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  1. I have the same problem. The event is supposed to be finished today but I do believe there was a bonus prize for people who found Topsi every day on the right day?
  2. I'm looking to buy a Pink Uni Morphing Potion but I can't find one on the TP or in the Auctions. If anyone is selling one, feel free to contact me :-)
  3. Is anyone else not able to access Neopets at all? The site won't even load for me.
  4. I have a WN Elderlygirl Aisha up for quick adoption. If nobody wants her I will keep zapping. If you're interested please contact me on my main neopets account (same username as here)
  5. Well I like it. It reminds me of Fawn from the Tinkerbell series.
  6. Meh. I'm disappointed in the Water Gelert. It looks more like a fancied up Camouflage. The Relic isn't bad but it doesn't have a wow factor either.
  7. I currently have a Pirate Draik Morphing Potion on the TP. Willing to drop another 10k for TDN forum members. Just offer a Grape Snowflake along with the amount of NP so I'll know it's one of you. First come, first serve :-) Nobody with reseller purposes please.
  8. erato_

    Happy Uni Day!

    I love the Stealthy Uni but the armour seems just a bit too bulky around his jaw :/
  9. My Labbie just zapped into this beautiful baby and now she is up for adoption. You can neomail me on my main. Gender can be changed. EDIT: she is going to the pound in 10 minutes. EDIT II: apparently my phone doesn't support the pound so today I was able to fire up my laptop and now she will definitely be going into the pound. Good look to anyone who is interested.
  10. Is Trudy's Surprise glitching for anyone else? It's letting me play again, not that I'm going to, even though I just did.
  11. Hi guys. I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been crazy busy this weekend and the last couple of days, working a lot of overtime. I'm going to tackle this thingamajig right now and hopefully tomorrow I can start sending out gifts. Thank you so much for the patience and the kind help. I really appreciate it. Edit: ALRIGHT! It's done, all my slots are filled! :-D I am going to randomly assign the non taken numbers to anyone who has duplicates left, so everyone who signed up will be getting five prizes, as promised. This means you cannot sign up anymore for this year, but who knows? I might do it again next year if fortune is on my side :-) Thanks to all for the enthusiasm and kind words. I wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and I will update again when I have started sending people their prizes. Edit 2; the first five people that signed up should have received their prizes yesterday. And I'd like to add the little side note that I really do no except to be given anything in return. I'm happy to make someone else happy, really :-). I should be able to send out more gifts tomorrow ^_^
  12. Sorry guys for not updating yesterday. I hope I can find the time somewhere today. Again thanks to those helping out with the numbers :-)
  13. A special thanks to everyone here that has checked the numbers :-) Beebop all of those were taken except 235. You still have one number to pick. I have checked my list and these are the remaining numbers: 38-39-41-46-47-49-55-56-58-61-62-68-74-76-77-79-86-91-93-94-95-96 103-108-109-110-120-128-129-131-132-133-134-136-137-138-140-141-142-145-146-147-149 153-154-155-157-165-166-168-171-172-173-174-176-178-179-191-182-184-188-189-192-193-196-196 204-314-215-216-217-219-220-221-223-225-226-228-229-233-237-239-240-241-244 And I still have 13 slots left. Forgive me if I've made a mistake, feel free to point it out if so.
  14. 227 is taken. Please pick another number. PEOPLE PLEASE LOOK AT THE NUMBERS IN THE POSTS BEFORE YOU. I have asked this three times now, it's driving me nuts.
  15. 69 is already taken :-). You can pick another number.
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