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  1. and a faction that won recently wins again? I would have thought it would be the Order of the Red Erisim this time since it's been awhile since they won.
  2. when you click on the bag in your inventory but don't open it, this is what comes up in the box: This was the Free NC Goodie bag given out to celebrate Neopets 23rd Birthday! And while youre at the mall, make sure to use the limited time Discount Code! Only available through November 30th, type the code Y24BIRTHDAY into the discount box at checkout and receive 150NC off any purchase of 1000NC or more! Happy Birthday Neopets!
  3. maybe at a spooky party theme or neovian street?
  4. huh, now that's funny, I used the at symbol in my temporary password and it lets me in ok, one of my roommates did as well, so I will let her know to check it when she gets up. I'll remember that for next time about the forgot my password, as none of my roommates and I want to get locked out of our accounts.
  5. I changed my password to a temporary password (as per Jellyneo) and it let me back in ok, try contacting them on twitter with your ticket number, it seems to get fixed faster that way
  6. I'm in Canada and I just tried to purchase neocash with my cc, and it just seemed to hang there and didn't go through? I know there was a big outage yesterday, but that was only for debit cards and cc was working, or is Neopets cc provider down? *********** Or was there an announcement that I didn't hear about?
  7. yeah, that is disappointing, I was thinking I had today left to play too, oh well
  8. I'm from Canada, and agree with Duskitty as well, nobody but the woman herself should have a say in her body and what to do with it. And now one of the Supreme justices is saying that they (the SCOTUS) should look at other rulings as well like access to birth control? what is this the 1950's? I agree with the senator I was reading about in the news yesterday that said that some of the justices claimed to have said they weren't going to touch Roe vs Wade, and then did, that they lied under oath and should be impeached.
  9. This morning when I logged into my neopets account, it seemed very slow, and now when I go to any page, I get this message: Error: Pets could not be loaded. Please reload the page. Even when I try to log out I'm getting that message. I saw something on JellyNeo's twitter account that it had to do with customization images, but does anybody know if there is official communication from Neopets themselves on this and how long it will last? updated: just found the message that the site is undergoing maintenance, but never heard anything about this beforehand....
  10. very lucky, you get some great stuff at Value Village sometimes
  11. I didn't get it yesterday, but I got it today, weird, oh well, I'll see what happens tomorrow
  12. my favourite games were Carnival of Terror, and Pterattack, hope they do bring out some more games soon
  13. my cousin is doing the advent calendar and when she tried to get her prize this morning, she kept getting a message, "Sorry, there was a problem awarding your prizes! Please reload the page and try again!" anybody else having this issue? she was over visiting and thought she'd try her neopets stuff when she was here.
  14. they do show as hung when you place them on the hooks, click on the candy cane hook and it should show you the hung stocking, at least it did for me a few years back jellyneo has a good article on it: https://www.jellyneo.net/?go=stocking_stufftacular&id=21
  15. did you try the option for forgot password with your user name and see if it will send you a password reset link? I know I was locked out of my account for awhile because the e-mail to reset my password did not go through and Neopets kept saying it was the fault of my e-mail provider.
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