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  1. I usually follow Garet's bets or on skip days Phoenix/Lefty. Recently I've followed Christie's bets for a week. I have other bettors I would like to follow how ever they don't have a bettor's page. SO my question is who do you follow or is Garet the "only" bettor? FYI the terminology is so confusing now. I really would rather follow someone else for next week. I hope this is the right place to post this.
  2. Lit

    Paint brushes

    Thanks everyone!! Great information! Thanks for the 2 shops!!!
  3. Lit

    Paint brushes

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. Admin if not please let me know. I am wondering if any Neopian Shops(not user shops but like the General store,etc. type shops) sell paint brushes? I know hidden tower has baby paintbrushes but what about snow paint brushes or petpet paint brushes? Thanks for any help you can provide!! Trying to prep for HPD.
  4. Thanks Aaml!! I think I will create a list of everything so I know where to find them in my SDB.
  5. Thanks everyone! That did in fact answer my questions!!
  6. Not sure if this is the right thread or not. I am prepping for Charity Corner 2020 by putting items in my gallery. However, should I just transfer them to my SDB? This will be my first year participating so not sure what is allowed and what is not. any help would be greatly appreciated. I know you can't buy anything which is fine but can I remove items from my gallery for CC. Sorry if I am rambling.
  7. True!! I use to have a limit of only x members in a guild in order for me to join just for those reasons but I am happy at my new "home". My neopets userlookup should be showing. If you do decide to join or even if you don't feel free to say Hi!! Goodluck!
  8. So I am a part of Snipers Unite guild which I OVER LOVE. No offense to my previous guilds. They are so helpful as far as answering my questions pertaining to What different day mean lke Half price day that is coming up, etc. My guild I just joined has now 67 but it not that big, promise. You know who is active or who comes and goes on a regular basis or at the very least pop their heads in. Also, they have games, etc. I just joined maybe a week or two now. Just if you are looking for a Guild you pick one that fits you and your schedule. Because I am older now and I work plus working on my PhD I have to find time through out the week/day to log on and usually there is a member or two lurking around. Sorry, I am rambling, hope this answers your questions.
  9. Lit

    Collector's Prices

    Thanks!! Exactly what I meant.. Seems it better to buy in bulk than individually.... Thanks for the help!!!
  10. Hi All, I am Lit, I have been a hardcore Neopian for 12yrs. I played alot more in my late teens and early 20s..over the years I've come back off and on. This time I hope to be back for good *fingers-crossed*! I recently joined a new guild where I feel my older self fits well in especially with my goal of learning to "snipe" and restock using more than just the TP. Getting re-acclimated to Neopia has been interesting but my guild members have been patiently answering ALL my questions. So, I am slowly but surely feeling confident in participating in activities other than dailies, games, stock market and Food Club.
  11. Is there a guide on How to get collector's price on items you are collecting.. I.e. paint brushes and codestones.
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