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  1. so I wonder what they all updated to keep the site down for so long, but then again, programming and fixing glitches from updates can take awhile
  2. I spun the Wheel of Excitement and had it disappear on me too. Only found out I had lost health when I went to my pet page.
  3. Welcome Devyn! That's something we have in common, I've kept ahold of my original account as well. Nice to meet you!
  4. I could honestly not stop laughing, it was so funny!
  5. awww, what a sweet looking kitty, sorry to hear he is sick and hope he is home with you soon
  6. Nice to meet you! I've been a member since 2002 but only joined TDN within the last two years. Everybody I've met on here has been really nice and great to talk to. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
  7. I'm now having this issue too, I tried logging into my account and it keeps giving me a message and asking me to type the characters shown here, which I've done, but then it keeps telling me that the text I've entered is incorrect, please try again
  8. yeah, my cousin was on my computer last night when she was over and trying to igloo garage sale game, she said it was running a little slow to drop items so it let her get a really good score and then when she tried to submit it, it said score submission failed suspicious user-but she was playing other games too, including her favorites from the older games and this was the only one it did that one, it kinda scared her, as she was just playing the game the regular way. Anybody else encounter that with the new games?
  9. my cousin had that happen too, she was using my computer with Google Chrome and trying one of the new versions of the game, it was running slow
  10. I'm in Atlantic Canada, so for us, they're having restaurants for take-out only and family gatherings up to 10 people, but our premier did advise people to be as careful as possible and still follow all restrictions. They're keeping the schools closed for an extra week. It's just going to be myself and my parents for Christmas anyway, because our family is scattered all over the province. We had an Atlantic bubble, so the 4 provinces were doing ok until cases spiked again in late November, but it's not as bad as other provinces.
  11. wow, how nice of you! I would like either a (1st choice) Rainy Day Retired Mystery Capsule or (2nd Choice) A Witches Brew Retired Mystery Capsule if they are still available my user name is bonnie_morrison
  12. wow, how nice of you, I would like the Magical Festive Holiday Wings if there are still available
  13. TNT was sneaky though in making sticky snowballs worth only 1 point, lol, I stocked up on them considering they were worth more last year, but fortunately I stocked up on lots of other items too
  14. @Secre I checked too and I don't think it's actually in the mall yet, probably will show up within the next few days, hopefully, I want it too
  15. @Secre and @aaml This is TDN's list https://thedailyneopets.com/articles/charity-2019 and if you do a search on JellyNeo for Charity Corner, they have complied a list of items worth different points-for some reason, I'm having trouble embedding a link like jellysundae did above, lol
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