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  1. Actually, the legality of vasectomies has never been up for debate in the US--it's legal as long as you're 18 years or older, and will continue to be so. It's why a LOT of people are upset about the double standard of reproductive health care for people with uteruses, because those with a vas never have to request permission to receive a vasectomy (other than referral from a primary care physician like all specialized surgeries). However, those with a uterus have, depending on the state, to receive written or in-person permission from their husband/father or will otherwise be given a TON of shit by their doctors if they want a hysterectomy. Go figure, right?
  2. @Aquamentis12 I'm so disappointed in you.
  3. Hey there! For me personally I draw using an apple pencil on a Surface Pro, it's pretty much the only thing I can use while laying down (because of my sciatica)!
  4. I'm thinking of making another reply to this thread with information for more House Jade Trades members, but which would be more exciting to learn about: the head-honcho herself, one of the two main shopkeepers, one of the artisans whose instruments are sold through House Jade Trades, or one of the cargo movers/company representatives from Mystery Island?
  5. Continuing work on our Neopets Tarot deck today! I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to this deck, and to each piece of art in the set! Today's card is the nine of wands, which signifies feeling haggard and worn down by our challenges before reaching our aspirations. We're so close to reaching them, but we've already suffered so many defeats in the past--are we going to succeed, or fail? This card, if upright, shows it's time to keep trying because the finish line is close in our sights, but if it's inverted (or upside-down) it means we're letting our stubbornness or paranoia lead us into continual trouble. What sort of aspirations or goals do you feel like you're close to achieving, but need one more sprint towards?

  6. So it's been all these years since the initial fight over the Obelisk and every month we continue fighting for boons, and sometimes it feels like this plot thread has been pretty much abandoned! But if the Neopets team were to make a console/app fighting game for the Obelisk War, I wonder what sort of plotline it might have? Would it cover the events of the first wave, since we know how that ends, or would it actually show what the Sway is going to do with the Obelisk? What do you all think? And as far as gameplay, what sort of game(s) do you think it'd be cool for it to be like? I know there's "Thems Fightin Herds" that was inspired by My Little Pony, and that has a sort of Street Fighter-esque fighting style, but what do you all think? Would it be cooler to make it top-down, like League of Legends, or would you want to play something differently? (For context I don't work for a game development company but I'm super curious what y'alls thoughts would be!)
  7. Oh! The description on the first one is off!
  8. Oop--that's probably from my old site! I need to update that one the way I made my portfolio site, aimeescholz.com ^^; But thank you so much! I use photoshop exclusively, though I really ought to get my feet wet with illustrator and storyboard pro... u u; It's been a while since I've worked on any animation work (full time work has kept me so busy!) but I actually got my bachelor's in cinematic arts & technology with an emphasis in animation, so it's definitely a passion of mine. If I could, I would love to be a key animator, character designer or storyboard artist for music videos or indie projects, or possibly indie video games or educational games. ' v ' I wanted to work in children's television animation when I was in high school, but I'm not sure if I'll ever get that opportunity. I guess I've just gotta keep my ear to the ground and feel for where the universe is pulling me, and prepare myself as best I can!
  9. Uh huh! It's so exciting to see my work in the merch partners tab on the site, I'm pretty sure 12-year-old me would've FLIPPED. Especially since they even used my space faerie art for the "untold adventures of the space faerie" book! Other than Neopets I'm working on a couple of projects set in a post-apocalyptic setting! One is a picture book called Little Wolf, and another is a graphic novel called A Courier's Message, but I also do commissions, my little pony fanart, adoptable designs, things like that. ' v ' And I also have an instagram and deviantart, but those are pretty sparsely updated as well. ^^; You can find me most places under "FunandAims" but on deviantART I'm Aim-mod. (because I'm AWFUL at coming up with a consistent name for myself...)
  10. Aww thank you! It's been a while since I updated it, but I'm really proud of the work I've got on there ' v ' I mostly upload work to my twitter, but honestly I need to get better about uploading anywhere these days.. ^^; I have artwork, I just never make the time to post! If nothing else you can see some of my other neopets art on Geekify Inc's online shop? Currently I'm the sole artist behind our Neopets line and it's honestly a dream come true to make official Neopets stuff >// w //< https://geekifyinc.com/product-category/neopets/
  11. Thank you so much! ^^ It's actually just an old paper texture from the site Lost and Taken, they have a ton of amazing free-to-use textures. ' v ' I just hope I get some folks interested in actually RP-ing with these kiddos... u v u;; Maybe after I post about some of the other characters in the company!
  12. Oh unfortunately I don't have any written down! Closest thing I have to that is a little blurb on my pet's page, Abyss_girl_5!
  13. Oh that's awesome! I'm so glad you like 'em, I'm hoping we can come out with more pins as time goes on--especially original design pins, those take a bit longer but it feels more personal, yknow?
  14. Here are some of our most notable employees, and a little bit of what they have to say about working for House Jade Trades: Borandukht Avaan-Xendrik (aka Bonny Lass) Lead Export Agent "I highly value my work as an export agent, finding high-quality pottery, textile and furniture artisans to connect with our shops in harbors across Neopia. The best part of my job is meeting passionate artists and seeing their eyes light up the first time we sell a large shipment of their work. It's incredible to make a living off one's passions, and bringing that to them is a unique blessing."
  15. From the Offices of Captain Li Jing "Jade" Dhar, Greetings, fellow Neopians! I and my associates at House Jade Trades are seeking connections along our trade routes from Mystery Island, the Lost Desert, Meridell, to Shenkuu. We are also, as our company expands, seeking more shiphands and craftsneos who can help build our fleet of merchant ships. If you have an inquiry for work or a partnership with our company, please send all inquiries to our home base at 4918 Harbour Lane, Mystery Island.
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