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  1. While I'm not an expert at battling, I have a similar set up to you with similar levels and I recently added Altadorian Swordbreaker. It blocks all physical attacks while also dealing five earth damage. Nice to hear that they're planning on an actual plot!
  2. I don't hate the concept, but wish they released it as an outfit set rather than making this the royal series. I agree, it reads more elite-guard/valkyrie than royalty. The muted outfits in particular are pretty drab compared to the golden headpieces & capes.
  3. Well said @Aimee! You articulated that much calmer and more eloquently than I could have right now.
  4. I don't think I've ever voted for so many entries in one round before - you guys absolutely killed it!
  5. I had the same thing happen! I donated 10 items and got 0 points for it. Disappointed it's already glitching ?
  6. Got a little lazy and forgot to enter this round of the runway (even though we had a whole extra week to submit...) So here's my would-be entry for The Runway #78, with bonus entry of one of my actual pets that didn't seem fair since it's my literal chat icon It's Always Borovan Weather!
  7. I don't know how I'm going to manage to not vote for all of these! They either look like they could be/are real usuki concepts, give me a good giggle, are stunning, or all three!
  8. I'm really conflicted. Ixis are probably one of the best looking in clothes of the four legged pets, so I almost would want to keep them as they are just for that! But, as others have said, the bipedal reminds me of plots and other elements of the site, and I kind of like that element of it. I might be sitting this vote out ?
  9. I thought the same thing! It looks shifty haha. Still cute though!
  10. I'm so sorry that happened to you, that's terrible! I did have something similar happen once. My bank account balance went from about 2mil down to 20k seemingly out of nowhere. At first I thought (hoped) it was a glitch, like a couple zeros maybe got erased off the end of my balance, but I'm pretty sure I was hacked. I filed a ticket with fleeting hope, but nothing ever came of it. I hope you have better results!
  11. Oh, I have a ton of those! Although to be fair I'm fairly superstitious in every aspect of my life. Like if I close my eyes and let my mouse "guide" or "sense" to the right spot on buried treasure, lottery tickets, or keno type things. I also can almost swear I know when I'm not going to receive anything from a daily or get something really great (tombola, coltzan, grundo, etc.). It's probably all in my head, but then isn't everything all in our heads? ?
  12. Really nice job everyone! Camo was never my favorite pet color, but these customizations were beyond cool, and everyone took it such different ways! I love seeing all of your creative minds ? (cheesy as that sounds, but it's true lol)
  13. I like the overall idea behind the woodland (sort of a kelp-y look), but those bold black outlines around the eyes and top fin do not match well with the green outlines on the rest of the body. They look like they belong on a different color! I also think whatever those spots are intended to be on the stomach should maybe have been scattered on the body a little more to make them a little less "nipple-like", as Angelo said lol
  14. Really curious to see everyones' interpretations with this and what pets everyone chooses! There are some that seem like obvious choices, but nothing is ever obvious with the runway! Best of luck everyone!
  15. Hmm, I'm not crazy about the woodland. Which is a shame, since most if not all of the other woodland pets have been gorgeous! It just doesn't read woodland/plant/tree to me (even though it has that oddly placed bush growing on its head and graining on its body).
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