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  1. Nope, but I think it's what Musical_Shoyru said, although I can't find topic in question either. I feel kinda guilty for giving up, but I don't know what else I can try. And nope, but I haven't gotten anything from dimples1, so yeah...
  2. I've just received some lovely gifts from someone, whose neo username is witchofwishes, but I can't find them in this topic. I want to gift you something back, but I want to give you something that you actually want, so please give me your wishlist :)
  3. True. Though not very recently. ... Scratch that. Last Thursday. But it was for school. I needed to take a selfie to prove that I went to (the most boring) guest speaker (ever)... TPBM is covered in a blanket.
  4. Banned for not having a HP themed username to match your pic
  5. Marae19

    This or That

    EDIT: Oh, in the time I typed this another reply appeard. I'll respond to that one, then. Nail polish. I've got about 150 bottles (sadly, I'm not kidding, that's most of my pocket money through my tweenaged years... Was really into nail-art for a while, and I needed a whole lot of colours for that...) PC/Andriod. It's what I grew up with, and what I use most. Although because of my major I've been working mostly in linux these days. TDN Forums or TDN Dailies?
  6. I've tried sending back to everyone, but I kinda realised halfway through accepting gifts it'd be smart to actually take note of the sender, so I just send a gift to everyone who said on this forum that they'd gifted me. If I forgot you, I'm sorry, and I'll send something to you immediately. That being said, I do remember seeing your name in my giftslist, so thank you :) This goes for everyone, if you've gifted me, and I didn't send anything back, sorry. Please PM me, and I'll send something as soon as I see it. (I've got finals week this week, but seeing as my whole major is based on a pc, I'm bound to procrastinate sometime and end up on neo :P )
  7. Hello and welcome :) I think most of the people here started out that way, using the dailies for a long time, and eventually joining the forum :D Ooh, I love Harry Potter and SPN as well (I keep putting off DW, because I know I'll love it and my school work will suffer quite a lot...). I'm a bit behind with SPN (about a season?) because I just got too busy. But anyways, welcome, and if you have questions, don't hestitate to ask, everyone here is really nice and helpful :D
  8. Okay, thanks for the help, I just have one last question (god, this makes me feel like a huge newbie, not like I've been playing neo for many a years, but okay), how does one exactly submit a ticket (I can't find it in the drop down menus)? As you may have guessed, my transaction isn't visible in my transaction logs -.-''
  9. Marae19

    This or That

    Front seat. Results of a lifelong battle with my brother for the front seat :rolleyes_anim: Cooking or baking?
  10. I like the mutant, but I dislike the neck fluff... It's weird being all curly. The 8-bit, on the other hand, looks really cute :)
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