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  1. welcome back! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  2. there wasn't any updates about it, and it doesn't appear there was any downtime according to JellyNeo
  3. they seem to reset after a certain time, at least mine said they would reset after 5 hours and you can buy items from the healing springs to meet that requirement.
  4. it seems to be working this morning, maybe as non as many people are on the site today, but I got the same maintenance about maintenance and I was able to finally get it just before I logged out last night.
  5. I wound up going with Jhudora's festival as I wanted one of the prizes she was offering-the Gothic Gazebo, and I'm glad I did because she's offering a really cool set of dark faerie wings as one of the prizes
  6. I think what it is actually is everybody is grabbing items for the faerie festival plot
  7. you're welcome, I usually don't play much lately either as I was on a major losing streak, but I did this time and went with Brute Squad as it's been awhile since they won and I lucked out this time.
  8. Hello Irene, nice to see another Canadian on here-I'm from the east Coast.
  9. I was playing neopets this morning and it was fine but a little slow, I accessed it again tonight and now I'm getting similar issue to what was happening in June, inventory not loading, getting a 403 forbidden error on some pages, Trudy's surprise just says loading and when I try to access the battledome I get a message: Oops! Something went wrong while trying to start the battle. Please reload the page and try again. Sounds like the issue they were having in June is happening again-maybe due to the release of the new games today? I will be filing another ticket to see if it gets fixed.
  10. welcome back! you rejoined at a good time apparently, they're supposed to be releasing 50 updated games tomorrow.
  11. it was working last night and for part of this morning and then about 9am EST it started doing it again, and I'm missing out on the Altador cup as well, I updated my ticket, but this is very annoying.... I saw on the topic for this on the Neopets help forum that it seemed to be happening to people with Google Fiber or who had certain internet service providers, it's probably something to do with Stackpath again.
  12. sorry for the double post, but I seem to be unable to edit, but I was checking the neoboards this morning (although it gives me the 403 Forbidden Error if I try to post) and there are other people having this issue as well, so it hopefully they will get it fixed in the next few days.
  13. I'm in Nova Scotia, so I don't know, and I hope so.....
  14. ah, that could be it, I'm in Canada, and my inventory says loading too, I got my isp to reboot my internet signal and it was still happening, this started about 10:30-11 pm my time, (which would have been around 6:30 PST), and I think they do have servers for different countries, oh well, as I said my roommate filed a ticket on it and I will probably file one myself, but they probably won't be able to do anything about it until tomorrow anyway. Edit: I can access some things like Grave danger and the shops, but just certain items like Trudy, the battledome and games aren't working, wonder if it's a security thing.
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