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  1. Welcome back to TDN and neopets i am very hopeful things will improve just need to give them time can't always keep everyone happy that is for sure
  2. i am now rewatching supernatural on season 9, original CSI on season 2 and adding NYPD Blue just starting
  3. i forgot to join last weeks but i am going sway this week as well
  4. Congrats on winning 3 in a row i just got 2 in a row and upgraded my trophy WOOHOO!!
  5. silly question but when you checked your inventory did you click the nc button? to switch to the nc inventory? as it could be located there
  6. i believe that is because it is a completed quest that you already collected on? i know that happens when i go to my completed tab and click on the claim reward. For me when i am done a task i go to the daily task/tutorail tabs and claim the prize from there
  7. mine are all in the lodge as well so i adopted a pet and fed it then put it back in pound the first time around but seeing this could be a daily thing think i will be leaving one pet out of the lodge so i can fee it
  8. i can understand how some of you are disappointed but for me being the first time experiencing this CC type event it is pretty good. I have never been interested in the IStaff so doesn't bother me one way or the other but i will get some gourmet foods which is awesome I just think we need to give TNT a chance they at least got this up and running like they said they would it is better then what i have heard previously of what they have accomplished so maybe instead of always ganging up on them we give them a break and just enjoy it for what it is and see how it goes for the next plot and next faeries festival. I know i would hate to be staff because it seems it is nothing but bitching and complaining no matter what they try to do. They will never please all of us and what we feel is the right direction. I chose to see the glass half full then half empty, it can only get better which is better then nothing at all
  9. hi and welcome to the boards, the can be pretty quiet but i still check them daily as you never know what could happen
  10. i was gifted the 12 slingshot pack from one of my guild mates, its my first time participating in the NC part of an event so, so far i think the prizes are good look forward to seeing the end prize
  11. how very generous of you! good luck finding someone
  12. Good luck getting that avatar i was lucky and got it within a couple of months being back. I am still spinning for knowledge though but didn't think about that boon for that ah well maybe next time
  13. WOOHOO the SEEKERS won, congrats to all of us who picked them I went with the bank bribery boon
  14. I too went with seekers, Good Luck all and lets get this win!
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