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  1. Well, the bloke who was meant to come and replace the garden gate never showed, so that saved us 300 pounds lol That`s US$430. What a very cute pooch!
  2. Belated happy birthday! The game looks pretty neat, I wonder when it came out. An ebay find, perhaps?
  3. A bit like going to the dentist, really.
  4. Thanks for that. Might buy a couple :) Wondering why they didn`t leave the sale till April payday on the 30th ... Wait, do Americans still get paid weekly, then?
  5. Eh oop chuck! (Or is that Lancastrian?) Welcome back, always nice to see another Brit Neopian :)
  6. So sorry to hear your sad news. What a beautiful cat and what a wonderful life she had with you.
  7. This is very sad. Sending you a big hug. Treasure your memories of Napoleon and think what a great life he had with you.
  8. Don`t forget that if you should get another FFQ, you must use the current dip before turning in the required item. You can`t have more than one to use up. I thought these were supposed to be rare? Well, I`ve had 3 in the past year - no cookies - so they can`t be, lol
  9. Hiya! May I just say that pinkspacesheep is a brilliant name
  10. @jellysundaeGlad to hear you got some decent stuff! I always flog anything like that cos me `n` the Grarrlies never have any luck with them
  11. Well done, both! British parsimony? Nah, we`re just "careful" lol.
  12. I didn`t have a clue either, suppose he never crossed the pond lol. That is a very neat piece of work, FreakyBowie, well deserved trophy!
  13. Hi Edwynn - it`s always great to see a returner, am one myself. Jump back in, hope to see you around, mate!
  14. Ok, thanks for your help. Funny I couldn`t find info, must not happen very often, lol. Cheers!
  15. Thanks. Withdrawing will count as a loss, won`t it?
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