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  1. Thank you! Its just called Priceless Seal...its showing up weird when i went under customize though so I guess I won't be changing that out any time as it almost seems as if its not wearable even though I'm using it
  2. I thought the name of that background sounded familiar really glad to hear I bought this BEFORE it got inflated but lucky for you!!! Always fun to find out you've been holding onto something that can make you a pretty np
  3. it is certainly lovely and impressive to see them all in one place like that! i had no idea CC got cancelled I kept waiting to see something about it I must have missed that
  4. i don't know what the issue was but yeah its good to see its fixed now
  5. as @berriganify said the NC was only on monday you can still get the one goodie bag in the NC mall though
  6. There is another today in the toy shop or so it says?? but I haven't seen it yet still trying though
  7. I'll have to check sometime I think on my side mine is in the lodge atm but that'd be handy if it does work for all of them
  8. I've been playing cozy grove the art is cute the characters are wonderful and its relaxing if you like AC you'll likely enjoy this one!
  9. Truly what a mess at least we get a slight laugh with these wrong holiday month but
  10. Its true they aren't doing anything wrong and I'm sure newer players would be happy but it is annoying for many still unfortunately. When I donate NP I try and do a decent amount at least so that if someone manages to click then they haven't wasted their limited takes for the day....we'd all probably be less salty if they were at least giving people an NP amount worth something maybe I'll just join in but start sending larger amounts try and help drown them out
  11. Some many options of how to spend your time and they decided to make a guild like that and people actually joined..........
  12. Double thanks to you I went and ended up getting that corn just today!
  13. I know they are pretty high up there which makes sense I'll have to go take a look see if I can make an offer thanks for letting me know! This gallery is A MESS I have all sorts of different sections the corn one might be the weirdest tho lol
  14. I like to make use of side account galleries and I've got a section on this one just dedicated to Corn items I think i've got everything covered except some NC items which I guess I'll have to track down because its stuff like yellow kacheek corn on the cob, popcorn maker, popcorn and candy garland, pastel candied popcorn, corn on the cob costume, corn husk wreath, corn maze background, charming corn husk dress & classic popcorn machine that isn't a whole lot that is only 9 items HOPEFULLY I can find some people willing to get rid of theirs then i'll finally work on the actual page instead of leaving it default
  15. I think the original poster was actually trying to change the cover photo not the profile picture but its good to know that you can change the cover photo if we can just figure out how to get that button to appear
  16. I never thought to ask myself but yeah I don't have the cover photo button either strange
  17. I hope you got most of what you were missing! Could I get the terror mountain team scarf? Thanks in advance!
  18. Another match game? Oh boy.......honestly any other game ideas would be better revival of habitarium would love that for sure! But yeah anything else would be better BUT only after fixing the site first that should be the current focus not this side stuff
  19. Well that is slightly disappointing but I do find the cake really cute so I'm still happy with the cute lil moving ona
  20. Wait so its a cake not a goodie bag? I mean its super cute but just to make sure thats it right not a goodie bag?
  21. So I was getting watermelon jelly then yesterday I wasn't sure but I thought I got chokato but then today I got watermelon so I wonder if thats just a coincidence or I want different jelly so bad I imagined that chokato one
  22. I...............am so not looking forward to that oh man that is a lot how are you still going I'd be so put off by that??
  23. Yeah see that is exactly what I'm dreading I don't even look at mine much but I'm not even close to those and it makes me wanna give up already thanks to someone very generous I'm sure you already know who you are gave me bit of wind in my sails so I don't think I'll do it just yet but
  24. I like to maintain different galleries on my main and sides and I......annoyingly set myself up for big time headache by choosing plushies AND petpets I know I know what was I thinking I just spent well over 300k to expand my plushie gallery to fit 61? more plushies in there which means I'm now sitting on 664 plushies and still not close to owning them all I'm just DREADING how much its going to cost not only to get the plushies I still need but then the space. I really wish that once you hit a certain point instead of just getting 5 new spots it started to double I mean really already spending so much it'd be nice if didn't feel like getting robbed every time I had to expand
  25. I got on super early before I even went to bed and I wonder now if thats why I didn't see a change with the supposed earned site theme? Did anyone actually clock anything new? also i like both forms for topsi idk why tho i just find him cute and today's was a surprise and fun!
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