ago, but just now got to the money tree page, only it can't handle clicking on any of the items. So it's better than before, but not quite there yet.
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