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  1. wow, how nice of you! I would like either a (1st choice) Rainy Day Retired Mystery Capsule or (2nd Choice) A Witches Brew Retired Mystery Capsule if they are still available my user name is bonnie_morrison
  2. wow, how nice of you, I would like the Magical Festive Holiday Wings if there are still available
  3. TNT was sneaky though in making sticky snowballs worth only 1 point, lol, I stocked up on them considering they were worth more last year, but fortunately I stocked up on lots of other items too
  4. @Secre I checked too and I don't think it's actually in the mall yet, probably will show up within the next few days, hopefully, I want it too
  5. @Secre and @aaml This is TDN's list https://thedailyneopets.com/articles/charity-2019 and if you do a search on JellyNeo for Charity Corner, they have complied a list of items worth different points-for some reason, I'm having trouble embedding a link like jellysundae did above, lol
  6. I personally use the lists that JellyNeo has for Charity corner for reasonably priced rarer items, they have a very good article, I usually try to use dailies to get items, the snowballs from the Healing Springs-Thank you MysteryAF for that idea, items from the Money Tree and other items I see on sale.
  7. did you talk to the Janitor and Archivist after placing the telescope and get the first constellation pattern yet?
  8. jellyneo has a very good article on charity corner as well, as well as the current values for some of the more rarer items, I use that when I'm buying items for charity corner, also a lot of the free items you can get from the dailies have rare, very rare and ultra rare values, as well as the sticky snowballs you can buy from the healing springs for only a few neopoints.
  9. I was wondering that myself, I only use Neopets on PC as I don't have the right type of cell phone for apps-yes mine is an old school pay as you go flip phone, lol
  10. I texted Crystal and let her know. I saw one or two things myself, so you might here from me as well. Thanks!
  11. she isn't actually, sorry I must have missed that it was for TDN members only, I'll let her know if she hasn't heard from you already
  12. wow, this is amazing! I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she took a look at it and mentioned she was going to message you about a few things.
  13. I'm using Google Chrome, I have IE and Firefox on my PC, but they aren't set up for FLash This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  14. I tried turning off block third party cookies but then the game loaded with a grey screen instead of the game
  15. did Neopets ever announce any of the winners? Never heard anything more on it, and if you go to the page it simply says to say tuned for the results.
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